Atlantis Was My Home (Part 2)


AngelicView: Since there was so much interest in “Atlantis Was My Home“, I decided to look in the same data base for more stories from Atlantis. There are a few more, but those stories are shorter, and so I decided to just do a compilation of them in one post. The heading of each of the stories will be a clickable link to the original place where I found the story.

You will find that some of these stories contradict other stories. People’s memories from past lives come from a few different sources including regression hypnosis, dreams, astral travel, remote viewing, NDE, or just plain remembering. So certainly there are going to be some disputes over some of the details, assuming the memories are intact. I think it’s great just to think that some people might actually remember this fantastic place and time, to which many of us feel may have been our home, as well.

“I Was Born in the City of Atlantis”

By many dreams and collaborations with my past life sisters, I have come to discover that I was born in Atlantis. I was one of seven girls and we were very important and strong magickally. I have found six of my sisters and am looking for the seventh, who may be looking for us as well. If she reads this, she will feel the need to contact me.

I remember later in that life, possibly the next life that we moved to live in a very large white house on a lot of land. Our mother was killed along with one of the sisters in a ceremony and we hid away with our father. Before our mother died, the babies slept in a solid white room with jasmine flowers on a table. The smell of gardinias and jasmines always make me feel something very strong. Well, that is just a piece of what I know, in hopes my sister will read this and contact me.

“I Survived the Destruction of Atlantis”

I recall myself living in Atlantis when the planet was struck by another celestial object.

This precipitated a worldwide Cataclysm of fire and flood that I managed to live through. I had a wife and two children who died in the disaster. I remember many details of the struggles of myself and others to just stay alive and survive the aftermath. Eventually, I found myself in an escape boat being led by a woman warrior/god named Freya. We reach the shore of a friendly land which we name Freya’s Land.

This and other related recalls were initiated by a Kundalini experience that dramatically changed my life. It became much easier to express grief about my father’s death and other deaths or separations of loved ones. The recalls were channeled to me while I wrote, and I’m using them as a focus for a book about multidimensional living.

“I was a Crystal Healer in Atlantis”

I am a woman, I am wearing a white, silky gown, very long, and it is almost translucent in it’s texture. I see temples that seem greek, but they are not because the pillars are made out of clear type of crystalline granite. I am in a large spherical temple that is glowing blue, inside I see a large spherical crystal on a alter at the centre of the temple. People are being evacuated.

The year is 10,000 years ago, I have blonde hair that is braided with silver and gold thread. My eyes are purple. And I am 477 years old. I am a crystal healer and in many of my visions I have seen people brought back from the dead. Love is unconditionally given in all of atlantis, and I am with my soulmate at the end times. I see, the sky gradually go dark, earthquakes, the land breaking up and people screaming.
By some miracle me and my soulmate survive and are rescued by 2 white alabino dolphins, most of the time people spoke, telepathically in Atlantis and as of today, I still have visions of Atlantis which is why today I am a crystal healer and a very good 1 too. With knowlege of past lives people can bring old talents through into this lifetime, I hope my story gives people strength to let their talents become reality. Peace 2 all.

“I Remember being a Healer in Atlantis”

I use the name Atlantis Healer

Sometimes I think it is interesting why we choose names. When I was 33 I did a series of meditations and while I was not looking for past life memories that is exactly what I found. I found deep within me memories of Atlantis and how Atlantis fell. I remembered my parents (whom I do not think I have met in this life time). I remembered a detailed culture with this. I remembered a husband and children. I remember being a healer in Atlantis. Atlantis was destroyed due to the building of a crystal into a laser that was not calculated the strength of what this lazer would do. I remember getting onto a boat two days before Atlantis fell. These memories for me were hard to digest. It was difficult for me to accept what I was seeing and feeling in these meditations. So now there it is why I choose Atlantishealer as a name that I use often. To remind me that ego and arrogance can destroy… it can destroy a lot. Pollution begins in the mind according to Grandfather Wallace. Many times I think that we attempt to mess with things that ought not to be messed with like cloning. That is just my personal feeling there.

“Pleidian Living in the City of Atlantis”

I am in Atlantis, I see myself as a man, I am tall, I have blonde long hair with a metallic texture and colour. I have bluey-purple coloured eyes, I have fair skin and I am dressed in silver coloured silk toga with a gold belt. In this life I am a High Priest and a Crystal Healer.

