Jesus and the Wheel of the Ancient Ones (Part 1)

AngelicView: I have read this NDE for the first time several years ago. I’m glad I ran across it again the other day. This man has had a few NDE’s, and he has some great insights to share! Some things he learned from Jesus, himself. He had a fascinating experience with a wheel with spokes and pillars with symbols and crystals on them. He also shares some insights he learned about Reiki.

Thanks so much to William for sharing your experience.

The first part of my experience, the part of leaving my body, that is pretty much the same as in all the books and lectures that I have attended and read.  However, during the course of my NDE, what I “felt” and “understood” during the passage through the tunnel or shaft of light that I was in was quite extraordinary.  Passing through this area, which seemed as if it could be endless, yet wasn’t, I could sense those spirits that were in the shadows, I understood why they wouldn’t look into the light, mostly because of the religious indoctrination that had lived by on earth, they felt they were not worthy to look into the light because of actions they had done in the human existence.

As I passed through the tunnel, I came to the end and saw the most beautiful garden ever.  I have to interject here, I had been here two times before as this was my third NDE.  All that I experienced on that side, all that I remember, I could not include here, it would take to much typing to put it all in.  The one thing I can say is this, what I went through, changed my life, changed my perceptions about life and what life is all about to such a degree that many people that I have been in contact with, it has also raised doubts and questions they have about their own beliefs.

I’m not afraid of death or dying.  I don’t even care how I die.  I have a promise made to me by my Heavenly Father, the moment my mission in this existence is over, I will leave immediately and I don’t care how I go out.  I just want to go home.

My last NDE was not one single trip but actually 7 trips.  I would leave my body, not only to escape the tremendous pain I was in, but to also to continue those things that I was being instructed in on the other side.  It was during the 3rd or 4th trip when I was taken in a room that had a large wheel on the floor, at the end of each spoke of the wheel stood a pillar.  The wheel had 12 spokes and subsequently there were 12 pillars at the end of each spoke.  Each pillar also contained 12 crystals and 12 symbols.  Of the symbols on each of the pillars, they were not read as a column, but each symbol created a type of ring with all the other pillars.  The first symbol on one pillar was related to the first on the next and so on. 

A wheel with 12 spokes

The ancient ones are men and women that had been chosen, from the beginning, before the creation of this world, in the counsel of Heaven to be servants of our Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus Christ, during the lifetime they chose to be upon this earth.  The ancient ones are the prophets, teachers, apostles and leaders of old and the not so distant past.

It was during this time of me standing in the center of the circle (wheel) that my consciousness and alertness were at their highest.  I was aware of what each one of the ancient ones spoke to me about, what they were blessing me with.  As there were no physical words spoken, their words were communicated by pure thought.  There could be no misunderstanding of any part of their communication.

The colors on the other side are of the brightest colors, which our most florescent colors on this earth are muddy to the brightness and vividness of the colors that are in Heaven. I could hear not only the birds singing, but everything in Heaven resounds with love of our Heavenly Father. No music on this earth comes close, yet I still listen for it. 

While I was on the other side, I had no feeling of pain, worry or any other ache of pain.  My body felt whole and in a perfected state. In my physical form, I was also a bit overweight, yet on the other side, I could see myself in my perfect form.  What is amazing is in my mind that is one thing that has not been removed or blocked is my memory of myself in my perfect form.  In my perfect form, I was about 35 years old, my present height of 6’-0”, and my weight was around 175.  There was only the minimum amount of fat on my body.  I no long had my receding hairline, yet my hair was wavy, like it is when I grow it out in my physical form, yet my hair was just past my shoulders and pure white, like spun glass.  My eyes were still the clear blue that I have in this existence.

I was actually led into the tunnel by my guardians, three men, dressing in radiant white.  These three men were also three of my best friends that had been with me throughout eternity.

What is really amazing about our guardian angels is that we choose them.  I also came to realize that one of the things that we know, from the pre-existence, is that we will have our guardian angels that will work with the Holy Ghost to lead and guide us.  We don’t always listen, but they are there still the same.  As I mentioned that we choose them, and they us. 

