Love Will Find a Way

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Meet Cindy, the mother cat whose maternal instinct kicked in when faced with a BB gun, putting herself in the line of fire and taking a bullet to protect her kittens. She was found hovering over her newborns in Santa Fe, California, having been shot in the head and determinedly stayed with her litter until help arrived. Despite being in a critical condition she was reluctant to leave her babies and had to be gently pried away by staff at the Helen Woodward Animal Centre so that they could treat her. Veterinarians performed surgery to remove the bullet and Cindy is now recovering, surrounded by her precious kittens.
Mommy and baby kitties all survived, but it was touch and go when they first arrived,’ ‘They were all very tiny, malnourished, unvaccinated and very scared. It took a gentle hand to pull that Momma away from her babies.’ Staff described the loyal cat as a ‘role model’ to mothers everywhere. 
Source – Daily Mail 16/06/12

A faithful dog rescued his owner by dragging him home after he was struck by an enormous lightning bolt. Ian Thomas was taking his German schnauzer Monty out for an early morning walk when he was struck by a bolt so powerful he would have been killed if he had not been wearing wellington boots. The bolt threw Mr Thomas, into the air and knocked him out. He regained consciousness when five-year-old Monty, who had also been struck, began licking his face. Mr Thomas struggled to stand but only managed to stagger several paces before he collapsed. He managed to wrap his arms around Monty, who responded by dragging him the 100 yards home. – Well Done Monty for rescuing your human friend. 
Source – Daily Mail 28/10/11

I’ll keep you warm said the Cat and I’ll be your comfort said the Dog……..

Bobbi the dog was left all alone to fend for herself when Hurricane Katrina hit her family’s home. Chained on the porch with bowls of food and water, Bobbi had no where else to go. Bob Cat eventually made his way over to Bobbi and decided he was never going to leave her side. No one came to rescue the pair, so Bobbi managed to break free from her chain. Bobbi and Bob Cat wandered through the streets of New Orleans in hopes of finding some sort of shelter. Four months later, they were discovered by animal rescue volunteers. They learned that the two were inseparable and that Bob Cat was blind. Bobbi had served as his seeing-eye dog. They were sent to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and now live together happily with their new family in Oregon. Their moving tale has now been turned into a children’s book called “Two Bobbies.” 
Source – Global Animal
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If I sneak up slowly, I can steal a kiss?

This is Greg Cook hugging his dog Coco after finding her in his destroyed home by tornadoes on last March 2. “I don’t care about my home. I am just glad I have my best friend.”

Salati, a leopard, and her best friend, golden retriever Tommy, like nothing more than to run amok before settling down for a friendly cuddle.

“Look deep into the eyes of any animal, and then for a moment, trade places. Their lives become as precious as your life, and you become as vulnerable as them. All animals deserve our respect and our protection. For in a way, they are us. And we are them.”- Philip Ochoa


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