Every Bit of the Landscape was a Unique Expression of the Divine

Skógafoss, Iceland (Enrique Pacheco)

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AngelicView: This NDE is from a woman who had an amniotic embolism, but they thought she was having an allergic reaction to an antibiotic and so were perhaps delaying proper treatment because of the misunderstanding of the situation. Medicine is not an exact science, and these things happen – most of the time without any particular “mistake” made, just a wrong supposition of the circumstance.

Anyway, she describes being in the void, where a soul of a little boy is wanting her to return him to the earth-bound realm. She wants to help him and so does do this. This portion of the NDE was particularly intriguing to me. It is very common to be approached by poor (usually sad-looking) souls in the void or in the tunnel who want you to help them, or sometimes they don’t ask for help but as you pass them you feel like you want to help them. Usually if there’s a guide with you they will direct you to pass them by and not try to help. There is little explanation for this common feature on NDE’s. I think the best explanation comes from Near-Death.com – it will probably be a subject to a future AngelicView post.

Edgar Cayce also said that he had to pass by these souls on his way to… well, wherever he was going! 😉 He also spoke of the necessity to pass them by quickly without paying them attention.

Krista then goes on to tell us about the topography of the place she visited once she got through the tunnel, which is always amazing to read about. She says that if she came back, she was to share her experience through being of service to others.

Thank you, Krista, for sharing your NDE with us. 🙂

My heart stopped at 9:18 am.

There is no such thing as “the moment of death”:  The point at which there are no signs of life, and when our consciousness leaves our body, is more of a continuum.

From an awareness standpoint, some time had passed between being in the hallway, and the view I had from above.  What happened to my consciousness during this interval, I do not know.  Perhaps my energy coalesced into a singularity before exploding outward in a cloud of tiny black-grey particulate matter.  Maybe it leaked from the confines of my solid-self, little by little, rapidly accumulating into a loose conglomerate of static-like matter that was now floating above my body.

 The distance between my conscious self and my body below seemed to be stretched out, as if space-time had elongated, and my now nearly immaterial self was simultaneously both near and far away from my material body. There was no sound, no pain, no fear.  I could still “see”, and glanced around the room.  The ceiling had taken on a fluid transparency with some flowing, solid features that still remained.  I could see someone lying on a bed.

Was it a person?  I recall asking myself this question, as I wasn’t quite sure what “people” were, but seemed to have a recognition of them nonetheless.

The event unfolding below me no longer involved “Krista” in the physical sense, as she was now beyond the transparent ceiling.  As I lingered above, I didn’t identify in any way with the body or the people in the room, but was instead a detached observer, although still “Krista” within the fine static of my consciousness.  I had retained my earthly identity, and felt more alive than ever.

There were several people around my body now.  A person in blue, was on the left.  At first, I noticed him bent over my body at the level of my abdomen.  He then, very quickly, stood upright and handed a bundle to someone at my right shoulder.  They took this bundle, and quickly turned their back so I couldn’t see, and I wanted to see! 


                     A person was near my head, placing something on my chest.  Another person in blue walked into the room and stood there, as if assessing what was happening, then moved to my right side, joining in on the barrage of activity around me. 

 “What’s going on down there?” 

I felt so compelled to stay.  What was in the bundle?  What was happening to the person on the bed?  As I continued to watch, I slowly became more and more attached to what I was watching.  

Suddenly, an invisible force began pulling me to the left.  I resisted it for a brief second, but this force was much stronger than my desire to stay. It wanted me, and I knew whatever it wanted me for was important, more important than my desire to remain fixed in this place.  With this understanding, I then made a conscious choice to let go.

The instant this decision was made, I was moving at a terrific speed through, what I can only describe as, a loosely confined space of static and fluid-like matter.  It was infinitely large, yet immeasurably small.  I felt, at any moment, it would either burst wide open, or collapse in on me.  

No definition existed between my consciousness and that of its “walls,” which were made of this fluid, static-like continuum of energy.  As I sped along, I became intermixed with this energy, and the further on I went, the more I felt permeated with its indefinable, irrefutable, unbounded love.     

