Application of Impossible Things Part 2


AngelicView: This is a captivating interview of the woman from the story, “Application of Impossible Things“, an NDE found here on AngelicView.

Natalie was an archaeologist who accepted a position managing construction contracts in Iraq when the vehicle she was riding in was hit by a roadside bomb. Her awareness was immediately “blinked” to the other side. This is a three-part interview and for those who may be interested in the subject, the interviewer does a great job asking the questions which illicit more and more information about her unique experience.

Investigating the “Blink Environment”

“Natalie Sudman tells the story of her encounter with a roadside bomb (IED) and what happened when she left her body and had a near-death experience. In the blink of an eye, Natalie found herself in another dimension, what she calls the Blink Environment. Surrounded by thousands of other-wordly beings, she instantly began downloading minutely detailed information to them about events, thoughts, concepts, judgments, projections and connections regarding her physical life so far. Thus begins this fascinating story of spiritual insight and experience that will have you mesmerized by this Defense Of Freedom Medal recipient. This is a video you don’t want to miss.” ~ Bob Olson

Exploring The “Rest Environment”

“In this second interview, Natalie reveals what happened to her in the second stage of her NDE, which she calls the REST ENVIRONMENT. She talks about the relationship between spirit and soul, her experience having a Life Review, the matrix that connects all living things, coincidences as serendipity, choices we make and those we don’t make, the power of our beliefs over our intentions, and a profound final message about the gift of being human. If you were fascinated by this Defense Of Freedom Medal recipient in her first interview in Season One, you’ll want to watch or listen to this new video conversation that covers new, consciousness-expanding insights.” ~ Bob Olson

Experiencing The “Healing Environment”

“In this video, Natalie reveals what happened to her in the HEALING ENVIRONMENT. She talks about the different forms (shapes/appearances) she took in all 3 environments, how her soul (whole self) chose the injuries she would have when re-entering her physical body–and why she chose those injuries, what the Healing Environment was like and what it teaches us about our soul’s detachment and sense of humor, and why our souls make choices for tragedies in the first place. We even talk about spirit guides, the environment in which they exist, and how they fulfill our requests when they get mixed messages from us. This interview is so jam-packed with fascinating information that you won’t want to miss it. I’d love to hear your thoughts after watching it.” ~ Bob Olson



2 thoughts on “Application of Impossible Things Part 2

  1. Shannon,
    Great interview. The relaxed intensity of the conversation was appreciated. Her name is Natalie Sudman. What is the fellow’s name and how would one zero in to his videos at YouTube? Would like to check out all of his interviews.

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