Love is the Fountain of All that Exists


AngelicView: Thanks so much to Marta for sharing her beautiful Near Death Experience with us. She was pronounced dead after 15 minutes of resuscitation efforts.

I saw a kind of mist, lit up in brilliant royal blue, coming out of my nose, at the space between the eyebrows. I simply said, that’s me leaving my body, with great serenity, and as if it was something I had already experienced before.

 At first, I saw that a bright blue light was leaving through my nostrils and I felt or thought that it was myself leaving my body, but in a way which was more natural than I could have hoped for; I felt that I was dying and I was not afraid. Then I was already there kind of floating by the ceiling and I was surprised to see my body lying below me and looking so small, my own dimensions having become so immense. I could not understand who I was imprisoned and compacted into that so tiny body. I admired it and marveled at the beauty and perfection of that container, and I gave thanks to my inner being that it had allowed me to live by means of that container. And a great bliss enveloped me, and I felt that a feeling of Peace and profound Love was embracing me. Greater than any I had felt while I was alive.

Very soon I felt myself floating in the air and looked towards the gurney where I saw my body, but I was above it, a moment of indescribable emotion. I marveled at what the physical body is and how small, compared with the dimensions of the spirit.

I understood that reincarnation exists. And when I turned to look around me, I realized that I could see through the walls and I saw a man, who was also in the theater, also leaving his body. Then, in a small room, I saw a friend of mine from childhood, whom I had not seen since, working as a radiologist, taking x-ray images of a lady, and I said, there’s Juan, and straight off I was there in front of him and I said to him: “How lovely to see you,” but he showed not a trace of having heard me, which made me understand that he could neither hear nor see me, that I was dead.

I came straight back to the room where my body was and I saw the doctors striking my chest over and over; it bothered me that they were mistreating it. I wanted to try and stop them, but it was hopeless, I shouted but they didn’t hear me, I wanted to grab their hands but I couldn’t, I became desperate and anxious.

But suddenly I felt a force sucking me away upwards and at first I struggled to escape it, but when I realized it was useless, I let myself be taken spinning towards (the light).

 When I decided to let myself be carried along by the attraction which I felt behind me, I turned round, and then I saw an intense light, like a lighthouse in the midst of intense darkness, and felt myself drawn along by a smooth suction which kept accelerating and finished up being for me an exquisite journey. But at first I felt that I was in a tunnel filled with something indescribable, at times I felt it like snakes or dark beings, though I had no time to even feel fear, as the light was more central to my focus and I felt protected by it.

[The light was] intoxicatingly beautiful, which made me feel warmth and safety, love, peace and happiness. I went quickly towards it and blessedness and joy invaded me, it is beyond words. I would have stayed there eternally in front of the beautiful light.

I passed through the tunnel, felt strange presences, but the light which could be seen at the end got bigger and bigger as I went towards it, and the speed of my travel got faster and faster, until I began to feel that it was too fast, and a wind was caressing my body. My body was stretched out, like the Vitruvian man, forming a beautiful five-pointed star with my head and four limbs. I felt immensely happy and suddenly I was brought to an abrupt halt, and stayed there as if floating in the void.


In front of me was a being, male, aged, with beautiful hands which looked like wings and moved harmoniously. I did not remember having seen him before, yet I seemed to know him from all my previous lives. I felt it was my guardian angel, who was there to guide me.

The main Being is the one who received me and guided me in the experience. But behind him there was a special landscape, resembling fields with swathes of flowers of great beauty. There, many people could be seen who were looking at me in astonishment, but I did not recognize any of them.

I wanted to embrace him but something indefinable prevented me from approaching. Although his mouth did not move, he spoke to my interior mind telling me many things. Some, I understood, while others I did not, I felt it was a strange language. The little that at this time I remember having understood included the following:

“Like all other beings, you are living in order to accomplish a mission, and you are not doing this. You must change your way of living, you are supposed to help many other beings, and you are not doing so. You have to stop eating meat, as no one who eats meat can remain here.” (AngelicView: Huh?!?)

I let myself relax and focused just on receiving the information even without understanding it, as I felt that later on I would have the opportunity to interpret the content.