The reason I’m saying this is very simple.  We are all each other’s guardians.  Each one of our guardians has already come to this existence.  And at the time they were on the earth, we were each other’s guardian angels.  Of my guardians, and me I do know that they have preceded me to this earth and that I am the last of the four to come toEarthAngel11 earth.  All three of their missions have been served on this earth; I’m in the process of serving mine.  I also know that I was shown my mission, albeit hidden from my present consciousness, I was allowed to set forth markers along my path to know that I am following it as it should be. 

Now, I need to interject something here and I hope this will make sense.  When we choose our “three guardian angels”, they are not the only ones we choose.  We also choose a total of 12, you being one of the 12.  Each of these other guardians, are there for many other aspects of your life, yet you will always have the 3 main guardians.  You, yourself have served in this same capacity at some point in course of the eternities.  Now, where are we in the plan of salvation?  I do believe that we are in the last dispensation of time, spoken of in Revelations.  Yet that is a very extensive discussion.

Was born psychic (although I prefer intuitive instead), however my experiences have only magnified my abilities.  I do not believe in predicting someone’s future, yet I do know that as we pass through this existence that we do leave an energy imprint upon people, places and things.  My abilities, I use to help others, never for personal gain, however, I do use them to help the police in solving crimes and for helping people to bring closure to hurts in their lives.

While I was in my experience, I had the pleasure of having a discussion with Jesus.  I knew it was him and that I can never deny.  I also received a wonderful hug from him.  I felt his body with my spirit and there are times, especially when I do have occasional bouts of depression, I can still feel his physical body with my fingertips and I know he was real and that what he brought to the world was wonderful.

I have already written about the room with the wheel, but there was more.  I was also given a review of our world, our existence, from the beginning.  I was there at the council in Heaven when the plan of Salvation was discussed and accepted.  We all were there.  This existence, this earth, was created in the spirit before it was created in the physical form.  How awesome it is to not only look down upon this earth and see the aura of it as it radiates out.  To know the Earth’s aura is made up, not only from the planet itself, but from each and every living soul on this earth.  The Earth’s aura is the most brilliant blue.  Even our sky does not compare to the radiance of this aura. (AngelicView: I have seen this, too! I can attest that it is brilliant beyond belief.)

I came to understand that life, as we know it now is also an illusion.  Since my NDE, I acquired a beautiful crystal ball.  For one thing, as I gaze into it, I can see our existence as I saw it on the other side.  HolographicUniverseThere is no time, which is our measurement.  What we need to experience, we can do so at whichever “time” would best suit that experience for us to gain that understanding.

I know that Heavenly Father is not the angry, vengeful God I was raised to believe as a child.  He is a loving, caring, compassionate Father that truly does care about His children.

I am still learning and understanding all that happened during my NDE’s, especially my last one.  I’m not saying that talking about my NDE’s to people has been easy.  Most of these experiences have been warmly welcomed, other times I have been told that I was crazy and that it is all my imagination.  Well, if this was my imagination, then I never want to wake up because it has truly changed my life. 

My NDE’s have also caused me to make other changes in my life.  Besides helping others through my service to my Heavenly Father, I have also returned to college to obtain my bachelors degree in Criminal Justice to be followed by attending law school.  I know so many people don’t really care for lawyers, until they need one, but my abilities, gifts and talents I know can be used to help others that truly need it. 

I’ve learned from my NDE’s that “material” is not that important.  Yes, being a lawyer can and does provide a pretty decent income, I’ll give it that.  But that is not my motivation.  I was told this many years ago; “You have many talents, gifts and skills which are helpful to others in this world.  Magnify them and develop them that you might be of service to others.  Your service to your Father in Heaven is through your service to your associates and friends here on the earth.” 

It is far more important to me to store my spiritual treasures in Heaven than to store them on earth.  With these words said, in closing I would like to bear you my testimony.  I know that my Redeemer Lives.  What comfort this sweet sentence gives.  I know that from my NDE’s that I stood in the Light of my Father in Heaven and felt his presence, I stood face to face with my Lord Jesus Christ and I did speak with him.  I know that the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is upon this earth today.  I know that it was restored to this earth through a prophet of the Lord.  I know there is a living prophet upon this earth today.  I know this and I testify this, in the name of our Lord and Savior, even Jesus Christ, Amen.

AngelicView: Since this NDE and extra notes are long – yet the insights gained are so very important – I am going to split the article up into two parts so as not to overwhelm the reader.

(To Be Continued in Part 2)


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