The Mental Equivalent of a Shout


AngelicView: In this NDE, the boy was able to get his sister’s attention that he needed help from the other side of the veil. Thanks to Garry for sharing his experience.

My family was on a trip to visit friends in South Carolina. I was 9 at the time and my kid sister was 4. Our friends lived in a older house that was being remodeled. Being the sort of child who loved to go exploring, I found an upstairs closet with a large hole in the floor that seemingly led to a secret room. I tried to climb down through the hole, slipped, and became stuck. My weight was pressing down on my diaphragm and my arms were pinned. 

I felt only a brief moment of panic and then very calmly and matter-of-factly passed out. As I passed out I exited my body and found myself floating in the center of the room. I was aware of the entire room, my stuck body, and the surroundings within and without the house. I was also aware of a sort of shimmering fog that surrounded the area and that was growing more distinct and substantial by the moment.

While I felt very calm and very peaceful I was also aware of a sense of very real urgency in that, if I did not get help soon I would not be able to get back. 

I was aware of my sister playing outside in the yard with our friends and I moved out through the second story window and down into yard. I positioned myself just inches from my sister’s face. I knew that I could not make any sound, and though I could hear my sister’s thoughts I could feel a resistance like a heavy wool blanket between us preventing me from communicating with her.  

Somehow I knew to focus my attention in the mental equivalent of a shout in the hope that it would pierce that resistance. I directed all of my thought toward her in a yell for help. She suddenly ran towards the house.  

I returned to body and found my sister leading the adults into the room. They pulled me from the hole and I started breathing again.

This description captures only the barest, one dimensional aspect of the experience. The actual experience was so intense, so detailed, so complete that each small part of it (ie- floating, feeling, moving, communicating) would require it’s own large book to fully capture it.

During the time I was out of my body, I was fully aware of everything in my surroundings. I knew the location of everyone and everything inside and outside of the building. The experience panoramic and gestalt-like.

Vision during the experience was multidimensional, panoramic. It was a different sense than sight. I could see the walls while at the same time seeking the interior framing, and the outside walls at the same time. It wasn’t that the walls were transparent, they appeared normal. Its just that I could see the exterior and interior at the same time.  

The same sense that produced vision also detected thoughts in others, making it seem that I could “see” what others were thinking.

I wasn’t directly aware of sounds, in many ways time seemed too frozen or greatly slowed. Sound seemed uninteresting and I didn’t focus on it.

I was aware of a shimmering fog or mist that was slowly growing more distinct and solid over time. It was lightly glowing and seemed to be flowing into and around solid objects.

There seemed to be two frames of reference for time. The earthly frame which seemed to be almost stopped, and the spiritual or out of body frame that moved normally. The spiritual frame was more than just the passage of time though. It was more like a physical sense of moving over ground, being aware of past and future events as if they were physical locations. there was definitely a sense that I could alter my path along the course of time and choose a different arrival location.

I seemed to have the full experience available of anything on which I focused my attention. If I wanted to know everything about a wall, then I could experience being the wall in a rushing gestalt. Remembering the experience I can still experience that gestalt retroactively, even for things I did not focus on at the time.

There was not a defined boundary so much as movement toward an event (represented by the encroaching fog) from which there could be no return. I knew that I could choose to take no action and would leave the earth, or I could try to get help and have the possibility of remaining on earth. Either outcome seemed equally fine. Choosing to stay was more matter of just seeing if I could succeed at the task.

The greatest challenge I have is reconciling organized religious dogma with my personal experiences.  I keep searching for a religious / spiritual belief system that incorporates these experiences as a fundamental element.




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