My Golden Energy Threads Extended Throughout the Universe

AngelicView: This is an NDE where the woman was shown something quite beautiful! Thanks ever-so-much to Loni, for sharing her experience with us. 🙂

…the next thing I knew I had the weirdest sensation that I was being pulled by some force into a new place. It was like an inter-dimensional, “Yoink!” 

I opened my eyes, but it was dark. It wasn’t cold. It wasn’t hot. It was just space without time. Then, that same feeling of being pulled began again and I started slowly for the first millisecond and then it felt like I was being moved across vast distances of space at unimaginable speeds. It felt like I had crossed the entire universe in less than 3 seconds, if time actually existed there. (Which it didn’t, really.) In retrospect, it was a really cool way to travel. At the time, however, it was disconcerting, mostly because I had no idea where I was heading, or why, or what was happening. 

Just as quickly as it began, it stopped…I stopped. There I was, dangling in a lukewarm, velvety black nothing. For a brief moment, nothing happened. I looked around and realized that there were, in fact, many millions of lights very far off in the distance, like stars. As soon as I started to focus on them, however, I saw something golden out of the corner of my eye. I looked into the black distance and saw what at first looked like a galaxy-long ribbon of golden-orange light. As I watched it, it grew larger. It took a few beats, but I realized that it was getting closer, and at an alarming rate. As it neared, I realized that it was enormous in height…bigger than any skyscraper and longer in each direction than could be seen. It sparkled in brilliant gold and orange and had the appearance of the tassels at the bottom of a robeLoveFlares of unimaginable proportions. Suddenly, I somehow knew that it was the fringe of a Holy robe. And those golden tassels were made of FIRE. 

Ever been in the ocean and saw an enormous wave curling over you and you just knew you were about to get pounded? Well, that is what I felt when that enormous wave of fire tassels swept toward me like a wave. I tried to kick my legs and move my arms to get out of the way. (Which is when I realized that I had them, even though they weren’t getting me anywhere as, apparently, I was supposed to stay exactly where I had been put.)Just as it was about to hit me, I closed my eyes and resigned myself to oblivion. 

The fire hit me. It did not burn like fire here. It pierced through every atom of my being, pulling me apart to almost breaking. It was agony and cleansing, both. I knew, without a shred of doubt, that if even a shred more force were added to the fire, I would explode into non-being. At some point, I surrendered to it. I could see into my own energy weaving, for lack of a better term. In my head, I asked, “What are we? How are we judged?” 

In that same moment, He showed my the golden threads, interwoven, that made me, me. But that I did not exist alone. My golden energy threads extended throughout the universe, and they were not “mine” at all. We, humanity, are all woven together and we are part of God’s tapestry, of sorts. (There really are no words that can adequately describe this.) In between the golden threads, however, He leaves each of us empty spaces. The way he showed me is that we can fill up these empty spaces between the weave of threads with light or with darkness during our lives. We are made of God, but we are given free will. He has only to glance at us to know how we spent that free will. There is no way to hide any of it. And only His fire can clean up the dark spots. 

I also got a private scolding, of sorts, inside my head. It had to do with not being such a coward when it comes to expressing love or trading love for “safety”. Then, slam, I was back in my body.  

It has taken me years to incorporate all of the lessons I learned there. In some ways, I wish that it had been warm and fuzzy, light and meadows, like some other NDEs, but God had a message for me, and I am glad I got it, because it changed my life for the better.

Vision appeared to be 20/20, but it seems that you can look at things, focus on them, and you can see “into” them, to any depth, even microscopic.

Where I was, there wasn’t any noise. Only answers being sent into my head in pictures and thoughts.

It was like floating in space. Except it was warm and I didn’t have to worry about breathing.

~ (When asked about religion…) I study the ancient texts now.

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