DNA and The Dance of Darkness and Light

Thanks to Removing the Shackles.

DNA & THE DANCE OF DARKNESS & LIGHT — Human Omnipotence in Harmony

by GW Hardin
In my previous paper, I married information from the angelic realm with findings erupting from the labs of quantum physicists. Two stranger cousins could not be found. That is, until now. The strangest cousin of all has been hiding behind yet another curtain. In this paper, I will attempt to reveal the New Oz—Humanity as Superman. Previously, I described a multi-dimensional phenomenon I labeled the “DNA Tesseract” (http://americankabuki.blogspot.com/2013/04/a-celestial-mystery-solved-secret-to.html). What I did not go into is the far-reaching implications of this super human capability. I believe the time has come to do so now. In this paper, I will delve into three topics:
1. The key that unlocks human shackles lies buried within DNA.
2. The old myth of disease versus the new myth of harmonious imprinting—you choose.
3. The Dance of Darkness and Light—who’s playing the Music of the Spheres? And why is Oz hiding behind my DNA?
Strap yourself in, for we’re about to take off to a place beyond Never Never Land. Instead of heading to the “second star to the right, straight on till morning,” we’re aiming at the multi-dimensions right in the middle of yourself, straight into Everything.


For decades the accepted science has stated that DNA solely functions as a genome—a biochemistry that passes hereditary traits from one generation to the next. But the unexplainable discoveries began tromping on this scientific eggshell.
From Russia to Germany to the United States, giant steps are shaking the foundations of biology, physics, medicine, and chemistry. From Russia, the work of biophysicist Pjotr Garjajev, PhD, has taken molecular biology to unseen frontiers by examining the vibrational behavior of DNA. In a book written by Fozar and Bludorf about these findings, (Vernetzte Intelligenz , ISBN 3930243237,2011) they state, “Living chromosomes function just like solitonic [scalar]/holographic computers using endogenous DNA laser radiation.”  They go even further by stating that human DNA operates as if it is a biological Internet, and “superior in many aspects to the artificial one.” Even more startling is the following claim from such findings about DNA: “Researchers think that if humans with full individuality would regain group consciousness, they would have godlike power to create, alter, and shape things on Earth!”
As we proceed, you will find that this statement is the focus of new findings of my own, which I discuss in brief later.
AngelicView: I cannot get this article to copy and paste correctly. The spacing is wrong and had to be fixed and the links won’t work. So I will link you to the original article so you can read the rest. I really enjoyed reading his theories! Thank you for your patience 🙂

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