I am 788 years old and I am young looking, I look about 27-30 years old. I not Atlantian in this life but Pleidian, my parents felt it be best I live on Earth because I had lessons to learn, skills to gain and knowledge to be learned within this life.
My name is Merm-eku I see myself in a Giant monolithic Pyramid temple, it is hollow inside but it is strange because it changes it’s molecular colour every hour. The pyramid is hollow but gigantic, the blocks look crystalline like glass but they are extremley dense like granite and translucent. I am here to teach 20 students the art of healing and bringing back a dead person, retreaving there soul and healing a person’s physical body to a full functioning status.
I am with the High Priestess Ka sha kata, she is most beautiful, we are kindred spirits and twin flames within this life, within my present life she is a good friend. She is wearing a purple lilac coloured silk gown-dress, and sandals like the Egyptians wore in ancient times. Her skin is bronzed like a greecian, her eyes are deep, cat like, asian but more indian looking and hypnotically mezmerizing.
She is 918 years old and she specializes in fields of science, medicine, healing and arts. She is also a military engineer. In other scenes I see myself with her on a space ship that looks disc shaped, we often go on short day trips to Venus. The dimensional reality within Atlantis is a 5th Dimensional consciousness. Everything is in a high lighter form of reality.
Everything feels loving, warm and everything feels like it is coming from the heart chakra. In the last scene I see myself and my soulmate in our temple home, making love to each other with a strange mediation ritual, we seem to be merging our 2 souls in some kind of acsension type of lovemaking and in this I feel like electricity.
I feel my soul has merged to a higher source. In other scenes I see mermaids, I see people teleporting, I see granite and marble stone get levitated and moved into positions for construction purposes. Experiencing past lives has helped me to become a better person and a more compassionate soul, I hope others experience the same feeling as I have.

“I was a Powerful Woman in Atlantis”

I was working with my Reiki teacher with issues of power when she asked me if I had had an experience with abuse of power. Suddenly I became aware of having been in Atlantis – a very powerful woman and having wiped out a lot of the population. I experienced such grief and remorse – knowing that I had used my powers in such a destructive way. I also realized that because of my power, I was instrumental in making thousands leave Atlantis to populate other countries – primarily Egypt.

“I was a Woman in Atlantis”

I was one of the power crystal keepers. I remember running into the circular room with the main power crystal. The ground was shaking. I remember water, lots of it. I felt guilty I should have protected it better. Another alien race was using mind control on the crystal. I was suppose to keep it safe. That was just one of my past lives. I have many more that I remember.

“I Remember Atlantis”

I do remember Atlantis. What I remember is tall building and it was sort of temple or a palace. I remember stepping into chambers that were there and if I belong there somehow. It was a place of government because important decisions were made there. I was an official in this government but not a Pleadian for I was born to this world. I have no real words for the role I play in the time of Atlantis it is more what I was not. I can best describe it as keeper of records but that are sacred and must be protected. I wield a sword definitely and been to many war meetings. I am not a warrior though I fought only to protect. I saw many people who died that day are lost and yet to find their way just like myself. Many of these lost people don’t know they are lost. I was noble born in Atlantis and old enough to know where years lost all meaning. I love my King at that time and acted as his right hand person and until Atlantis sank beneath the ocean. I do miss him.




9 thoughts on “Atlantis Was My Home (Part 2)

  1. Hi there, as soon as i opened this page I felt a rush of energy. I feel so much connection to the two memories that were written here. They are “I was born in Atlantis.” and “I was a crystal healer in Atlantis” Can you tell me who wrote these two article? I myself am doing a blog about past life in Atlantis (, so I’d love to find the connection I feel to these memories here.

    • Hi Ariandne Dan! If you follow the link which presents as the subtitle, “I Was Born in the City of Atlantis” (and all the other subtitles, as well), you can see where I got them from. They were posted on There may be a way you can reach the original authors through them. 🙂

  2. ‘I’m still terrified of and in love with water’

    I was in a courtyard with a beautiful white marble fountain and bench. There was Jasmine growing all around, and it’s sweet smell scented the air heavily. It was bright and colorful, like Hawaii but amplified. There was a garden to walk in on my left and the great Hall of Records to my right. I worked there as a Record Keeper and I was very proud of my work. The most remarkable thing about this dream was the way I felt in it, like I completely belonged and was totally happy and comfortable- it’s hard to describe but it was nothing like this life. I was truly content and happy with what I had done with my life. I was Atlantean, and looked fair skinned, red hair, green eyes, about 20, a girl, and I was very tall and at healthy looking. Very beautiful with a heart shaped face and big luscious eyelashes. I wore the standard dress of my profession- a white dress with gold trim. My hair was very long, which signified purity. I don’t know how old I actually was, just that I looked 20. In this memory I am sitting on one of the benches in this courtyard talking to my lover. Well, not talking, telepathically communicating. I was very distressed about what was happening to Atlantis in this memory, and felt as if it was the end of the world. However, the presence of my lover calms me down. We make psychic love ( it’s not physical, but it’s so much more intense ) for what we know will probably be the last time as our land sinks into the sea. It is the most electric and passionate form of love making I can remember experiencing. I remember afterward the Earth shaking, the sky going dark, the sounds of the people around me screaming in terror as I lay in the garden holding my lover, and weeping because we knew it was the end and it was too late to escape. We knew that one day we would return and find each other, but it would never be the same. I still haven’t found him.

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