He Held the Roswell Debris in his Hands

AngelicView: By the way (unrelated to this post), I am still listening to Coast to Coasts nearly every day – at least the most-interesting-to-me ones. However, I cannot share them with you. 😦 It’s on a Super-Secret Channel and if I share them, the channel will be taken down. I try to find them elsewhere, but haven’t been able to. They take them down so fast these days! You know it’s killing me listening to all these great shows and not being able to share them with you. If you know of a channel that hosts Coast to Coast shows (up-to-date) that is not a secret (or private) channel, please let me know. Thanks 🙂

This show was on a Sirius XM channel.

Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr. is one of the few people in the public eye who has ever handled alien material with his own hands. He saw and held in his hands the material his father, Col. Jesse Marcel, brought back from the Roswell crash site in 1947. Listen to his enthralling story, including some NEW information as he is interviewed by the shows resident expert on conspiracies and cover-ups, Jim Marrs.



2 thoughts on “He Held the Roswell Debris in his Hands

  1. C2C is on hundreds of AM stations across the U.S 🙂 Sometimes we can forget that free radio still exists. No secret channel needed and almost everyone has a radio 🙂 Even though I’m a SiriusXM shareholder, I recommend anyone without the funds to pay for satellite radio at least have an inexpensive am/fm radio.

    • Oh, yes – very true about that! Of course, though, I meant on a channel that I can share here. Do you know that I have readers from all over the world?!? I know, right? Amazing! 😀 And if you go to C2C website and try to listen to their archives, they want to charge you a monthly fee. So that’s why I want to share with people these totally awesome shows I’ve been listening to. Nice to see you again 🙂

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