In The Garden of The Seven Sisters

AngelGuideAngelicView: Please excuse my lack of new posts recently. I have been working a lot – covering for others who are away on vacations. I had this post in mind to put out on July 4th, which as you all know is Independence Day in the U.S. But it is also my Birthday!  However, this post has nothing to do with either one. It has all to do with remembering who we are and where we come from. Here, from people who have seen beyond the veil, are a collection of phrases from NDE’s. Enjoy.

At one point I concentrated my attention on something and I believed my eyes could see what was inside an atom.  This process seemed like traveling inside a tunnel in order to go from the general to the particular.  I thought if I continued looking into the beyond, what awaited me at the end was the face of God himself.  (Source)

I was then told that I had a very special purpose and that I must always be true to myself.  At that time I was a rock musician but could not read or write music. A few months later, fully recovered, I sat down one night at my piano and “fell asleep”. When I awoke ten hours later, I had a completed symphony before me.  Since then, I have become an accomplished classical composer and conductor and I find myself playing the role as “spirit guide” to many people. I feel that I am a “Walk-In”.   (Source)

After a 3 year recovery, I realized my purpose of the accident in God’s eyes was different from the world’s view and I was to tell everyone to be of good cheer there is God and heaven I’ve been there and my purpose is to tell you about it. (Source)

At first I could only  detect an enormous “crowd of people “ on the other side of the opening. Then, when I was on the threshold, I saw a whole world there, as I would describe it now. Some ”creatures” stood at the inner side of the entrance – I supposed they were angels, although they had no wings, etc., just beautiful happy faces and bodies that looked like human bodies.  They smiled in a welcoming and affectionate way to me. I peeked through the opening but I never strode in. Then I saw that an infinite “world” of angels stood inside there, millions, trillions of creatures. And everything and everyone was in this indescribable pure and beautiful light, like silver; yes, I simply cannot find words to describe that.  The most remarkable of all and at the same time wonderful: it looked like all these angels were expecting me! The little me!  (Source)

I continued on to a library of sorts.  (I’ve since been to this library three times).  There were small groups of people or spirits (?) in individual rooms called “pods”.  In these rooms the spirits or people, were planning their next life or reincarnation.  I continued on with a (person, spirit, being ?) who was dressed in a monk gown.  We went into the library where he proceeded to show me where the volumes of books were located that contained information on my various lives.  He started to open a huge book called “The Book of Knowledge”, when a higher up in the chain of beings came forth.  He informed the individual with whom I was with, that I knew too much and that he was to stop, and not open this book.  The monk said that he wanted to show me where I came from, as well as three other members of my family.  The picture was of a galaxy.  And, he did point out were we came from.  All different locations in fact. (Source)

Someone that I could not see spoke one sentence, one sentence that answered every question that I had ever asked and every question that I would ever ask for ever!!! I guess the best way for me to describe it would be to say that I was immediately Enlightened!!!!!! I knew that if I could communicate that sentence to one live human it would take over their life too and they would turn and tell another and it would spread all over this world. I had the ability to fix this world. (AngelicView: Unfortunately, he wasn’t allowed to remember it.)  (Source)

I got nervous about being away from my body.  I decided to retrace my path.  Back in the room I was amazed to discover the body was talking to two police officers. (Source)

It is hard to describe the feeling of coming back to this world.  I can only compare it to how a ball must feel if you throw it as hard as you can against a wall. (Source)


4 thoughts on “In The Garden of The Seven Sisters

  1. Happy Birthday for yesterday Shannon! :)) What a great day to have one lol.
    Hope you got some time to celebrate and enjoy.
    Much love,
    Linda xo

  2. What a tease that he wasn’t allowed to remember the sentence. I suppose it’s nice to think that one exists anyhow 🙂
    I’ll be back to watch the video, only got 2.5 mins through before it’s effects compelled me to go meditate, so thanks.

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