Courtney Brown: Atlantis and Earth Changes


AngelicView: If you, like me, are interested in hearing what the Remote Viewers saw when RV’ing Atlantis, then you are going to love this one! Here is what Courtney Brown says about it:

“We now understand. We can drop the mythology, we can drop the legends.  We now know the whole story. We know where it was, we know when it was, we know what they were doing, and we know what happened to it.” ~Courtney Brown

AngelicView: I took some notes on the video so I could sort of give you a peek of what’s inside. First of all, I want to let you know that he admits at near the end of the video that he’s using the term “Atlantis”, perhaps improperly, as a general term for the world before the last complete destruction. It does seem that all sunken cities or civilizations get called Atlantis. When he’s talking about Atlantis, I believe he really means the whole world and not just one continent, before it’s last destruction. (And I think maybe that’s where some confusion came in between he and Kerry.)

The first hour is talking about the events that were predicted for the spring of 2013 and how the events played out. He speaks of “2012” and the cycles of time, including a fascinating discussion on the “illusion of time” and differing timelines.

At about one hour they begin talking about Atlantis. Now, I must warn you that Kerry Cassidy is interviewing him, and I know she grinds a lot of people’s nerves. What she does is that she interrupts a lot. I mean a lot. She does do pretty good through most of this interview and when she gets worked up later on and starts interrupting – well, we just have to work with her on that I guess. 😉 Because it’s a fascinating interview.

The remote viewers say that Atlantean society’s buildings were huge and were mostly built underground. They show sketch drawings of the buildings. They had a catastrophe from a science experiment gone wrong and the landmass sank. So now these huge buildings still exist, under the ocean floor and a bit of sediment. The RV’ers saw that some of the machinery was still intact and is still working to this day! However, they did not see that there are any people inside the buildings.

Courtney said that the Atlantean society was about 100 years more advanced than ours’. Their biggest problem was that their scientists were doing things (experiments and such) in secrecy instead of in view of the public and officials. He called this “cloaked science”, and in fact states that we are doing the exact same thing today. He says that we (you and I) are the descendants of the Atlanteans, and we are making the same mistakes they made that destroyed the planet and that history will repeat itself if we don’t work together and we will again destroy the planet and gives the events at the Fukushima plant as an example.

He does go into a lot of detail about what happened exactly and what the people were doing when it happened. Very fascinating.

Courtney also discussed our Earth – as a planet. He says that they have done RV’ing into the future where they’ve seen that we eventually leave this planet and travel through space. He says that planet Earth is a good botanical and zoological planet and not a good one for a human civilization to live on. The reason being that it’s a hostile environment and does not allow for civilizations to get very far advanced before being wiped out.

Courtney Brown’s credentials (from Wikipedia): Courtney Brown, Ph.D. is a social scientist at Emory University and is known for promoting the use of nonlinear mathematics in social scientific research. He is also known as a proponent of remote viewing, a form of extra-sensory perception. Brown’s research in applied mathematics is mostly focused on social science applications of time-dependent models. He has published five peer-reviewed books and numerous articles in applied mathematics. Brown is also a very visible advocate of the use of the R Programming Language, both for statistical as well as nonlinear modeling applications in the social sciences.



6 thoughts on “Courtney Brown: Atlantis and Earth Changes

  1. It took me a while to listen to it all, but finally did. So much crazy stuff happening to the world right now. They were certainly right with the weather remote viewing. I am beginning to wonder how much longer before the next big storm. Hopefully things calm down soon.

  2. The Time Monk Radio interview with Courtney Brown is good and worth a listen.

    I’ve been trying to find some kind of external confirmation for the info he gives. I really don’t believe this civilization is “Atlantis”. I’m going mainly by the information in the Law of One/Ra Material books. According to Ra, the time period Courtney Brown is talking about is previous to the destruction of Lemuria about 53,000 years ago. So according to the Law of One books dating, this drilling event happened 17,000 years before the destruction of Lemuria. Atlantis, according to Ra didn’t begin to form until 31,000 years ago. The destruction of Atlantis came much later, 10,821 years ago. Other sources have very different dating, and I don’t know if any of these dates are accurate, but this is my best analysis based on The Law of One books.

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