Edgar Cayce on Human Origins (Part 1)

From Spirit to Flesh to Divine Union

In The Beginning, God…

People usually demand a beginning, so in the beginning there was a sea of spirit and it filled all of space. The spirit was static, content, and aware of itself. It was a giant resting on the bosom of its thought and contemplating what it is.

Then the spirit moved into action. It withdrew into itself until all of space was empty. In the center, the restless mind of the spirit shone. This was the beginning of the individuality of the spirit. This was what the spirit discovered itself to be when it awakened. This spirit was God.

God desired self-expression and desired companionship; therefore, God projected the cosmos and souls. The cosmos was built with music, arithmetic, geometry, harmony, system, and balance. The building blocks were all of the same material – the life essence – God simply changed the wavelength and rate of vibration of these building blocks thereby creating the patterns for multitudes of life forms. This action resulted in the law of diversity which supplied endless patterns. God played on this law of diversity as a pianist plays on a piano – producing melodies and arranging them in a symphony.


The Evolutionary Plan for Souls

Each design carried within it the plan for its evolution – both physical and spiritual. This plan corresponds to the sound of a note struck on a piano. The sounds of several notes unite to make a chord; chords in turn become phrases; phrases become melodies; melodies intermingle and move back and forth, across and between and around each other, to make a symphony. Then in the end, the music will stop and the physical universe will be no more; but between the beginningCreatorBeing3 and the finish of the music, there was glorious beauty and a glorious experience. The spiritual universe will continue on.

Everything assumed its design in various forms and their activity resulted in the laws of attraction and repulsion. All forms would attract and repel each other in their evolutionary dance.

All things are a part of God and an expression of God’s thought. The Mind of God was the force which propelled and perpetuated these thoughts. All minds, as thoughts of God, do everything God imagined. Everything which came into being is an aspect of this One Mind.

All things, including the souls of individuals, were created as “fractals” of God for companionship with God – the “Whole.” A fractal  This revelation from Cayce revealed the astonishing fact of how self-similar the universe is on every scale: from the atom to biological organisms, from human beings to the planet Earth, from solar systems to galaxies, from the universe(s) to God.

The pattern God used to create souls was the pattern of God’s own Spirit. The spirit is life. From the spirit, the mind builds patterns. From the mind, the physical creation is the result. This is how the spirit, the mind, and individuality, became the pattern for souls. This is how cause, action, and effect became the pattern for everything. First there was the spirit (the first cause); then there was the action which withdrew spirit into itself; then there was the resulting individuality of God.

The spirit of the individual existed before the soul of the individual was created. The spirit keeps the knowledge of its identity with God. The soul has the ability to experience the activities of the mind in a manner separate from God.

Thus, new individuals issued from God and remained dependent upon God; but individuals were also aware of an existence apart from God. Individuals were given the power to choose (free will) and direct their own activity. Without free will, it would only remain a part of the individuality of God. The mind, issuing as a force from God, would naturally fulfill God’s thoughts unless directed otherwise. The power to do this – to direct the force of mind individually from God – is free will. And the record or memory of this freedom is the soul. The soul began with its first expression of free will  through the force of mind. The first thought the spirit generated from free will – the first diversion of the force of mind from its normal path of unity with God – was the beginning of the soul.

The nucleus of the soul was the balance of positive and negative forces equal in power. These forces produce harmonious activities: the positive force initiates, impregnates, and thrusts forward; while its polar negative force receives, nourishes, and ejects. The steps of this evolutionary process are also the stages of the thought process: perception, reflection, and opinion.


The Nature of the Spirit, Soul and Ego

Thus, the soul consists of two states of consciousness: (1) the spirit which bears a knowledge of its identity with God, and (2) the soul which bears a knowledge of everything it experienced.

The plan for the soul is a cycle of experience unlimited in scope and duration. Through this evolutionary cycle, the soul will come to know the creation in all its aspects at the discretion of the will. The cycle would be completed when the desire of the will was no longer different from the thought of God. The consciousness of the soul would then merge with its spiritual consciousness of its identity with God. Then the soul will return to its source as the companion it was intended to be.

As a companion, the soul would remain conscious of its separate individuality and would be aware of its own free will as it now acted as a part of God, but not diverting its mind because it was in agreement with God’s influence on the mind of the soul. Until this state of at-one-ment was reached, the soul would not be a companion in the true sense of the word.

The idea of returning to God means a loss of individuality is paradoxical, since God is aware of everything happening and must therefore be aware of the consciousness of each individual. The return of the soul is the return of the image to whom imagined it. The consciousness of the individual – its soul record – could not be destroyed without destroying a part of God. When a soul returns to God it becomes aware of itself not only as a part of God, but as a part of every other soul, and everything.

What is lost is the ego – the desire to do other than the desire of God. When the soul returns to God, the ego is voluntarily relinquished. This is the symbology behind the crucifixion of Christ.


The Divine Nature of Free Will

The plan for the soul included experiencing of all creation, but it did not necessarily mean participating in all forms and substance. Nor did it mean souls can interfere with the creation. Nor did it mean souls are to spin their own little worlds, twisting and bending laws to make images of their dreams.

But these things could happen. The soul was the greatest thing God made because it has free will. Once free will was given, God did nothing to curb it. However it acted, it had to act within God’s reality. By whatever route, the soul will return to God.

