5 thoughts on “Russell Brand on Power, Politics, Planet, and Revolution

  1. All that anyone has to do is look around them, just barely beyond the horizons of themselves, while others are a perfect example within themselves of how the system doesn’t work. The problem is not with any one specific government, the problem is with all governments, but, moreover, it’s with most of the people who hold power: the rich, the corporate and industrial classes of the world. They are the ones leaving others behind and raping the environment.

    The problem with what Mr. Brand is saying here is that he doesn’t know any alternative. He’s very well versed at pointing out the problem, which to many is obvious, but when asked the tough question, he has no answer. Guy’s like this are a dime a dozen. And worse yet, he’s taking the exact same attitude as the people he’s accusing, which is fix it now and we’ll sort out the rest later. Does that not sound a little like every problem the global society already has?

    No doubt that there is a problem in the world today. What we need, though, is someone with a forward thinking attitude. I don’t know what else he stands for, this is merely a reflection from the video itself, but I really don’t see Russell Brand waving the flag at the steps of Buckingham Palace with an armed revolutionary army behind him ready to take back the crown for the people like so many before him in the middle ages. Is this man really going to take a bullet for what he believes in? Ya he’s mad, i get it, so is every sensible person; what we need, though, is a well thought out plan on how to make change a reality, not just a half-way intellect going on an emotion-fueled rant about how the system doesn’t work because we’ve seen that before, and it doesn’t lead anywhere.

  2. Shannon,
    Mr. Brand expresses what people all over the Earth feel but have no opportunity to share on a mainstream media outlet. I am pleasantly surprised this interview wasn’t “spiked” or censored. Bravo for Russell Brand.
    Thank you,

  3. Reblogged this on Intuitive Voyage and commented:
    I wish I could point out the Problems with so much passion. I remember having passion like that once… evil medication takes away all my motivation. Crossing my fingers that the new medication brings it back. Or I will have to learn to dig up whatever motivation remains in me and magnify it.

    I don’t know why the interviewer doesn’t seem to understand. What Russell says is simple and we all know true. Hopefully this interview wakes up a few sleepers.

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