Everything Radiated an Indescribable Light

AngelicView: Jenny was in the bathtub when she was electrocuted (by lightening I think?) and then lost consciousness and drowned for a short period. She describes a beautiful place she went to in another dimension and her feelings about coming back. Also, like many are, this NDE was prophetic.GardenOfEden

I saw myself from above laying underwater with my mouth and eyes wide open and thought: what a horrible sight.

The next thing I remember is that I was COMPLETE, I was at a place that was/is very familiar to me (The woods where I went walking my dog) But I understood!!

What I didn’t see with my eyes was becoming suddenly aware that I was no longer in this world; the water was such a beautiful blue, a swan was swimming there which seemed to be glowing from the inside out, it was radiant. Everything radiated an indescribable light and I was part of that light, everything was part of that light. It was a feeling of rest, love and serenity I had never experienced in my life; the feeling of fulfillment, of being complete, without pain, without a body. When I realized I was without a body it felt as if a block of granite had been lifted from me and I could comprehend my pure self. I was just a dot but just as lively and at the same time as softly radiant as everything around me.

The grass was greener than green and smelled mildly wet but inviting. The trees and their leaves shimmered and the sound of the wind was as music.

I saw the park bench and was immediately drawn to it; there was someone there. At first I saw only his/her light as I joined in the “information room” (It seemed to be coming out of him, he KNEW what I wanted to know) I saw that it was the father of my son, it seemed as if we had never been apart. We were happy to see each other again but not ecstatically although not sad either. It was as if we saw each other again after he had gone shopping.

The feeling of all the answers to my questions coming from him also seemed to be coming from a surrounding and present Power. I don’t want to use a name like God or Allah because I felt a Universal love, an endless love which is present in each of us, the knowledge of everything. I was so happy there and didn’t want to leave, but my ex-friend told me suddenly that I had to go back. I knew why and yet I didn’t want to return. But before I could resist what HAD to happen, I was drawn away.

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Everything had brighter color which seemed radiant, everything was radiant. I could observe everything at once, above, below, left and right without distortion.

The babbling of the water in the brook where the swan was swimming, the sound of the wind through the leaves and waving the grass was as music, everything was in harmony.

I was one with the light, I saw it and it observed me as I observed the light in me; the light was Love and familiarity.

I was in the woods where I walked my dog but it was not the same woods, it looked a lot like it but it was not in this dimension; the whole experience was not in this dimension.

I got to see the face of a baby, a girl and I knew that this would be my child. four years later this did indeed happen. I also saw that my future would be very hard and I was warned about the dangers that would be coming.

When he said that I must return it became clear that I had received the necessary information and wasn’t allowed more questions and was not allowed to stay. It was almost as if I had run out of time and HAD to leave, otherwise I would not be able to fulfill my tasks.

I was given predictions some of which later happened and others which have yet to happen but I KNOW they will.

I no longer believe in the god with the long white beard and sandals. I believe in a Universal Love which is so great that it is impossible for a person to express in one word.

3 suicide attempts only because I wanted to go back, but the last time it was not so nice. I was told rather firmly to go back and these two words were said very clearly: NOT YET! I knew that it was because of my responsibilities to my daughter.

I am glad meanwhile to be in this world but yearn for that rest. But I KNOW that I will only be allowed there after I have completed my tasks and have learned more; there is still a lot of work in store for me here.

It was the nicest accident I ever had, I was AWAKE for a little space in time.

Thanks Jenny!


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