How Do We Know that NDE’s are Real?

By AngelicView

Well, the truth is that everyone has to make that decision for themselves. Below I will give you some fantastic evidence toward the reality of the NDE (Near Death Experience), but I won’t try very hard to convince anyone that they are real. For me, they are!

One reason why people may press against the reality of the NDE might be because of religious-ness – either through a world religion (examples: Christianity or Muslim), or the religion of no-religion (examples: Atheists or Science-Programming) because the individual does have to shift their perspective in the way they think. If I come across a person with hard-core beliefs in either religion or no-religion, then I might tell them about NDE’s briefly, but I’m not going to push my beliefs on someone else just like I wouldn’t want their beliefs pushed upon me.

So here are some reasons why I believe NDE’s are real:

Thousands of Accounts

If you look across the internet and in your local library, you will find literally thousands of accounts of people who are telling us that they’ve had an NDE. One of the sites I use a lot in my research is NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation). I have read every single NDE on that site. Some are quite short stories and some are more lengthy. But for each person, it was a life-changing experience. Nearly all NDE’s have changed the life of the experiencer. It is estimated that the total amount of experiencers in the world could be in the millions, as many go unreported. There are also Facebook pages now that contain NDE stories that cannot be found on research sites. In addition, IANDS (The International Association for Near-Death Studies) has many accounts listed on their site.

Nothing to Gain

On occasion people will write a book about their experience. One or two stories have been made into movies. But for the vast majority of these people, they have nothing to gain by telling us their story. In the case of NDERF, stories usually get posted and then buried under piles and piles of other stories and probably rarely looked at again. And yet the stories just keep on coming in. Most NDE’rs insist that they feel like they need to tell their story – even that they were sent back in order to tell their story. And so what do most people think to do (besides post it on a website)? They write a book about it. I really don’t think that most people would do that with the thought in mind that they are going to get rich off of this.

Similarity of Stories

It’s amazing that I never tire of reading NDE’s because the stories are often so similar to each other. The ones I post here are always either extra-ordinary or unique in some way. In addition to the similarity of the stories, you have the fact that the experience details – while the same compared to each other – are different from any religious and non-religious teachings we have here on Earth.

Scientific Evidence

Below I am going to post some of my favorite examples of scientific evidence and the website I am getting these from is There is a whole page (a long page) there all about scientific evidence, so click on the link to look at the whole thing. Here I’m just going to share some of my favorite ones.

People born blind can see during an NDE

Dr. Kenneth Ring and Sharon Cooper completed a two-year study into the NDEs of the blind. They published their findings in a book entitled “Mindsight” in which they documented the solid evidence of 31 cases in which blind people report visually accurate information obtained during an NDE.

Out of Body Perceptions during NDE’s have been Verified

Often, near-death experiencers report witnessing events that happen at some distant location away from their body, such as another room of the hospital. If the events witnessed by the experiencer at the distant location can be verified to have occurred, then veridical perception would be said to have taken place. It would provide very compelling evidence that NDEs are experiences outside of the physical body. Visit the NDE and Out-Of-Body research conclusions to read a large collection of veridical NDEs.

AV: In addition to’s collection of veridical NDE’s, I have to say that I have read perhaps hundreds of more NDE’s in which the perceptions of the experiencer while out of body have been verified. On NDERF’s website, there is a specific question in the questionnaire that asks that. Also, people who have an NDE can often tell you later exactly what the people around them were doing – even during surgery.

People have NDE’s while they are Brain Dead

AV: There are articles and more information listed there on, in addition to Pam Reynolds’ NDE, which is also here on AngelicView.

Scientific Discoveries are brought back by the NDE’r

Some people have returned from a NDE and have been able to successfully diagnose and heal people – even bring back useful scientific information – due to the after-effects attributed to their NDEs.

AV: There is so much information on a lot of these subjects that it’s hard to condense it down to a paragraph or two. More info on this can be read here and here.

