That One Most Important Thing…

Thanks to Gina for sharing her story.

Piet Mondrian

I was being pulled down a tunnel of color.  I can relate it to the colors and shapes in a painting by Piet Mondrian.  At the end of the tunnel, I was told that I was dead.  It was just a voice, not a family member or a being.  I was fine with this information. 

Then there was a threshold – like a doorway, but not a doorway. 

My first real memory  (I say real because the clarity from the moment I was at the doorway was a clarity I’ve never experienced) is of feeling like it was the first time I’d ever really been alive. 

In my mind, I instantly knew the meaning of life and the grand plan, and I was thrilled.  The plan was so perfect – something no human mind could conceive of.   Everything made sense.  My place in it made sense.  And it was as if I’d just been away; I was rejoining this life.  Like I’d come back from vacation, and was now getting back to work, or back to reality.

Beyond the threshold, I saw a transit system of some kind. I saw water and I saw chains on a craft on the water –  like a futuristic Disney ride.  I made it halfway through the threshold, and then was jerked back down the tunnel of white, yellow, red. 

It was much clearer on the way back.  I even told myself that I had to remember the secret of life, that people needed to know the truth.  But when I opened my eyes, it was gone.  I was lying there trying to remember. My mind could remember every scene of what happened, but not that one most important thing.  I felt like I was not allowed to have that knowledge here, like, if we knew, we wouldn’t learn what we needed to learn.  Life is a school, nothing more.

Something was revealed to me about the purpose, the meaning, of life.  I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to participate.  I felt like it was something that no one here had figured out yet, and we needed to know.  But I was not allowed to retain this secret; I lost it on my way back.


I could see that I had no body, but I could feel my shape.  For instance, I took steps, but when I looked down, there were no legs.  Everything was very clear and bright.  My mind was conscious of everything; it was enlightenment!

I had the impression of other beings there, but I was so focused on the amazing information I was getting, and so excited to get on with it all, that I couldn’t focus on the beings I could sense.

~ I had the feeling that I’m part of a greater world and plan.  That I fit in, in some integral way.  That I’m here just for a time and will get back to what I’m supposed to be doing when I’m done here.  I was struck by the fact that I had no thoughts at all about my family here, I was not a bit worried for them.  Like, this isn’t really real at all.

From the time it happened until now, I’ve never doubted that the experience was “definitely real.”    It was the most real thing I’ve ever experienced.


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