Let’s Start with The Man in the Mirror

AngelicView: A short video and a poll at the end…

Make the Homeless Smile – Worldwide

“The intention’s of this message was to provoke thought. To remind others of how much a small gesture of kindness can change someones life. To inspire each other to step up and become the change that they seek. To remind ourselves of how blessed we have been in our own life, and how the problem’s that we face at times are small when compared to the problem’s that many face every day.

“This video contains some clips of people doing their part in making the homeless smile in their City. SHARE this video and inspire more people.

“Since this post, I have received messages from people that want to be a part of something larger than themselves. Some who felt empty inside have found a new sense of purpose. Eyes that were once closed have started to open. Those who have already been doing this work have been reminded that they are not alone. I believe that together we can turn a trend into a movement. For me, that moment in time.. the month.. the day.. and the very hour when so many of us came together to share a message of hope says it all.

“In a desperate effort to deliver this message to as many people as we can, and assure we have reached as many of our friend’s as possible we are going to ask for something unusual. On Sunday, August 25th it would be amazing and so incredibly powerful if we all shared this message one more time, on the same day. All of us together. A mass overload of this message blowing up the Facebook walls in an attempt to show our support for trending love and compassion for those who need us.”

~Joe Bailey

AngelicView: And now for the poll. Remember that this poll is completely and utterly anonymous – no one will know who gave what answer – so it’s okay to be completely honest. Have you ever done anything like what this video shows? Something more than just giving a hand-out to one person? Have you, personally, ever gone around to more than one person who was less fortunate than you and made them smile?

It’s time to be honest with ourselves. How many of us have really and truly made that change?



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