Catching Fire

By AngelicView

Imagine this scenario:

All the people of the world are split up into groups – large groups. Let’s say about thirteen. Now, most of the groups of people are very poor. Even the people who think they have it pretty good, they are also very poor.

The majority of these groups are kind of like slaves, working for their pittance, taking what they can get with what little they have.

Some of those groups have a lot of “things”, but slave away to afford those things. They’re really not much better off than the really poor.

Just a few, let’s say three, of these groups really have it good. In fact, they have so much wealth that they are not even sure what to do with it all – but they manage.

Now, above it all are the “leaders”. They are above wealth. They watch people kill each other down below while standing in their glass towers just to chuckle at it all. The people who are killing each other are from different groups, and they think they are doing a good and noble thing. Little do they know that the men in the glass towers fund all sides.

Eventually, the people who are killing each other begin to realize that they don’t have to do this. Not all of them, but for most of them it’s beginning to dawn on them who the real enemy really is. More on them later.

The people who live in the large groups around the world are just beginning to wake up to what’s going on. There is the first sign of solidarity. That little “peep” out of someone here, and out of someone there. Like, “hey guys, I know what’s really going on here”. Those people are extinguished immediately.

But before long, there’s more solidarity in the people. They begin to rise up, very slowly. They realize one thing and it’s this: “The odds are never in our favor”

The people in the suave suits sitting in their glass towers begin to get worried about this. After some meetings amongst themselves they decide to create more fear in the people. Yeah! That’ll shut ’em up! They send in more troops and they send in bombs and they impose more laws and they make an example out of anyone who dares to cross them.

Meanwhile, the people who were killing each other decided to bond together. They became allies. They refused to kill each other anymore.

Oh, but the game is not over. Because as soon as the men who live in the glass towers see this happening, they create events to make the people think that chaos is all around, and that violence against each other is the only way out.

But some of those people are not fooled. Some give their lives so that others may carry on with the mission of solidarity. Even a few of the people who live in the glass towers begin to realize that life doesn’t have to be that way. Those few people bond together and begin to formulate a plan.

Then the movie was over and the lights turned on in the theater. While others stood up, I sat there in my seat, in a dazed stupor.

What will happen next? Do any of these people realize what’s right under their noses? What’s right in front of their damn f**ck**g eyes!?!

Deep breaths.

I walk down the theater steps. I am gazing around at the multitude of teenagers yet still in the theater. They know. Yes! They do know! In some of them I can see it right beneath the surface. In others, it’s written all over their faces. The phoenix will rise. Yes, there is hope.

13 thoughts on “Catching Fire

  1. Excellent AV, thanks for that, I’ll go to see it. I’ll take your cue, and yell out before they have a chance to leave “this is not fiction – understand this is happening right under your noses – WAKE UP!”.

    What we need to realize is that every time someone is prepared to stand out from the crowd and speak their own mind, it adds to the inherent but stultified knowings within others, which lay in wait, beneath the surface conditioning, to be expressed. In other words, our courage becomes contagious!

  2. I will, but I actually came back here to make sure I made myself properly understood. What I mean is, that everyone has courage to use in whatever way they’re comfortable with – you have amazing courage lady! – for doing what you do….and I’m very grateful for it!! Building our own courage is in itself contagious. I’m prepared now because of your post here – otherwise I’d be sitting there in a dazed stupor too. This is all teamwork, it’s what I love about it. I meant it when I said I’ll take your cue. Big hug. ❤

  3. Shannon, I’m actually not sure of who’s who with what agenda re movies, the NWO, in relation to the seemingly obvious agenda to revoke the Second Amendment….especially in light of the FEMA camps. I just don’t know right now, as it seems to me that there’s a definite agenda to incite violence, possibly civil war, or at least propagandize possibly in order to draw out those with arms. Here’s a comment I found yesterday, and I’ll send a link to you of a youtube which has a long document that was at one stage on NASA website….frightening stuff.

    ‘A study funded by the Department of Homeland Security that was leaked last year characterizes Americans who are “suspicious of centralized federal authority,” and “reverent of individual liberty” as “extreme right-wing” terrorists.’
    Well, that’s me, along with millions of other concerned citizens, or is it billions?

  4. I’ve known of this agenda for many years, but this is really important for everyone to wake up to, and NOW.
    Here it is, please get this out to everyone you know, folks. It isn’t a joke. We are making change, however the only reason some countries are now saying ‘NO’ to GMOs etc. is all due to the people being educated about it, and taking a stand. UNITED!

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