The Sacred Science


Thanks to Laron at Transients for bringing this up. “The Sacred Science” is an online documentary/reality show about a group of eight people that travel into the Amazon jungle to heal their real-world illnesses with shamanic healing.

Trailer: “The Sacred Science”

This was a really good film – but if you want to watch it for free, you have to be quick about it! Check out the 2nd link down to watch it for free.

It is available to rent for $1.99 through You Tube (or you can buy a digital copy of it there) at the link below:

Click here to Rent the movie on You Tube

You click on the green rectangle that’s on the right that says “From 1.99”. That will take you to a screen that asks if you want to buy it or rent it.

But right now until October 17th there is a free screening of the movie. You can watch the whole movie for free. Click the link below and then fill in your name (can be just your 1st name – or last – whatever) and your email address and the movie will come up for you.

Click here to watch the movie for free until Oct 17th


2 thoughts on “The Sacred Science

  1. Thank you Angelic, it was very soul cleansing watching them all go through the transition, I felt so much love and compassion for the people who were seeking the help and who were giving it and for myself. Love

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