Can Group Meditation Bring World Peace?

Can Group Meditation Bring World Peace?

World renowned Quantum Physicist, John Hagelin Ph.D explains.

MeditationDr John Hagelin: I am going to show you very quickly some of the early research, this is the first study and I won’t go into great detail except to say that this experiment was performed in the Middle East during the peak of the Lebanon War in the early 1980’s.

It was hypothesized, based on many different smaller experiments that if enough people were collectively experiencing and stimulating this fundamental powerful field of peace within that there would be radiated influence of peace that would effect the behavior of people throughout society, people would wake up in the morning a decide “hey I don’t think I’ll kill anybody today.” What a novel thought, that you know with some expanded comprehension and less narrowly cramped, narrowly self centered, acutely stressed vision that the desperate acts of terrorism simply don’t really have a fertile field to fall on.

A thousand people on average practiced Transcendental Meditation in Jerusalem to see whether they could influence neighboring Lebanon in reducing war and terrorism and eventually World Peace.

John Hagelin is a world renowned quantum physicist who has been involved in the research on group meditation for improving the quality of life in society.

One thought on “Can Group Meditation Bring World Peace?

  1. The ‘Meditation’ has been going n along time and it has had a tremendous effect on Global peace. Although we are led to believe that we live in a world full of terror and threat this is not so. The world is incredibly peaceful compared to 70 years ago and prior to that the violence on a daily basis was greater still. We still seem to have a bit to go but most of what we are exposed to via media is a sham. Little has been said about violence in New York is at an all time low Statistics confirm that although America has the largest ownership of guns the violent gun crime is actually very low compared to population.
    Lightworkers and spiritual people who carry the peace within them, increase the resonance of peace and love exponentially. Although they may at some time or other think they have little effect.

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