The apparent fact of the human body being a speck of dust on a small planet in a regular galaxy in a universe of galaxies can lead to the illusion of  humans being a small creation. But the soul is the unlimited activity of the mind and the grandeur of imagination.

At first there was little difference between the consciousness of the new individual (i.e., soul) and its consciousness of identity with God (i.e., spirit). Souls merely watched the flow of the Mind, somewhat as people daydreaming, marveling at its power and versatility. Then souls began to act itself, imitating and paralleling what Mind was doing. Gradually souls acquired experience, becoming a complementary rather than an imitative force. It helped to extend, modify, and regulate creation.


 The Entanglement of Souls with Flesh

 Certain souls became aggressive with their own power and began to experiment with it. They mingled with the dust of the stars and the winds of the spheres – feeling them – and becoming part of them. One result of this was an unbalance between the positive and negative forces. To feel things demanded the negative force. To express through things (and directing and managing them)required the positive force. Another result of souls becoming aggressive with their own power was the gradual weakening of the link between the two states of consciousness (i.e., spirit and the soul). Some souls became more concerned with and aware of their own creations rather than God’s. This resulted in the fall of certain souls to an even lower consciousness. The Bible allegorically refers to this event as the Fall in the Garden of Eden and the revolt of the angels in the Book of Revelation. This event is also the basis for the cosmology of Christian Gnosticism and Jewish mysticism.

To enter into another level of creation and become part of it, the soul had to assume a new, or third consciousness – a physical form. Assuming a physical form is a way of experiencing that particular level of creation by means of a conscious mind (i.e., the third consciousness). Through the conscious mind, an individual can experience physical consciousness: the physical body, the five senses, the glandular and nervous systems. This transformation of consciousness does not apply everywhere at this level of creation. In other worlds and solar systems, the transformation may differ. One can only imagine the number of these other worlds and the aspects of divine mind which they represent.

When a soul enters into another level of creation and its consciousness, it separated itself temporarily from the consciousness of its own soul, and became even further removed from the consciousness of its spirit. Thus, instead of helping to direct the flow of creation and contributing to it, the soul found itself in the stream and drifting along with it. The farther the soul traveled from the shore, the more it succumbed to the pull of the current and the more difficult was the task of getting back to land.

(Continued in Part 2)


10 thoughts on “Edgar Cayce on Human Origins (Part 1)

  1. This is a great place to say for the cajillionth time how valuable this blog is to me and how I appreciate Shannon’s design and selection of articles and visuals. I’ve alluded to – but not provided many details on – the major transformation God and my angels have been leading me through since the end of January. Yes, blessed am I for it STILL not being over! LOL. Hang with me here – there’s a link at the end you’ll want to visit and examine.

    They asked me to walk out onto a branch. Then walk out further. Then further. Then FURTHER!!! I’m like “HELLO! Is this branch going to hold me? Because it’s getting very scary out here!” When my head resorted to old patterns of thinking and I really felt lost and adrift is when I “found” this site.

    Reading the NDEs and other entries with the same point and message as these words of Edgar Cayce was so comforting that I shortly made it a point to read something every day in order to remind me that things weren’t falling apart; it just sometimes felt like it. In reality, there was/is a stronger force with a plan that’s basically been pulling me apart so that I can be put back together in better working order, so to speak.

    Moving into the home stretch of this transformational journey (I think, anyway…), they led me to a self-doable energy clearing site. Even with what I can do and what I believe, the stuff on the site sounded kind of far out, but since I was guided there – that was sufficient. I’ve spent the last week doing clearings. On day one I came up with 5 items, then asked if there were others. Uh….yeah…like 10x that number…! I communicate both by pendulum (turns into sort of a 20 questions game) and by clairaudience with the guardian angel that is handling the communication.

    I will tell you this – it’s freaky. There are commonalities and differences in how I feel during the clearings depending on what I’m clearing. Different parts of my body experience different sensations. The number of dendrites has varied from 2,875,967 to today’s, which was 26,151,842 (aka “big mess”). It wasn’t even one I thought of. If an NDE reveals the truth to one who’s experienced the NDE, then this series of clearings – and the unanticipated benefit that seems to be accompanying them – is my equivalent.

    It’s here: http://www.spiritedclearings.com/fearmatrixremoval.html

    (Note: You might do this anyway. I didn’t until I hit it by accident and discovered it’s far more effective to go according to their plans and knowledge than mine – duh. So now I ask “Anything else?” and “Do you have a specific program we’re removing today?” and other Qs like those.)

    Thank you, Shannon, for your blog and for having been, and continuing to be, such an integral part of this transformational journey I’ve been on since end January, and the sustenance and affirmation your site and its entries have provided. Ironically, I find it grounds me.

    • I forgot – the link goes to the Core Fear Matrix Removal page. But you also want the Replicator Removal tab on the right, as well as the Dendrite Removal tab – and then any others that may specifically interest you. My reference covers those three.

  2. Shannon:
    I’d like to ask you a private question, please, that has to do with your science/nursing background, even thought it’s neonatal. It has to do with dendrites, the clearings I’ve been doing, and an unanticipated benefit – thus ties to both science and spirituality. Google research is turning up heavy duty scientific papers about mice etc. Would you be willing to send me an email please so I have yours? Or is there an alternative way you prefer? Thanks. Judi

  3. Seems a blend of various theocracies,an attempt to rationalise individuality. Veracity is as dependent on faith as any religion.

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