NDEs have advanced the field of medical science

One of the best examples of bringing back scientific discoveries resulting from an NDE is a wonderful man by the name of Mellen-Thomas Benedict. (AV: His NDE can be found here on AngelicView titled, “We Are the Most Beautiful Creations Part I, II, and III) After his NDE, Mellen-Thomas Benedict brought back a great deal of scientific information concerning biophotonicscellular communicationquantum biology, and DNA research. Mellen-Thomas Benedict currently holds eight U.S. patents and is always working on more.

NDEs correspond with the “quirky” principles found in physics

Principles of quantum physics supports NDE concepts include the properties of (a) light, (b) a multi-dimensional reality, (c) zero point field, (d) quantum interconnectivity, (e) quantum consciousness, (f ) quantum synchronicity, (g)space and time interconnectivity, (h) time travel, (i ) teleportation, (j ) non-locality, (k) singularities and the concept of (l ) subjectivity.

Article “God at the Speed of Light: T. Lee Baumann’s NDE and Physics Research“–
Article “How the New Physics is Validating NDE Concepts” by C.D. Rollins –
ArticleKevin Williams’ Research Conclusions: “The NDE and Science” –

People have been clinically dead for several days

AV: One example ↓

Rev. George Rodonaia underwent one of the most extended cases of a near-death experience ever recorded. Pronounced dead immediately after he was hit by a car in 1976, he was left for three days in the morgue. He did not “return to life” until a doctor began to make an incision in his abdomen as part of an autopsy procedure. Prior to his NDE he worked as a neuropathologist. He was also an avowed atheist. Yet after the experience, he devoted himself exclusively to the study of spirituality, taking a second doctorate in the psychology of religion.

NDEs have produced visions of the future which later became true

AV: Many people were given visions of the future during their near-death experience. You can find a comprehensive article here. There are many more on NDERF but they are much more spread out and you’d be reading for days and days looking for them 😉

Groups of people can share the same NDE

A rare type of NDE called the “group near-death experience” is a phenomenon where a whole group of people have a NDE at the same time and location. They see each other outside of their bodies and have a shared or similar experience.

AV: In addition, a person who is physically near-by another person who is dying can share their experience. It has also happened with dying pets.

NDEs change people unlike hallucinations and dreams

No matter what the nature of the NDE, it alters lives. Alcoholics find themselves unable to imbibe. Hardened criminals opt for a life of helping others. Atheists embrace the existence of a deity, while dogmatic members of a particular religion report “feeling welcome in any church or temple or mosque. (AV: However, their belief systems may have drastically changed.)

Angel82Nancy Evans Bush, president emeritus of the International Association for Near-Death Studies, says the experience is revelatory. “Most near-death survivors say they don’t think there is a God,” she says. “They know.” In 1975, when Raymond Moody published Life After Life, a book that coined the term “near-death experience” (NDE) to describe this hard-to-define phenomenon. Moody interviewed 150 near-death patients who reported vivid experiences (flashing back to childhood, coming face to face with Christ). He found that those who had undergone NDEs became more altruistic, less materialistic, and more loving.

Bruce Greyson and Ian Stevenson have been instrumental in gathering evidence indicating that religious backgrounds do not affect who is most likely to have a NDE. They have mapped out the conversion-like effects of NDEs that can sometimes lead to hardship. “They can see the good in all people,” Greyson says of people who have experienced the phenomenon. “They act fairly naive, and they often allow themselves to be opened up to con men who abuse their trust.” They have gathered reports of high divorce rates and problems in the workplace following NDEs. “The values you get from a NDE are not the ones you need to function in everyday life,” says Greyson. Having stared eternity in the face, he observes, those who return often lose their taste for ego-boosting achievement. Not even the diehard skeptics doubt the powerful personal effects of NDEs. “This is a profound emotional experience,” explains Nuland. “People are convinced that they’ve seen heaven.”

AV: Well, that’s enough for tonight. Like usual, I could go on and on! But suffice it to say that if I was a religious person, my religion would be Near-Death-Experience Religion (what would you call that?). I just call it “Spirituality”.

15 thoughts on “How Do We Know that NDE’s are Real?