It needed nearly two months before this happened.  Since that time, all the ideas started to flow like an inexhaustible fountain.

Now I know that everything in the Universe obeys the Divine and Perfect Laws.

That Love is the Fountain of All that Exists.

That I come from God, am God and go towards God.

Following this, I saw my entire life in great detail, and experienced feelings through it of satisfaction, shame, repentance, following on each other without leaving me time to think.

I saw my life in rapid images, from the moment of my birth. And I, who thought that my mother had never loved me, saw clearly, and felt, her love when she saw me for the first time. I saw how she kissed me and enfolded me in her arms, and I felt different feelings with every image which went through my mind, or before my eyes, I cannot define it. And just as I could feel deeply happy at an image of something good I had done for someone,  so also  this feeling would change immediately and I would feel myself deeply ashamed of something bad that I had done.

I realized that no one was judging me other than myself, with a conscience full of wisdom and divine justice which made me pass judgement on myself. And I realized that I had done more bad than good and I was hugely regretful of my actions. From the depths of my soul I asked to be given the chance to mend the damage I had done to the people who loved me.  I learned that the spirit is God, Who is eternal, and that we reincarnate to learn different things, which would be impossible in a single lifetime.


I learned that we form a single being with everything created. I learned that my earthly eyes are those through which God can recognize Himself, and be conscious of Himself. And I learned that what we think, feel and do remains imprinted in the universe and that we come to this life to improve, to learn in humility about all that surrounds us, and to teach what we have learned to others, and especially I learned that life is focused on two aspects: Love and Service.

After this I saw myself floating in the void, and little by little tiny spheres of many colors became manifest, not moving at first, then suddenly starting to vibrate while smoothly approaching me and incorporating themselves with my essence, which made me feel something I can’t manage to describe, it was as if I was being tickled. I asked what this was, and a voice said, “This is the knowledge you have accumulated in previous lives, it was kept from you, but now it will be of use to you.

Then we were again face to face, the ancient being and I, and he told me many incomprehensible things, but he made me understand somehow that it was not a question of interpreting what he told me, I just had to register the information, and in time I would understand. And so I was there, who knows how long, as if under a torrent of information which seemed important to me although for the moment I did not understand it.

 It seemed that a great deal of time passed there, more or less a week, but when I came round in my body, I realized that just a few minutes had gone by.  Also, the dimensions of length, height and width to which I was accustomed in the physical body, seemed to have no validity there. I felt that I myself was bigger than any 12-story building. At the same time I felt so small next to what I was seeing…

I felt more and more happy in that place, and then suddenly I heard behind me the voice of a child, which did not sound in any way like that of my two-year-old son, the only child I had at that time; but after some moments I felt that it was a child of mine, too, and when I turned to look at him, I felt an immense joy on seeing his face, and heard him say to me: “Mommy, mommy, I’m Hermes,” and I realized there was something special about him. He vanished into a white mist and I went immediately to look for him, without much caring that the ancient being was still passing on information to me.

I could see a young being who was born to me three-and-a-half years later. At first I took [him] to be feminine because he had long hair streaming playfully around his lovely little face.

Also I felt that in the future I would have to help many people who were in danger.


Then I heard a voice say: “Imelda, Imelda!” I opened my eyes and saw everything around me from inside my physical body again. One of the doctors was calling me by name and straight away I sat up, and noticed that nothing was hurting, and I could move my muscles with perfect ease. But they laid me down again and asked me to give them the name and telephone number of a relative, to advise them of my situation. I could only remember my friend Juan, and the social worker knew him, so they went to look for him and he gave the news to my family.

Later on I kept slowly and gently deciphering all the messages.

Three-and-a-half years later, my second child was born, and we called him Hermes. I let his hair grow.

I saw it as a call to alertness, so that I might take a new direction and do what I have come to do.


2 thoughts on “Love is the Fountain of All that Exists

  1. ” In my fathers house there are many mansions” . The after life as it is known reflects much of what we contain at our core. It will not be exactly the same for every soul, each returns to that particular landscape and place that resonates with them. Beliefs and cultural preferences are the building blocks of what is percieved. Upon the Earth we are limited by nessesity and as the mystics have found only by shedding ‘judgement’ can a clear path be taken.

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