Art Bell: Dark Matter with Dr. Jonathon Reed

AngelicView: This is kind of a scary story. Interesting. Not sure if it’s true, although the guy has pictures and video (which I will show you) and sounds sincere.

Okay, so the story is that this Doc, Jonathon Reed, was hiking near Seattle WA with his dog, when his dog was attacked (and killed) by an alien being. It was small in stature and dark-skinned. There was also a black object in the area that he describes as “obelisk”. (There are pictures and videos of both the being and the object, that I will provide a link for you to see.) After the being killed his dog, the dog “imploded” into itself (he describes this in the interview).

So the Doc clubbed the being unconscious. But he thought the being was dead. Anyway, he was then hyperventilating (if you listen to the sound in the video he took, you can hear him hyperventilating), throwing up, and pooping his pants.

Evidently, he ended up taking the being home with him (thinking it was dead).

Click here to view Pictures

Keep in mind while looking at the photos that it was 1996 and this is 35mm film. (Old-Style camera!)

Below I’ll post the video Doc Reed took (remember – old camera):

And below is Art Bell’s interview:


6 thoughts on “Art Bell: Dark Matter with Dr. Jonathon Reed

  1. The Aliens last words before he died. ” I come in peace” rewarded with a clout on the head. There is another video where he uses a device that was found that transports him. That is very interesting.

  2. The cameras we used in the 90’s were good quality. There’s no excuse for this poor quality of footage. I’m not sure if this is real, simply because of the camera used.

    • You could be right, Yaz. I had a VHS-C camcorder in the 90’s and I have to say it did have better quality recording than this. But the old old VHS cameras were pretty bad. So I guess it just depends on which kind he had and how old it was.

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