A Life Forever Changed

AngelicView: This NDE came from a Chinese man, who’s life was forever changed from Marxism to Spiritualism in a matter of minutes. Translated to English from Chinese. Thanks to Chen for sharing your story.

An NDE that happened to me 8 years ago has completely changed me.

BlessedBeI had a family and my father was very strict upon me. I believed in Marxism. I joined the Chinese Communist Party when I was in university and I had a great ambition when I was employed. I deeply believe in materialism and I strongly rejected anything that relate to idealism. Neither did I believe in God. 

However I experienced an NDE and it has changed me completely. 

I arrived at the clinic around 8 o’clock and the nurse told me I had to inject penicillin. I told the nurse that I have an allergic reaction to penicillin but the nurse told me that it would be okay. The nurse then offered me some other medicine that may reduce any possible allergic reaction. I was injected and the nurse left the room to treat other patients.  

About 30 seconds, I experienced a strong tinnitus and I dropped into a dark tunnel, rushing with an incredible speed. I was extremely frightened because I didn’t know what happened to me. I could neither shout nor stop, and I couldn’t go back or ask for help. I then realized that it was caused by the allergic reaction. I was in despair, floating in the tunnel. I couldn’t imagine why I did not lose my consciousness and why I still exist. 

However I my fear gradually disappeared. I felt myself floating somewhere and it was comfortable.  

An indescribable “stream of consciousness” was accompanying me. He gave me the answer of my every question and he comforted my frightened heart. 

I didn’t know how to describe him. He had no shape or voice, but he was bright and broadminded, warm and gentle. He could answer every question. He surrounded me and guided me. He communicated me with telepathy. He revealed everything of the universe. 

I was no longer in the tunnel but I was in the bright warm world. I felt a complete relief from pain and suffering. I felt the existence of everlasting harmony and happiness. 

He told me everything that I wanted to know. He told me the world is consisted of molecules and atoms and they keep moving. Then he showed me a tree that was beside my window in my room. What surprised me is that I had greatly improved my vision incredibly. I did see a world with moving molecules and atoms. The feeling was extraordinary and I felt my consciousness was much faster then ever before. 

I asked him whether I’m a part of the world too and he said yes. He told me everything is moving, there was no death, there was no birth, everything is just cycling eternally. He said that this is the very truth of universe. 

He then told me the so-called death is nothing but an another stage of life. Consciousness still exists even if you died. Our flesh is like a TV set and our consciousness is the signal. The signal still exists even the TV set is broken. The consciousness of human beings is a kind of energy and it will never diminish.


But he also told me you can not communicate with the living and your parents can not realize that you are still alive. I suddenly realized that I must take care of my parents and my baby. 

I felt my soul and my body is half-related to my body and I existed in several dimensions. My soul was communicating with “a conscious stream” and meanwhile I could see everything on the world with unimaginable agility. I could hear, but the sound was distorted and delayed. I heard an old man complaining and people walking. I could even see through a closet and discovered some coat hangers inside it. Soon I heard my mobile phone rang. I could even predict what the doctor is going to say, and I was correct! 

Yet I could still control my body. I controlled my lung to breathe in order to show that I’m alive. I realized that I still have my parents and a baby to take care of so I must draw attention the doctor and he might bring me back.  I controlled my hand to grasp the doctor’s hand tightly. 

Then I felt a heavy stunning and the world spun around. I found myself returned to my body. I started to vomit. I vomited a lot and the doctor could not believe it, since I didn’t eat anything at all. I told my doctor about my NDE and he was frightened.  

After the NDE, I was no more afraid of death at all. I know how the world runs and I had a thorough understanding to the universe. I cared for neither fame nor money. I started to concern about the suffering in the world. I comfort others who is in despair. I make them realize that death is not horrible. I filled my heart with love and joy.

1. It has revealed the secret of the universe.

2. I was no longer afraid of death.

3. I filled my life with love and I loved to help others.

I don’t care about money or fame anymore. I care about the people suffering in the world.



One thought on “A Life Forever Changed

  1. On a fine sunny day if you relax and look it can be seen how the world is in constant movement and little speckles that make everything have substance. It can appear like painting of dots.

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