Do Atheists Really go to Hell?


By AngelicView

Hell no! ūüėÄ

But let’s back up a little bit. First of all, my information comes from my research of NDE’s (Near Death Experiences). And according to NDE research, a place called “Hell” doesn’t really exist. (See “Does Hell Really Exist?“)

Here are some examples of beautiful, profound, and spiritually intense NDE’s on AngelicView in which the experiencer was an atheist:

Here is what says about it:

Many religious people make the mistake of assuming that atheism is a one-way ticket to hell. The fact is that God cares very little about a person’s religion¬†or non-religion as revealed by some of the NDE accounts profiled on this website. The only thing that really matters is thespiritual condition of the heart. My experience has been that when an atheist tells me they don’t believe in God, they really mean they don’t believe in the Christian God or any God from any religion. From the NDE perspective, I can agree with this. Many atheists reject a spirit world for one reason or another and they generally do so because they have a strict¬†scientific perspective of reality. Many scientific atheists devote their entire life studying the laws of nature and, to them, this may be their form of divine devotion whether they know it or not. In fact, because of this, I submit to you that a large percentage of such scientists are closer to spirituality than many religionists.

Finally, below I’ve pasted some of the results of my research. These are excerpts from actual NDE’s:

    • I do not feel a need to belong to any specific religion.¬† I also do not feel the fear that religions seem to try to push on people.¬† If that helps someone do the right thing and take care of others‚Ķthrough fear‚Ķgreat. ¬†But religion, in and of itself is destined to always be interpreted by man.¬† Their interpretations are often lacking real clarity and have a lot of falsities in place too.¬† One of the things I was told‚Ķlook always to ‚Äúwho benefits?‚ÄĚ in rules made by religion.¬† If it is particular men, or the power structure itself‚Ķchances are that it is not really something of God.¬† Many rules are definitely man made and put there to benefit either the structure‚Ķor those in charge of the structure.
    • ¬†I no longer believe in a specific religion, but remain religious in my own way. I believe, based on my experience, that all our earthly religions are the products of mankind and not true to the nature of anything from the real spiritual realm. This is self evident in all the harm, violence, bigotry, anger and hate bound up in our religions.¬†
    • Many near-death accounts reveal that the religions of this world are¬†merely an external path whose ideal is to lead people inward toward true spirituality. People often confuse religion with spirituality. Religion is the outward form of worship and spirituality is the inward form of worship. People who have a near-death experience often return less religious and more spiritual.¬†
    • God does not care which religion is best. God does not care what religion people practice. They are all a blooming facet of the whole. All religions refer to the same God.¬†
    • One man who had a near-death experience realized that the ‚ÄúGod‚ÄĚ of his religious background wasn‚Äôt anything like the reality. He learned that it doesn‚Äôt matter if people call him God, Allah, Great Spirit or whatever, he is one and the same.¬†
    • Everyone, religious or not, believing in God or not, transitions to the spirit world as part of the natural process of life. Just as one does not need to be religious to live in the physical world, one does not need to profess a particular faith to live in the spirit world.¬†
    • Religious beliefs have little to do with what we experience in the transition from one realm to another, except that we are allowed to see briefly the teacher or guru that we followed. Regardless of cultural or religious beliefs, we have the same basic experience at death.¬†
    • God cares little about our religious affiliation or church membership. Love is not limited to any one religion or even religion at all. Religions are cultural institutions but love is universal.¬†
    • God is not a member of any church or religion. It is the churches and the religions that are members within the vastness and the glory that is God. There is no one religion just as there is no chosen people or person, nor any single way of regarding what cannot be fully comprehended. We are all sons of God in the sense that we are all souls of God‚Äôs creation, without gender, without form, without nationality, complete and whole and perfect as we explore the never-endingness of God‚Äôs wonderment.¬†
    • I asked the light, which I call Christ, how people from other religions get to heaven. I was shown that the group, or organization, we profess alliance to is inconsequential. What is important is how we show our love for God by the way we treat each other.¬†

I remember when I was a teenager, I went to a Baptist church for about two years. There, they taught me that my parents were going to go to Hell because they did not attend church or hold the same beliefs thatBabyAngel they did. Of course, that scared the crap out of me! So I asked them what I could do, and they responded by telling me that I needed to convince them to come to church.

Well, there was no convincing them. So in my young mind, I felt as though my parents were going to Hell and it was at least partially my fault because I couldn’t convince them to come to church.

If I only knew then what I know now.

After your body dies, your spirit places him/her/it-self in the areas of the afterlife that it most closely matches vibration to. That is all. 

Love! Love! Love!







4 thoughts on “Do Atheists Really go to Hell?

  1. I greatly admire Atheists, they are self regulating people and in general much more moral than the extreme religious types. Few Atheist will be willing to kill for their faith (It is a faith in a fashion because it involves belief) . As a group they are more likely to examine the world rationally and balance their belief with experience and that is no bad thing.

  2. But a lot come back seeing nothing after being clinically dead. My mum says its because they are so close minded. Religious people say its because they are atheist so once they die that’s it while the believers go on. Surely what is written here doesn’t fit in?

    • Yes, some people either do not have NDE’s or else do not remember them. But this article is written from the standpoint of people who DO have NDE’s and who either asked about religion on the other side while they were there or else were atheists themselves before their NDE. So it’s from their perspective.

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