“Yes, I Can Handle the Pain”


AngelicView: This is a very interesting SOBE (Spontaneous Out of Body Experience) in which the man was taken to a heavenly place in order to ask him a question about his life. Includes stunning details about the landscape. Thanks to Brett for sharing his experience.

My first memory is of a dark tunnel, either being pulled or “sucked” very quickly towards an extremely bright white light, so bright that I was afraid that I would be incinerated, or at the very least blinded if I was to enter the light. I wanted to stop in the tunnel but there was nothing to grab on to so I tried to close my eyes thinking that I would be blinded if I didn’t. As soon as I entered the light I was immediately standing in front of 2 men but was preoccupied with looking at the landscape around me which was of gorgeous meadows and random trees. I was amazed that not only did the light not blind me but it was completely natural and comfortable. I couldn’t believe how crystal clear my vision was and how perfect everything looked.

After a few moments of looking at the landscape I turned my attention to the men in front of me and studied the face and jaw line of the man closest to me, admiring how perfect his skin and features were. My next memory came after my life review. I don’t remember the review itself, only that it was somehow projected in front of me and the 2 men who I came to know as my spirit guides. My memory comes back immediately after the life review, I clearly remember turning to my left towards my spirit guides feeling very embarrassed and ashamed with myself based on my life review. I was afraid they would also be ashamed of me but was surprised that they hadn’t judged me at all. I knew at that moment that my guides knew everything about me, every thought I ever had, and they still loved me completely and unconditionally with no judgment. Next I remember having what I can only describe as having knowledge downloaded to me. I don’t remember what the knowledge encompassed, only that as I was having this knowledge “downloaded” to me I thought how easy it was, no school to attend or life experiences, just pure knowledge. It quickly became a heavy feeling however and the more knowledge I received the “heavier” I felt until I thought I couldn’t handle any more and at that moment it stopped.

Next I was in a meadow with some trees and a beautiful stream running through the trees. It was here that my guides told me that they had brought me here because there was a decision in my life that they wanted me to make. They told me that they each had their individual ideas as to the direction my life should take but they wanted me to make the final decision. I was told that everything would work out as it was supposed to regardless of my decision.


They told me (I’m paraphrasing because I don’t remember the exact words they used, they spoke much more elegantly than I am here.) that at a later date a woman would come into my life and the decision I needed to make was whether we would fall in love and be married or would I let her go, in which case she would fall in love with and marry another man. At that moment I knew who both the woman and the other man were but forgot when the experience was over. They told me I had some time to think about it so I went over to the stream to think. I don’t recall what it was about that stream but it was mesmerizing. After a time I was so caught up in the stream that I had forgotten that my guides were waiting for my answer so I quickly turned to face them but before I was able to turn I heard one of my guides tell me to take my time and enjoy it, in a loving manner. Shortly thereafter I did return to my guides and told them that I had decided that the woman in my future should be with the other man. (I felt it would be selfish to decide otherwise) They asked if I was certain and I clearly remember telling them “yes, I can handle the pain”. The pain of not having her in my life.

A man then came quickly from the distance to talk to my guides about something. I was a short distance away and do not know what they were talking about but I had a vague memory of this man. I knew that we had been close long ago but as hard as I tried I couldn’t remember who he was or how exactly I knew him. When he was done talking to my guides, I introduced myself and he was very happy to see me. We talked briefly but I don’t recall what about. When he had left was when I saw the most incredible flower garden in the distance. The colors were brilliant and so vivid. I was so struck by this garden that I had to go see it up close and quickly did so. When I got to the garden I leaned over the flowers (for some reason I was curious to see what kind of soil they were growing in to produce such a garden) to see them up close and was stunned to find that not only were they stunningly beautiful but they had souls. I can’t remember how I knew that but it was obvious at the time. They were radiant, unlike anything I could have imagined, and the colors were unbelievable. There were even a handful of colors that we don’t have here on earth although I can’t picture or describe them now. After a short time with the flowers I knew that I had to leave that place and return so I stood and stared at the garden trying my hardest to imprint that image in my mind so I would never forget, and so that I could maybe tell someone else about it someday. Then I turned away towards an open field and realized I didn’t know how to come back to earth. My last memory in that place was thinking to myself that I needed someone to show me how to return. Then I was back, and realized that I had never noticed before how much effort it takes simply to take a breath, it was always so automatic, now it required effort. And my body suddenly felt like wet clay after moving so effortlessly on the other side.

