Ice Storm in Michigan

By AngelicView

Hello friends! I just wanted to shoot out an update for everyone. Some of you know and some do not know that my state, Michigan, was hit by a major ice storm. 157,000 people in Michigan are/were without power and there is an estimated 10,000 power lines down.

My power went out a couple of days ago. The biggest problem is that it is so cold here at night. It’s been in the teens and 20’s (F) at night. So our homes are getting very cold and power is not expected to come back on for everyone until very late Saturday night.

Once I got outside to inspect my yard closer I found that there are lines down, which I’m sure you know, can be very dangerous. But there are so many lines down in Michigan that the crews are overwhelmed and they are bringing in crews from other states to help repair the systems to bring power back up.

The situation remain precarious because it has not warmed enough during the day time for the layers and layers of ice to melt off of the trees and the power lines. So that puts a big strain on everything. Trees and branches are laying on the ground everywhere. Some yards are quarantined off with yellow “Do Not Cross” tape – just until they can get in there to fix the lines. If it should get windy, that would escalate the situation and bring even more trees and power lines down.

Thank goodness my parents have a wood stove for heat and I had enough gas in my car to get to their house (because there wasn’t a gas station open anywhere around for many many miles). Then their power came back on in the night last night.

I don’t expect the power at my house to come back on anytime soon, though. Still, I have a warm place with lights and people that love me all around – I am blessed!

Below I will post some pictures of my yard.


In the picture below you can see some of the lines that are down.

I don’t think there is one tree in the whole area that is not damaged.

You can see more power lines down in the picture below.

So, as you can see, there is extensive damage and this is just my yard! The damage is wide-spread.

Love! Love! Love!



6 thoughts on “Ice Storm in Michigan

  1. I hope everyone has power and warmth and good hot food for Christmas. Wishing and praying that for everyone there, you’re all in my thoughts. A little love goes a long way AV, I’m glad you have it in abundance. Here’s more coming your way…<3 Happy Christmas, everyone.

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