So, You’re Trying to Tell Me that I Chose This?


By AngelicView

This is the kind of information that can change your life. It can change the way you look at your life. It’s a shift in perception about you and the world around you, and about how you view your life and the circumstances therein.

You Chose This.

All of It.

Yes, you did.

Earth is a type of school, a University, if you will. You wanted to come here for whatever your reasons were.

You sat on a beautiful hillside on whatever Land you came from, and you thought about coming here. You thought about the types of karma you wanted to balance and you thought about the types of experiences you wanted to have. You probably outdid yourself in your planning.

You came to a Spiritual Being that you trusted and talked over your plans and that trusted friend of yours’ probably gave you some other ideas on how things could be accomplished. You talked about it and thought about it for probably eons of “time” until you had a Life Plan all worked out. Then you took your Plan to a Council of Elders and ran it past them. They either approved your plan for your life or else sent you back to the drawing board.

I hear, “But I got raped and I would have never chose that!”

Yes, you did.

I read, “But I got cancer and I would have never chose that!”

Yes, you did.

This is not to sound like I don’t feel for you. These are hard hard lessons! But you did choose to have them.

What did you do with your lesson? Did you find a way to teach others? Help others? Did you find a way to Love through the lesson? Did you rise above it somehow, some way? In the end, were you able to find forgiveness? Yes? Then you are a master. You are the type of master that belongs on a place like Earth. Earth is a difficult and challenging school. One of the hardest ones. Perhaps the hardest one. And you mastered it.

So I challenge you to look back upon your life and look at it from this higher perspective. It just might change the way you think about it. It just might change your view of your whole life.

Love! Love! Love!


3 thoughts on “So, You’re Trying to Tell Me that I Chose This?

  1. Yeah, that’s tough to face, isn’t it? I rejoiced when I found out we’re responsible for what happens to us. Then I said, “Uh….that means…..” Yeah. I chose it all. I chose to have really, really, severe and recurring financial problems for 51 years.

    Then in one of my written-down conversations with God (a lengthy intervention after a perceived “failed” book launch), He said, “Safe. What is safe for you? Safe is what you know; this routine of money angst, even as you say you are tired of it. The irony, of course, is that you are very UNsafe when you have no money, and especially when you continue to CHOOSE to have no money. Choice, my child. See your lack of funds as a CHOICE. Then you will make a different choice and circumstances will begin to change.”

    What we do with these “bad” things that happen to us is also a choice. Some of those who have experienced truly brutal circumstances – a murdered child, loss of a limb in war, the onset of a life-threatening or disfiguring disease – use the event to impact thousands of others who have experienced the same issue and wrestled with the same feelings?

    By virtue of grace, I’ve learned to ask the question “Who am I in the face of what’s taking place?” The answer isn’t always quick or easy, but the exercise is always valuable for both the choices and the reminder of my ability to define, to myself and to others, who I am.

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