“Life is a Gift and We are Heroes for Being Here”


AngelicView: A beautiful NDE of a child of age of 6 from carbon monoxide poisoning. He went to a Crystal City, and explains some of the buildings he was in. Thanks so much to Randall for sharing your experience.

My dad and some of his friends were in a garage working on a car, they were in the front by the walk  in door which was open at the time. I was in the back of the garage playing. The car was running, he didn’t know I was in the garage, so it had been running for awhile. When they heard something hit the back bumper they realized I was in there.

I went quickly through a tunnel and was met by two shimmering beings who stayed with me the entire time. The first place I went was a crystal city, every thing was vibrant and alive. These beings took me to different rooms within the crystal city, one of the rooms I came to know as the room of knowledge. In this room I knew all there was to know about everything. The beings didn’t let me keep all the knowledge I gained at that time. The next room seemed to be a giant hall, where I was told all the great healers of the world were and I was amongst them. At that time I didn’t know what that meant, the next room was octagon shaped and it had what appeared to be a well in the middle of the floor. I seemed to be at the edge of the well before I knew it, and as I looked into the well I saw what seemed to be moving and churning energy. It was in the shape of confetti and had all the colors of the rainbow. I put my hands into the well and felt the energy of it. It felt like static electricity and seemed to heighten all my senses. Then all of a sudden four tunnels appeared in front, behind and to the sides of me, these tunnels had light at the ends of them.  The two beings were conveying to me that I had a choice to take any path I wanted and that I had to go.

I looked around in all directions and then looked back to the left of me, I came to on the couch in the families house that we were at. The wife of the man whose car my dad was working on was home at the time all this happened. She worked as a nurse and performed CPR on me. They said I had no pulse for around twenty minutes. My family took me to our doctor because we couldn’t afford the hospital. He told my folks I seemed to be ok and that I would probably have lung problems the rest of my life. He also did some other test that I didn’t know what they were. That was February 28, 1968.  It’s the after affects of the experience that I have the most trouble with and no body to talk to about it at that time.

The light was encompassing and with the feeling of love I have never felt on earth ever.

There was two shimmering light beings with me the entire time. I felt they had known me for ever. Our conversation was endless.

• From 1999 to present, I have been sharing my experience and participating in questionnaires with  Dr Bruce Greyson, Carlson professor of Psychiatry & Neurobehavioral Sciences Director, Division of Perceptual Studies. University of Virginia Health Studies. And have done local television and radio programs concerning NDEs and psychic phenomenon.

We do not ever die as a spirit, ever!!!!

The biggest problem with the world today is RELIGION!! because it creates separation. WE ARE ONE

• Life is a gift and we are heroes for being here.


4 thoughts on ““Life is a Gift and We are Heroes for Being Here”

  1. Hi
    I adore your image Crystal City and I am wondering if it might be possible to use it for my new website crystal light beings and if so your terms. In love and light

    • Hi Jen! I’m sorry, I have been away from my computer for a few days.

      I do not own any pictures on AngelicView aside from the ones taken of my yard or myself. Unfortunately for me, there is no Crystal City in my yard! LOL… you are welcome to any pictures you want 🙂

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