NDERF Question ↓

I have a question- in your experience you became aware that a woman would come into your life, and you needed to decide if you would fall in love with her or let her go.  Are you aware of such a woman who has come into your life?  Thanks!

Best regards,

-Jeffrey Long, MD

First, I would like to thank you for the work you are doing. It is not only important that people know this is a real experience and place, but it is also the first time I have ever felt I could share my story without being ridiculed. I have wanted to tell someone about my experience for 30 years but didn’t feel anyone would believe me.

As for your question, I am still single, never married, but I did meet a woman about 13 years ago that might have been the “one”. I think this because from the moment I saw her she not only stood out (literally in a crowd), but did seem familiar. She introduced herself and we became and stayed friends for roughly 3 years. She was different in that almost every time I saw her I was incredibly nervous, sometimes literally shaking. Not the typical jitters. 

I was very attracted to her and had asked her out a few times and she politely declined, which was fine, but it was odd in that, although she wasn’t interested in dating, she was extremely jealous and possessive of me throughout our friendship.

She ended up getting married fairly suddenly and we went our separate ways (with no hard feelings), but when I have run into her over the years she still has a look of pain on her face when she sees me, and often has to leave if we are at the same event because she gets upset.

As for me, it took years to get over her. I think of her every day and miss her very much. I wish I could give you a more definitive answer but there were some things in my experience that I just can’t recall, and the identity of the woman I would meet is among them, although it was perfectly clear while in the experience.

Also I don’t know how clearly I expressed myself in the original questionnaire so I’ll try again. When my “guides” asked me to decide whether she would be with me or the other man, it was clear that once I made my decision, they would make sure it was carried out. I knew that when I came back it was no longer an option for me, I couldn’t change my decision or the events.

Thank you so much for reading my experience, I hope I have given you the information you wanted.


More Information ↓

• The light was incredibly bright but did not hurt the eyes. There were colors that do not exist on earth. Everything (my eyesight) was crystal clear, incredibly vivid. A complete absence of fear. Most difficult to describe was an incredible garden I saw with flowers that had souls and personalities.

• From the time I saw the bright light quickly approaching to the time I asked for help to come back to earth I was entirely alert and aware. In fact more than I have ever been in my life.

• My vision was clear beyond anything I could have imagined. The colors were brilliant as well as some new colors that don’t exist on earth. Everything radiated light, there were no shadows. At times it seemed as if I could see behind as well as in front of me simultaneously. As for solidness/transparency, I know that nothing was solid the way it is on earth yet from what I remember things weren’t transparent either. That is something I can’t reconcile now.

• I don’t remember hearing a sound during the entire experience. I might have forgotten, I’m not sure.

• I knew that, as chaotic as life on earth is, everything was exactly as it is supposed to be. Aside from that I was much more aware of many things than I was before or after the event. I forgot most of the knowledge when I woke up.

• I know it was real because it is the most real experience of my life. If anything it showed me that this life is not truly life.


2 thoughts on ““Yes, I Can Handle the Pain”

  1. I was once told, “If you want a glimpse of heaven, go out into nature because God created nature.” I have heard of these extra colors, but never seen them. I wish something this real would happen to me and give me guidance. How does someone come to have an experience as real as this?

    • A very good question! In this case it was completely spontaneous. There was no cause for it that can be established. I think it’s possible that these types of experiences are ones that we have planned into our life blueprint – we actually planned to have the experience, in many cases, before we incarnated on Earth. So many people are having these experiences that I also have to think that it’s possible that each one of us might / or at least a lot of us might – have this type of experience sometime in this lifetime.

      For most people, this is our last lifetime on 3D Earth. It is experiences such as this one that gives us the wake-up call… or the “upgrade”, as some might see it… to expand beyond the 3D reality into new adventures.

      So I don’t know what you can do in order to have an experience like this. I suppose you can call for it to happen in your life to your God/Angels/Aliens/Spirit Guides/Creator/Universe (whatever works for you). Express that you are open to having such an experience.

      But remember that in the end, it’s not really up to you. It’s up to your higher self. He/She/It is what makes all these kinds of decisions for your little 3D mini-me self because he/she/it can see from a much higher perspective and can decide what is for your highest good.


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