So Whatever Happened with the RV and Webbot Predictions for Last Spring?

By AngelicView

Most of you know that there were big predictions for this last spring from Courtney Brown, Remote Viewer, and from Clif High, Web Bot Engineer.  I won’t go over it in a whole lot of detail, but generally the predictions were for enormous earth changes that were supposed to begin last spring (around the end of May to the beginning of June). In this article, I’m going to show you what they are saying now and give you my perspective on the situation.

First, let’s talk about each of these techniques briefly.

Clif High’s “Web Bot” uses internet “spiders” that crawl the internet and they pick up on words that are encountered often. They take those words and drop them into a file. Then Clif and his associates sort through those words and try to come up with a meaning or sentences that form a prediction. This technique is based upon the assumption that everybody in the world is psychic to some degree. However, one of the downfalls of this technique is in the deciphering stage, Clif could easily misinterpret the meaning of the groups of words they receive.

Courtney Brown’s “Remote Viewing” is a whole different way of viewing the future. While I don’t pretend to really understand how remote viewing is done, people who are trained to do this can see objects or people who are not within their line of sight – even on the other side of the world. They even claim that they can see into the future or the past. Even though this may sound ultra-weird to some people, remote viewing has been proven to be a real and valid technique  (See “Studies Confirm the Reality of Remote Viewing“) and was used (and probably still is used) in the military for some time.

You can also see this fabulous article: “Why Web Bot and Remote Viewing Predictions Matter

Courtney Brown, Remote Viewer (I’ll use “RV” from now on), put out a video on February 16, 2013, in which he discussed the “multiple realities” or “multiple timelines” effect, a theory that he does believe in (note that Clif High does not believe in this theory). Courtney talks about the meteor that hit Russia in this video and says, basically, that in their RV sessions, that meteor was not supposed to hit in that way. (I am not quoting here – just making it short and sweet) He says that meteor that hit Russia was supposed to jump-start the big earth changes, and so, in his opinion, we have been placed on another timeline and that the rest of the RV study was not going to come to fruition.  Here is that video:

I do find it very respect-worthy that Courtney spoke up about this change before the June 8th deadline for his predictions.

Clif High had previously based the timing of the Web Bot (I’ll call it “WB” from here on out) predictions, upon the timing of what the RVers were seeing – end of May to the beginning of June. That is another downfall of the WB, is that it does not predict when something will happen – just that it will, if it was interpreted properly. So Clif was playing off of the RV study for the timing of his events.

Clif does not believe in multiple timelines, so when he heard that video of Courtney’s, he insisted that the events were still going to take place.

Then on June 9, 2013, Courtney Brown put out another video as a summary of the results for the RV study. At that time, there were two videos put out. One was called “Speculative” and the other was just a summary. I see that one of those has been removed, and I’m not sure which one.

In the “Speculative” video, Courtney explains that there is video of something coming up from behind that meteor that hit in Russia – while it was still up in space – and breaking it up into smaller pieces. I am not able to find that video here on the fly, but I have seen it. Anyway, Courtney says that because that meteor was broken up (by possibly extra-terrestrials or by our own earth-based ballistic missiles) and did not hit the Earth the way it was predicted to – it set us on a different timeline. He did say that many of the predictions did come true, however, the ones that came to fruition were exhibited in a much less destructive way than was predicted.  Here is that video of his summary:

Clif High has stated (again, this is just a summary and not a quote from Clif) that he believes that all the things the WB has predicted will still come to fruition, just more spread out and not all at once, like he was thinking before. There is a forum where people discuss all of the WB predictions and they scour the news and find news items that fit what the WB has predicted – and you’d be surprised at how many hits there have been! I have not followed along with the WB, but I do know that it can be pretty accurate. By the way, Clif is no longer doing WB, he has moved on to other interests in his life.  (In the last video of his’ that I listened to, he said he was going to move on and do other things. However, I have since found out that he does continue to do this but under a different application. Instead of “Web bot” it is now called “ALTA”. My mistake.)

Another interesting perspective has come to my attention just in the last month or so, when someone posted a video in the comments section of one of my articles. This one is by Tom Campbell. (Articles of his’ on AngelicView are “Tom Campbell: Reality 101“, “Reality 101 and My Big Toe“, and a similar article/video, “The Illusions of Reality: Life, Death, & Time“). I really love Tom’s work because he so eloquently bridges science and spirituality in a way that completely blows my mind!

Well, as it turns out, Tom has had many experiences with RVing – he has done it many times. And he speaks of doing it often back in the 1970’s, and way back then he saw these big earth changes happening (the same or very similar to what Clif High and Courtney Brown have seen). When people asked when these earth changes would happen, he always answered that he didn’t know. However, the people he was working with pressured him to come up with a date. He went back into the RV session over and over and finally said it might happen sometime in the 1980’s. Well, as we all know, the 1980’s came and went and none of those things happened.

His perspective on this? He says that the big Earth changes will happen if and when humanity needs them to happen. I share his perspective.