  1. Dear friend, Thank you very much, I was really happy to have been following your blog. I’m still a lot to figure out, and here I can only say that you are an awesome blogger, full Inspiring and hope you can inspire more readers. Thanks and greetings compassion from Gede Prama 🙂

  2. Shannon,
    Listening to and reading personal accounts of NDEs leads one to realize that these people are telling the truth. Anyone who has spent an appreciable amount of time listening and reading simply knows whether someone is honest or trying to pull the wool over others’ eyes. That NDEs are real is obvious.

      • Hey Well erm I been trying to get in contact with someone in this subject so can I post this here, sorry if it spams anyone. Hey….. Im a 15 year old girl from the uk and since about a month ago Ive been coping with the fear of death. My first thoughts were to tell my mum, I want to say she had brought up with a agnostic mother and Christian father who took her to church but doesnt completely follow a religion and never took me or my twin to church. She suffered from cancer ten years ago and was told she was going to die, she cried every night as she didnt want to leave me and my brother. At one point she thought she was closest to going when she was in her grandmothers house (who died when she was 11 now in her 30s) and everything was in perfect detail, she says her grandmother was at the end of her bed and she was telling her it was ok. But my mum heard my twin brother calling her “mummy wake up, mummy you wake up now” and she knew she had to come back to us. She believes that he knew what was happening and he brought her back. He is completely against anything but science can prove now. I am still shaky so I searched on google, youtube and finally facebook and found your group. Somethings seem abit shaky, since I was little I used to try talk to god and never got a response even now. But the thing about figures freaked me out. Till I was around 10-11-12 ish I kept seeing figures that looked like they were made up of shadows. But I think I’d always wake up. I also used to have dreams of being pulled out of my bed or from behind by figures I couldnt see. I used to think I could feel figures grabbing my bedsheets or in my bedsheets as well at this age. Im really confused…..I dont even know what Im doing, guess this cant hurt?

        • Hi Izzy! Welcome to AngelicView 🙂 So is your mom still living now? Is her cancer cured? Or, no?

          I’m not sure what to tell you about the shadowy figures or the dreams. I can give you my best guess based on what you’ve told me, though.

          I’ll give you an example from my own experience. I saw a shadow figure a few times before. But at that time I completely felt that it was my own spirit guide and nothing to be afraid of. I have also had a dream before where I felt that I was being pulled out of bed and down the hallway. That was very scary! So when you see a shadowy figure, you should probably “feel” with your heart to tell whether it’s something “good” or “bad”. Does it seem frightening? Yes? Then it’s probably something “scary”, in that sense – but that doesn’t mean that it’s anything to “be afraid” of. As a human being, you have the power to send any beings away that frighten you and you also have the power to call closer to you beings of light. Remember, no one that exists in another dimension can harm you physically. It seems, though, that they can harm you emotionally by scaring the crap out of you. So you send out a beam of light from your body with the intention of sending them away. Then call forth Angels or Guides to be in your space and be close to you 🙂

          • My mum is still alive, she still sees the doctor who told her she had months left and laughs at him ten years later now. I didn’t really think much of the figures until I started reading the group on facebook (cant post as I don’t want anyone I know to see) and I saw the status about figures. I don’t know I just really want to believe this so bad but its hard without having my own experience. 🙂

            • Wow! 10 years later… that is one time I’m glad the doc’s were wrong!

              Are you talking about the group “NDE’s and OBE’s with AngelicView”? That is a closed group, which means that no one (not your facebook friends and family) can see your posts or “likes”. But if it’s another group, you’ll have to check to see if it’s open or closed.

      • 25th may, my 15th birthday was the day I found this blog 🙂 three days later I joined the group. All thanks to this article. I forgot I had been thinking about the figures, I was telling my friend who had poltergeist stuff going on about it. Apparently its just a copy of yourself produced by your brain, if so when I’m frozen stiff why does it move across my feet and legs? I don’t know 🙂 still a long way to go

  3. I Am not sure what to call mine. I don’t think I died. But I laid down and went to heaven I seen my dead wife it was the most wonderful feeling that no words could ever explain. I came back a new person. And I know it was real I remember it like it just happened. It was 7 years ago. I didn’t want to leave. But I came back and have feeling for all life now that I didn’t have before

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