California UFO’s, Crop Circle, and Paul Hellyer


AngelicView: Since I have limited time online tonight, I’m just going to make a kind of mish-mash post here highlighting some things I want to bring to your attention.

On Tuesday, while many people’s eyes were on the skies watching fireworks, many people in California (USA), it seems, saw UFO’s, too! Here is the report as covered by ABC News ↓

Remember, California was where the very-recent crop circle formation was found. I believe that this is a very rare occurrence in California – and in the U.S. in general. Here’s a pic of it:

The best articles I have found discussing this crop circle were from Linda Moulton Howe at She does not allow any copying and pasting from her site (her articles are strictly copyrighted). But I urge you to follow the links and see what she has come up with regarding this crop circle. The 2nd article is just as important to read as the 1st one:

Part 1: California “Intricate Grass Pattern is Real”, says Field Researcher

Part 2: Chualar Grass Pattern’s Mysterious Braille, 192, and Morse Code

AV: If any of you have links to great articles on this or have any ideas what it might mean, leave me a comment 🙂

*Update: I do not believe that crap-o-la of a cover story they came up with. Linda Moulten Howe has challenged NVIDIA to prove it 😉

And finally, this video from former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer, interviewed by RT News has emerged this week. Very, very interesting!

A few things Paul brings up:

  • One alien species, known as the “Tall Whites” is working with the U.S. Air Force in Nevada and has been known to pass for humans in public. (Confirms Charles Hall’s experiences)
  • Most aliens come from other star systems, although there are some living on Venus, Mars and Saturn’s moon.
  • There have been four species of aliens visiting our planet for thousands of years.
  • Aliens technology is far more advanced. They have given us LED lights, microchips and Kevlar vests, but would be far more helpful if we weren’t warmongers.
  • There are between two and twelve total species of aliens (although some place the number closer to 80). Some look just like humans, while others appear more like the creatures portrayed in popular culture.
  • Most alien species have benevolent intentions toward humanity, although a handful have ulterior motives.
  • The “federation” of alien species has vowed not to intervene in human affairs unless they are invited to.
  • The federation is disappointed in the way humans have treated the planet.

Published on Dec 31, 2013

He was Canadian minister of Defense in the 1960s, ruling over the country’s armed forces during that time of the Cold War, and when he retired he publicly stated that we are not alone in the universe, and some guests from outer space actually live here, on planet Earth.

Is this fantasy? Is someone actually watching us? RTs Sophie Shevardnadze Reports.

ADG (Alien Disclosure Group) Facebook:…


8 thoughts on “California UFO’s, Crop Circle, and Paul Hellyer

  1. Hey AV, if the 192 is the number for the Iridium isotope, then it seems possible to me that it may be a radiation warning due to Fukushima steam cloud, especially as it’s in California. Haven’t watched the vid yet, but wow!

    • Yes, there is a lot of speculation on that. But with some research some friends of mine say they don’t think so because this iridium is a different kind… keep the ideas coming though! 🙂

      Connected by Motorola

  2. Then how about it’s still a warning of radiation but the 192-Iridium is the radioactive ingredient used to make bombs which accounts for the many of the missing cases – That’s an issue which as has been reported on
    I think it’s a very strange coincidence that that has happened around the Fukushima disaster. Something too strange. Perhaps they are bringing this issue into the light? I don’t like the whole coincidence with regard to everything horrible seeming to be happening or gearing up! Perhaps it might be that which brings a call from the greater population for help. And even then….who knows? Oh, what a tangled web we weave. 🙂 Might as well enjoy the game while we’re here.

  3. Hi AV, on the site you mentioned it has morse code also however, they have assumed and taken the ISNO out of order in how it appears – it is actually ISNO.
    The 192 is obvious given the brail. The order is also stated twice given that the larger circle is the 1, then a smaller 9, then a smaller 2.

    When I first looked at it I thought ‘building structure’, then I looked at the colosseum aerial (gladiator context, Romans etc.) which may have been an intuitive clue because I consider football to be that – the games. So, I’m wondering if this building layout may be that of a football stadium? You guys in the U.S.A would know far better than I.

    There is also Morse code which on the site you mentioned has it reading incorrectly with regard to the order – they have ISON, when it actually reads
    I S N O…..then the other side E T. The STS is a term referring to Service To Self (STS) . Therefore, I humbly put forth this message as a possibility:

    When the bomb made using the ‘missing’ Iridium packages is employed by your ‘authorities’ at —-possibly football stadium (but anyone look into schematics of possible other venues), know that when you see our ship, we are not in service to ourselves, but to you. We are here to help. (unless of course the STS means they’re not here for us because we’re still STS)….nah.

    Well, that’s it for the moment from my imagination LOL. It’s a message of something though, and look at where the world is at right now.

    • I think these are great ideas, Linda. Since I have very little access to the internet right now, I’ll pass on your comments to my friends who are busily researching this. Thank you!

  4. Ta 😉 I just sent an email to earthfiles too…who knows, I think it’s an important crop circle though. Others are often coded for the planet and us, but this one seems like a direct message intended to be understood. Ciao bella!

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