Why would humanity need apocalyptic earth changes to happen? Well, in my opinion, it might be needed for spiritual growth, soul evolution – to show that we can put down our daily troubles and stand up and be counted as someone who will help others when really needed. I suppose I could write a whole article on why Earth changes can result in spiritual growth – but not tonight. For now, I’ll just post Tom Campbell’s video in which in he explains his theories on the subject (interview was on June 20, 2013).

And so, in conclusion, I’d say they’re all right. And I’d also say that predicting the future is very very difficult. These guys are pioneers in the art of predicting future events in ways that are different from just being psychic. To tell you the truth, I have found that people who have NDE’s can be most accurate in producing future visions that actually come true. And to add to that, they also predict many of these big earth changes that WB and RV did.

But I like the way Tom says it best ~ It’ll happen if and when humanity needs it to happen.


4 thoughts on “So Whatever Happened with the RV and Webbot Predictions for Last Spring?

  1. A great article Angelic View, here is a clue to the apparent discrepancies and unreliability of prediction. If as we know all things are energy then nothing can exist until that energy is solidified. All projections are configurations of possibilities that have potential to solidify. It does depend upon the collective projection and will especially now during the quickening process.

  2. It’s getting real up here sweetie. Can you post this on your blog and on ATS for me? I sure would appreciate it. Please keep a prayer on your lips for our safety. ~ Bobby

      Alpena Mi. 8/25/2013 – In response to a story published by The Truth Is Viral a few days ago, Publisher Bobby Powell has been contacted by several people with their own stories to tell. Late Saturday evening, in a cloak and dagger meeting right out of a spy novel, one witness came forward to tell his story for the record.

    This witness, a combat-wounded Army Ranger who has been an extremely vocal Patriot, has experienced direct intimidation in the form of black vans with tinted windows (but without license plates) parking down the street from his house hacking into his WiFi and surveilling either him or the whole block, and a visit from a Blackhawk helicopter that flew so low the pilot could have trimmed the tree with his main rotor.

    The witness, who spoke on camera on the condition that his identity be obscured, said that a Blackhawk helicopter buzzed his home twice, once flying no more than 25 feet above the ground over his backyard. The pilot hovered, he said, looked him dead in the eye for a few seconds, then turned his aircraft and flew off.

    Angered at what was clearly an act of intimidation the witness said, “They can take my blood, they can take my life, but they will never take the rights that God granted me. Those are God-given, and there’s not a man walking on this Earth that can come up against God and win.”

    Canadian JTACs mapping bombing coordinates.  Operating under cover of the largest air combat exercise in the country called “Northern Strike,” the skies over Northeastern Michigan have been filled with flights of attack helicopters, all fully loaded, flying back and forth to the gunnery range at Camp Grayling. C-130’s have also been landing at the Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center filled with foreign troops taking part in these exercises, which include ground operations. I personally ran into four individuals in the local Walmart who bore all the hallmark signs of being Spetsnaz – Russian Special Forces.

    When I was in the Marine Corps, the Commies were still our enemies. The Berlin Wall was still up, the Iron Curtain was still down, and the Red Menace represented by China and the USSR were our mortal enemies. Tasked with knowing our enemy, training on how to spot enemy soldiers among the civilian population was a skill particularly harped on by our Company Commander.

    Not only did these guys have the stern, square-jawed appearance of a steroid-popping Type-A personality, they were speaking Russian; always a dead giveaway. Each one of them carried one of those European-style man purses over their shoulders, the bag itself resting on the side of their torso. I KNEW these guys were packing heat.

    Well, so was I. And I got brave for a second.

    I followed them for a minute, trying to listen to their conversation to see if any words stood out; but I followed them for just a minute because they made me almost right away. I’m sure they saw my military bearing as well, as if the Marine Corp T-shirt and sidearm weren’t hint enough (LOL), I was hardly inconspicuous.

    That’s when it started getting hairy. Without breaking stride, one of them broke off and circled around and started following me! Not wanting to get into a gunfight with Russian Special Forces in the baked goods aisle of the local Walmart I broke off myself and went out to the truck to grab my camera. I came back inside looking for them, hoping to get a photographic record, but I couldn’t find them.

    The episode containing this interview will be uploaded as soon as I record an interview with a second source who has a story that is more on the “inside” if you know what I mean.

    Please continue to keep us in your prayers folks; in fact, pray for our entire nation. Everything that I’m hearing points to a dramatic change in our way of life before the year is out. If we are to survive, we will most definitely need the help and protection of Jesus Christ and His Father, Almighty God. If He stands with us, who can stand against us.

    I echo the sentiments of my fellow patriot as I pray for the safety of him and his family: They can take my blood, they can break my body; but they will never break my spirit. If I am destined to give my life for the Truth in the service of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ then so be it. I can’t think of a better way to die.

    God bless and Semper Fi, Bobby

    >________________________________ > From: AngelicView >To: >Sent: Sunday, August 25, 2013 4:05 AM >Subject: [New post] So Whatever Happened with the RV and Webbot Predictions for Last Spring? > > > > >AngelicView posted: ” By AngelicView Most of you know that there were big predictions for this last spring from Courtney Brown, Remote Viewer, and from Clif High, Web Bot Engineer.  I won’t go over it in a whole lot of detail, but generally the predictions were for enormo” >

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