This love and I were wholly immersed in one another; no point of separation existed; I was it, and it was I.  Oh, what bliss!  I felt no pain, no anxiety, no fear. The only feelings were that of love, and peaceful contentment.  I wished for nothing, as there was nothing to wish for. 

Within this space, I was simultaneously given the answers to all the questions I’d ever had in my earthly life, with the exception of one. There would be one question that I would not yet be given the answer to.

                 It was at this point that I veered off to my right, toward a thick, foggy-dense, whitish-gray atmosphere.  As I rapidly approached it, I could make out dark, ill-defined  figures.  They were huddled close together, just on the other side of the entrance.  They had a human-like form, but could only be seen as shadows of this form.  I recognized one of the figures in the front to be a little boy.  He was the first to come into view, and had the appearance of a shadowy little Tom Sawyer, with a wide brimmed hat and overalls.  He wanted to be at the front, and desired for me to take him back into the physical realm.  The others who gathered around wanted him to be there as well.  They sensed my desire to help, and were using him to draw me in. 

               I felt discomfort upon entering this realm.  It didn’t feel as loving a place as the one I was just in. I could have left, but wanted to help the little boy so badly! As I moved further into the space, the others wished to take advantage of my desire to help, and came at me all at once, their need and want pulling at me from every direction. They were so sorrowful and had such yearning to leave!  Initially, I wanted to save them all, but knew it was far too great a task for me to take on. Overwhelmed, I then wished to leave that place, and the instant the wish presented itself, I was moving away from the dark grey figures, away from the little boy, and didn’t look back.  

I had changed my experience through my own intention, and was once again intermixed within the space of boundless, divine love, but was only briefly in this space, when I again, through my own intention, traveled through a sort of gate, or passageway, where I emerged into what I call my Eden.  I carried this love with me through the gate, and was pure, conscious awareness of this love, and with all I witnessed around me. 

Upon traveling through this gate, I felt instantaneous immersion with all I witnessed around me.  I was one with the vibrant yellow flowers spanning out on the ground in front of me.  I was one with the sparkling waterfall cascading down huge rocks into a pure, crystal pool.  I was one with the distant, rolling green hills, and tranquil blue sky above it.  I was one with the deep, dark evergreens edging the field of flowers to my right.

What joy it was to be in this place! 

I felt every bit of the landscape was a unique expression of the Divine that was chosen for, and by, me.  The dense forest contrasted with the striking scene of vibrant yellow flowers and cascading waterfall.  Intuitively, I knew what lay within these trees was neither good nor bad, and that I was a part of it, as well as all the other things in my beautiful Eden. 

I had the choice to venture into this dark place, but felt a sense of already knowing what my experience would be there.  Instead, I chose to stay where I was.  I didn’t need or want to experience anything other than beauty, although the forest also held its own kind of beauty.

Then, from the love that was both within and around me, it was communicated  to me that I had one of three choices to make.  First, was to move forward, into the woods.  However, I’d already rejected that.  The second choice was to continue onward to what lay beyond my present reality, and the third was to return to my body, and resume the life I had left behind.  However, if I chose this, I was to share my experience through being of service to others.

I looked at the beauty around me, once again feeling the enormity of it; the love, peace and oneness of it all. 

My pulse returned at 9:26 am.


2 thoughts on “Every Bit of the Landscape was a Unique Expression of the Divine

  1. The entities that ar lingering in the dark space are intriguing. They seem often to be malicious according to reports. I was once taken by my spiritual friend on a journey ( in Spirit). It was partially as an education. We entered a house and there were dark entities living there. They dissapeared through walls as we arrived but we followed them. They were huddled together and very frightened by our prescence. They were an intractable problem that had to be solved. In themselves they were energetically weak but did seem to thrive on the more expressive energies that people emitted . Perhaps when people enter such a building and have the disturbing sense of discomfit it is because of the occupation by such entities.

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