The Many Make up The One and The One is Within The Many

AngelicView: NDE from sleep apnea where the experiencer was able to confirm parts of his Out of Body Experience with news reports he had heard on the radio while out of his body.

NDERF called it a “possible NDE”, because it lacked one certain detail that NDE’s usually have (and, no, it’s not the fact that he didn’t see a brilliant white light). Can you figure out what it is?

Wonderful insights! Thank you, Martin, for sharing your story 🙂

My personal experience back in July 2009. It was a warm evening and I was not particularly feeling ill just perhaps exhausted and so I said I would go to bed early. I had had a quiet day playing with my children at the park and nothing out of the ordinary or eventful had happened and I was feeling very relaxed and calm as I lay down in my bed that I shared with my wife and went to sleep.

I woke up feeling really great in the night and despite seeing the dark outside the windows it didn’t seem dark or cold as you would expect in the middle of the night. In fact everything in the room including the rolled up socks on the dressing table looked clean and bright like everything had its own light coming from it which I didn’t even find curious – I was so blissfully peaceful I just didn’t really pay attention to it. I sat up in bed and placed my left hand down and noticed something was on the bed beside me. As I looked at the object I recognized my scar on my left hand and realized that even though I was leaning on my left hand a second one was next to it and so I casually (yes casually) shuffled around in the bed as I knew what was coming.

My first thought I remember clearly on seeing my still dead body laying on the bed; eyes closed and not breathing ‘Oh he’s dead’. Notice I said ‘he’s dead’ so I had already separated the biological form laying on the bed and true self/spirit or whatever terminology you’re comfortable with.

The feelings I experienced at this moment in my life (or death) which for a long time I found very hard to express to anyone; even my wife was as though I was in the biggest stadium in the world and the audience surrounded me and stretched into infinity and sent nothing but love, peace, contentment or absolute oneness towards me. I often describe it as if they wanted me wrapped in cotton then wrapped in bubble wrap so I couldn’t even stub a toe to harm myself.

The impression I received was that the many make up the one and the one is within the many and is every-where and every-when all at once.

I was not afraid in any way – in fact I can’t even imagine what a negative or afraid feeling was in that place; they were an alien concept. All this was happening while still in my bedroom surrounded by my family (my son was in a single bed as he had the flu and our daughter was cuddled up to her Mum in between us), big MDF wardrobes and a dresser covered in fresh folded laundry.

No angels, no choirs, no judgment – in fact just a feeling of overwhelming love beyond human comprehension and a feeling as I say of being one tiny person that is part of many which make up a whole – yet I was just as loved and as important as everyone else…really hard to explain so I will try later in more detail.

It was at this point being an inquisitive person an idea began to develop. Having abilities that were strange  all my life and being a veteran paranormal investigator (not by choice I assure you) I remember thinking I need to prove this logically then figure how to get back in that body and tell my wife what I have experienced.

I sat for what seemed a microsecond – yet in that time I could think so clearly. I figured the wall next to me would be cold and so tactile contact was a good place to start and so I placed my head against it and behold…the painted wall was hard and cold on my face. I remember thinking ‘ok that’s cool’ pardon the pun.

I then remembered there was a radio that’s left on downstairs for the dog that’s barely a whisper and sure enough I seemed to be standing next to it listening to the BBC World Service presenter talk about something or another. I saw by the LCD display clock that the news was due to start and decided to try and remember as much as I could and then try and get back in the body upstairs.

I must reiterate at this point that there were NO feelings that were negative in anyway and I am not sure while in that state I could have even conceived what a negative thought was it was an alien concept as I say whereas this was peace, bliss and contentment like I had never known in this life. I love my wife, children and family with all my heart but this plane of existence was different we don’t even have a name for the feeling I experienced in human terms.

I remembered key words and phrases which I felt was important and as the news ended I thought how do I get back to my body and without knowing how I was already sitting back where I had started. It was then I noticed I had arms and legs which looking back makes me think that maybe I saw them as they had been there for thirty years and like Kirlian photography maybe my spirit/essence had just painted them in naturally as I was used to this form. If you don’t know what Kirlian photography is I won’t explain I will let you Google or read up on it as it’s a real treat and just again re-enforces what I am saying.

Kirlian Photography

Then it was (although I experienced verbally or what we call in human terms telepathy) I was given a decision.

The choice was simple; I could stay where I was one part of many which form the one or return to my body and complete my journey. It was completely free will and again I experienced nothing but peace, bliss and love. I know I keep saying it but I cannot emphasize to you the reader who has not experienced this in your current incarnation or remembers from previous lives in this realm – this feeling which writing this is making me cry as it feels as if I am missing a big part of me which will only return when I leave this body.

Anyway, at this point my daughter moved and I saw her little face and looking over I saw my wife and son and it was if my decision was made without conscious thought…I had to be a husband and father…they needed me.

The feeling I had was ‘I could return on the provider I forgave myself and just gave myself a chance without being so hard on myself and angry about bereavement, illness etc.’

I suddenly felt as if there were three streams of information I was processing…sounds odd but if you ‘imagine’ screens showing then, now and future and everything you had ever done or not done, will do or won’t do and say and the results of each action and spoken word in a microsecond. The ultimate fast forward life reel but this was all felt as opposed to seen…very hard to explain to people who have not experienced a NDE.

It was at this point I am 100% certain I heard a voice just like that of my Grandfather who died when I was three and who I was very close to say; ‘there you go boy have another go’.

For some reason I am always left with the image of a chalkboard being rubbed out and a scroll given to me yet these things I did not see it was more as if I felt the intention.

Feeling watched by this blissful infinity that make up the one I then figured if I laid down in my body surely because there is blood and fluid in there and gross as it sounds I figured I should stick if I laid down and I even remember screwing my nose up as if going under water…silly huh?

It was warm and dark as I laid down into my body which reminded me of a suit of armor, although why I am still at a loss to explain. Unless it was because it was empty without the occupant? For some reason at this point I started to vibrate it’s hard to explain. It felt as though an electrical current was going through my very essence. There was the strangest sound like popping candy and I took an almighty breath like I have never taken before.

My whole body ached like I had been thrown from a helicopter and did a free-fall forgetting a parachute and landing on my chest.

I lay still for what seemed an eternity so peaceful and trying to take it all in what had just happened before rolling on my side and sitting up slowly. I woke my wife up who turned the light on and I explained what had happened to me to which she simply listened and hugged me which I love her even more for. We then decided to go downstairs and turned the radio alarm clock up to confirm what I had remembered.

It was nearly time for the news and I quickly wrote down all I could remember. Sure enough again and again – one after another we ticked what I had written down as the news reporter read out the headlines which amounted to 100% correct.

Feeling very achy and sore my wife made me a strong cup of tea, listened to my heart, checked my blood pressure and vital signs which were all perfect and I decided I didn’t want to go to hospital and that I would sit up for a bit as I felt very peaceful yet dazed and I thought this would be the ideal solution and so put the TV on and curled up on the sofa and gradually drifted off…

Next morning after a visit to the hospital and the hospital consultant confirming what had occurred with tests and the reason more than likely being sleep apnoea.


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    This NDE sparked an idea. What if the people chosen to have a NDE are the ones must likely to choose to return to life? Or does a great majority of people choose to not return. Of course we would never hear about these because they couldn’t tell their story.

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