Past Lives and Regressive Hypnosis

AngelicView: This is one of my very favorite subjects! In one place they are talking about “Spontaneous Past Life Regression”, where they describe that when someone travels to a foreign land, they might realize that they’ve been there before. So I just wanted to relate that I know someone that that happened to!

One of my fellow co-workers, a nurse, traveled to Taiwan. When she got there she felt so comfortable and felt like it was home for her. She seemed to know her way around and know about the places they were going to see even before they saw them. I told her I thought she might have had a past life there, and she agreed that she felt that was the case.

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The founder of Canada’s leading hypnosis training facility and clinic, Georgina Cannon, discussed the power of hypnosis and how it can be used to access not only past lives, but ‘interlives,’ which have a profound impact on our well-being right now on the Earth plane. Hypnosis opens up access to the subconscious, and offers the chance to change its blueprint, she explained. Some 98% of the clients she’s regressed have spoken of past lives, she added.

One of her most fascinating cases involved a woman in her 60s, who lost her memory at age 17, when she woke up and found herself bruised and scratched on a park bench, with no ID cards or purse. Over the years, no one could ever find a trace of her family, and she couldn’t travel without papers. Cannon regressed her back to the womb, and she suddenly remembered her name, and that she was one of six children. A week later she was in touch with a sister from North Carolina who’d been looking for her for years. In a number of cases, information about past lives has been able to be verified.

She described one case of a woman who regressed back to a life as Pavlova, the ballet dancer, and was able to cite extremely specific details and addresses. However, the vast majority of past lives that people recall are that of ordinary rather than famous individuals, she noted.

The therapeutic aspect of past life recall sometimes allows people to rid themselves of troubling psychological or physical problems by finding their root cause. Cannon, who suffered from migraines, was regressed during her initial training to a past life as a beleaguered midwife who lived in a cave. After a birth went awry, the midwife was attacked by a man with a rock, who hit the left side of her head– the area where she experienced her migraines.

The interlife is the space between lives– the place that the soul goes to work on issues, or to rest and recuperate before reincarnating (the shortest rebirth time was 18 months, she said). After discovering their purpose in the interlife, the soul then chooses their body and family, Cannon continued (for more on the interlife, check out this video clip). Ultimately her goal in working with clients is to help them focus on their current situation, and to lead a healthy and happy life. For those interested in a hypnotic regression-like experience and aren’t able to get to a facilitator, she offers an mp3 “Soul Journey” at her website store.

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*AV: Terribly sorry that this video has been removed from You Tube. I am leaving the description (above) on the site for your information.


7 thoughts on “Past Lives and Regressive Hypnosis

  1. Regression hypnosis is certainly a useful tool especially if the patient is suffering from issues such as trauma from a previous life that effects the current time.
    Often symptoms can e alleviated if not removed and set patterns broken. Most of us will meet people and situations that require resolving from previous experiences. Relationships and life challenges. Suicides are often required to live out mirrored experiences until they manage to rise above it. It is all in the search for balance.

  2. Fascinating. It makes me wonder about your earlier blog about parallel realities (remembering a famous death when the person hasn’t died!) and ask if this woman who had amnesia didn’t disappear into one of those time cracks!

  3. I see the interlife place as the soulprison that has been here for thousands of years. those soulprisons should have been destroyed at this point and no longer be able to trap us.

    • I have heard of that Vandreren. So, let me ask you a question. If the interlife is a “prison” and so then after this “prison” is gone and doesn’t exist anymore, then what do you think the interlife will be like?

      • Hi angelic 🙂
        I think there would be easy access to freedom and fewer hostile entities trying to force us into a reincarnation on a planet they have controlled up until this point.

        that freedom will look like the original. I mean we would have all the memories we ever had and be able to travel anywhere we want to, source or some place in the universe we feel is right for us.

        I believe we have light warriors on earth trying to get rid of the system on all levels. so everything that is government will be restructured into something else which will not take away freedom from us and no longer suppress technology that will make life easier for us.

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