A Simple Urge to Fulfill My Promise

Thanks to Jon for sharing his story with us 🙂

IrisI was standing in my friends doorway, helping them to move a bed. I remember zoning out while my friends decided how to move the bed, I lost feeling to my body, and still stood holding the doorframe. The idea of astral projection was racing through my mind, I had been getting more and more spiritual before the event unfolded, months before. The thoughts were filling my mind to the point where, I unconsciously stopped breathing, (didn’t notice until after the event).

My friend’s ceiling light filled half of his room before I noticed anything strange, then while looking at it, it grew brighter then any light I’ve ever seen. The light engulfed my mind, and my body fell, hitting the back of my head on a hard wood floor which caused me to curl around the doorframe and have a seizure. I could feel my body twitching, hear my friends yelling, and see what was going on, but I was looking from above my body.

Then within seconds I was in a vast field, more beautiful then anything I’ve ever seen, flowers and grass abundant, I was standing on a small incline that dropped slightly until the field was flat. People made of crystalline light were in the field talking and loitering without a care, the field faded into forest about 200 feet away, in the sky were moons of red, blue, green, orange, and the stars shone brighter and more gorgeous then any I’ve seen, it was either dusk, or night time but light enough to see perfectly.

After seeing all that, the only thing I could say was “I’m finally home”, when an older man, who radiated wisdom and caring, power and finesse, took my right hand in his, and said “you have yet to finish your work, my son” and with a smile I was rushed back into my body. I stood up quickly, telling my friends “I’m okay, I’m okay.” I no longer stood up, then I blacked out again and fell, my friend caught me, but I remember reaching my hand through a void, wishing and wanting with my entire soul that man would reach my hand again and pull me back to where I felt I belonged.

Then I woke up, and I stayed awake, but never a day has gone by that I don’t remember that place, but my work isn’t done he said, and so I stay, looking forward to the day I can go back.

Everything was more detailed, the colors were brighter, even the dark colors seem to shine. I wasn’t just looking at the beings I saw, I was looking into them, their souls, morals, ambitions and sadness, all of what they learned in past lives.

My hearing was all around normal, except that when I was spoken to, the sound seemed to resonate through my soul, from inside without ever needing to hear it. It was everywhere, but coming from nowhere.

[I felt] perfect peace, relief of leaving reality (a personal hell), unconditional love for everything, without it ever being pin-pointed on one thing at any time, felt like I was finally where I wanted to be since being reborn into this body. when I saw the “great spirit” I’ve come to call him, I felt overwhelmed by purpose, a disappointment that I had come back before finishing my work, against my word to him, a huge amount of power almost radiated from him, and I felt like nothing but that moment mattered. a simple urge to fulfill my promise.

When the light expanded throughout my entire vision, I kind of rose up through a black tunnel within an instant, and was sent into the field I saw, same with coming back, like I was being pulled and pushed by the great spirit back, as to finish what I started.

It seemed to me, the ninth and final dimension, and the location of my past life’s home world, a very odd and thorough experience.

I found the information from a multitude of past lives flowed freely into my brain, even after the event happened it feels like the knowledge stayed with me.

It’s proven to me my beliefs, and shown why I was put on the earth, which is the same goal I’ve had since the age of 7 years old.

My relationship with humanity in general has changed, it will likely never be the same. The sheer picking up of energies is profound, nothing has the same experience it once had, it has even more purpose.


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