Your Very Own Heart, Hidden in Everything You See

By Bentinho Massaro

In my view/experience, each individual being as we know it, consists of a lower, incarnate self, and a higher self, which is the same one being, just different levels within its own essence.

The higher level of this consciousness has access to (or is) intelligence beyond time and space. It knows and sees so much more, and it guides and loves that fraction of itself which it has send into incarnation. Like a guide, like an unconditionally loving teacher, it is present to its small part(s).

This level of ourselves has access to the capabilities of these higher levels.


In the most dire of circumstances, when you find yourself asking God, Life, or your Higher Self in utter desperation: “Why me?? Why would you do this to me??”

That unconditional, higher level of your very own Self, would want you to know its answer:

“Because from a very wise place within your own consciousness, I, which is you with a greater view than your brain could ever maintain, saw that this is the path of highest wisdom, deepest love and most benefit. That is the only reason this experience could pass the filter of what happens to you.

I AM you, from a loving, unimaginably intelligent position, and I wished this upon myself, which you experience as you, for a reason you may not understand at this time, but will at some point when you merge back into me, which is all that you are.

For now I ask you to trust in me like you would want your child to trust in you. Trust that I intend and am capable of only beneficial service to you, no matter what appears within your consciousness. Trust me child, for you are me, and I am you. Whatever happens to you, happens to me too! I stand not aloof, I am engaged, I am in love, I am forever inseparable from all that you experience as you. Whatever goes through you, goes through me too. We are one. Whatever benefits you, benefits me. Oh I do not stand aloof, I am not separate from you. I care more than you could ever know with your mind.

Why would I hurt you, if it hurts myself? I know it may SEEM like I am hurting you, but I am not hurting you, I am avoiding greater hurt and am leading you to the highest and most overwhelming love you could possibly imagine. If only you surrender to me, trust in me, have faith in me, then you will be able to see more and more, from my point of view.

What happens to you is in our highest interest even when you cannot always see how, when, or why. Trust in me, my child, trust in me. For I am you. Whatever I want is what you want. I am created solely to take care of you and am endowed with the capabilities of The One and its Universes to do so. Let me do my job and you will find me as yourself and know, that you were never abandoned and you were never betrayed. You will know, sweet child, that you were ever, ever loved and completely worthy of infinite Bliss and Satisfaction. For that is the natural state of all things.

There will be no more tears except those of release, as you join your will with mine and bask in the benefit of eternity.

Have faith, for I will guide you out of the gutters and into the realm of boundless affection ad beauty. The more you trust, the sooner and more effortless the journey into me will be.

Trust in me and you will know the love of all that is beyond this world. I will cleanse your vision and subsume your heart into mine. I will wash away your tears, release you from your memory, and give you new experiences of yourself so incredible you’ve never even considered it could be. But it is true, and you will see.

Have faith in me. That is your only job. Have faith in me, for I am you from a higher point of view.

With ever-lasting love,
Your very own heart, hidden in everything you see.”


8 thoughts on “Your Very Own Heart, Hidden in Everything You See

  1. The ‘Higher self’, I always see it as the aspect of consciousness that sees around the corner or can view from above the paths available. It is however up to the entity itself to choose the path available. Sometimes this is out of curiosity sometimes out of a feeling of safety, sometimes because it is imperative to walk even a difficult path. The ‘Higher self’ may well know the course the education must take, other times it also needs to experience. The relationship is always reciprocal, and it is always a relationship. Eventually a stage is reached where a partnership is formed and both work in harmony toward the greater development.

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  3. I’ve come back to read this 3 times now. It melts away the voice of dissonance that periodically shows up in my head, trying to pull the rug out from under my feet. Thank you, Bentinho.

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