The Unknown World – Preface and Part I

Thanks to Silent Winds of Change (he always finds the best stuff) for bringing this wonderful Blogger (Mind-Ticklers) to my attention. I’m going to be following this blog. 🙂


There is a world that exists just out of sight and sound, but you cannot enter it if your eyes are open and your ears are listening.  

You are where your attention is.

The door to this world is knowing it exists.  The key is silence of mind.  The experience is yours in the stillness of awareness.

You are standing on the threshold of the greatest adventure you cannot even imagine.  It is light years beyond time and space and as vast as all consciousness.

The only question you might ask yourself, “Did I enter earth life to experience it or to escape it?”  The answer is simple: If you are young in earth experiences, you have no interest in life beyond what you think you know.  If you are old in earth experiences, you cannot refrain from seeking beyond what you think you know.

There is more to your consciousness than what you think, and to go beyond what you think, you must stop thinking that what you know is the truth.  

Things are not what they seem, and there is more, MUCH MORE than what is seen.

Part One:

I was driving on a freeway and stopped to get a sandwich.  I entered the exit and saw a hitchhiker at the on-ramp. “Maybe he’ll be gone when I get back on,” I thought.  

I ordered a sub to go.  The lady asked if I wanted mayonnaise…I hesitated….felt confused…and then without thinking, said no.  Then she asked if I wanted it cut-in-half…I said yes before my mind engaged … she left.  I stood there in a stupor like I was not in charge of myself.   Why did I say no to mayo and yes to cutting the sandwich?  I ALWAYS order mayo, and why cut it?

I got my sub and drove to the on-ramp.  The hitchhiker was there.  In my head I heard, “Pick him up!”  
“No!”  I said, and drove on.  
“Go back!”  
“No!  I’m eating and want to be alone.” 
“Turn around!”   
“No!  Quit bugging me!”  
“Turn around and pick him up!”

I had driven several miles.  The prompting continued.  “Fine!”  I said, and  started eating half the sandwich.   I got off the freeway, crossed the overpass and picked him up.  
In my head I heard, “Ask him if he’s hungry?”
“Are you hungry?”
“Yes.  I haven’t eatin’ today.”
“I just bought this sandwich, and haven’t touched this half, would you like it?”
“Does it have mayonnaise on it?”
“No.  No mayo.”
“Good, because I am deathly allergic to mayonnaise.”


Beyond mind, deep in the recesses of consciousness, is ALL, the mind behind all that was, is and will be, and it is yours to access, willfully, with intent, and it will answer and reveal whatever you seek.

You know the ALL, though you experience it without a thought until a sudden flash of intuition alerts you, warns you, guides you or prompts you to action, but then, when the flash subsides, your thoughts take up the insight revealed and you busy yourself with the task ahead.  

You are again where you focus your thoughts, and the ALL recedes from conscious consideration.

We live and find our being in consciousness, a vast and varied field of considerations and creations without end or beginning, stretching through eternity, deeper than oceans and higher than skies and as small as a spark unseen, but felt.  It is you; it is me; it is all things seen and unseen, and it is alive in the very breaths we take to live in flesh, which we are not, yet think we are.

When you seek beyond mind and thought, consciousness is there awaiting your discovery, and sometimes, between thoughts, in those brief moments of suspended considerations, it reveals itself, ever so briefly, quietly, a mere whisper, yet a heartbeat that cannot be denied, a prompting to do, or do not, and then like a warm breath appearing and disappearing on a cold mirror you are left to consider its value.

How it works on this plane is a mystery to some; that it works is a mystery to none.

The consciousness wherein we have our being prompts us in our earthly affairs and invites us to discover it beyond earthly considerations.  

As you seek beyond mind and thought you will discover a deeper understanding of your own consciousness within the one consciousness known as ALL. 
THE UNKNOWN WORLD – part two (soon)


One thought on “The Unknown World – Preface and Part I

  1. Excellent Shannon, I live my life by going with the flow. Most people don’t listen to that little voice that urges them to fully participate in life instead of existing.

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