Death World

By Thomas Braun

Imagine you live on a world where there is only harmony and peace.
A world without risk, disease, injury or death.
A world where everyone gets along (no vanity, conceit, pride or greed–and no mean people).
Imagine everything you need is provided instantly.
As a result you sometimes get kinda bored with your life, so you pop-in at The Universe Travel Agency.
On the walls are posters of vacation spots that promise exciting adventures. The more you look at them, the more excited you get.
As you mull your options, a travel agent comes up to you and says, “May I help you?” 
You say, “Yes, I’m bored. I need adventure, challenge, excitement. I want a wild vacation on another world, away from here, way out there.”
“I know what you mean,” says the agent. “Which adventure poster interests you?” 
“This one looks good. I want to go THERE!” 
“What is the disclaimer on the bottom of the poster?” You ask. 
The travel agent says, “Oh, that’s standard for Earth,
Desires for challenge, excitement and adventure IS the inherent nature of consciousness, as well as desires for comfort and leisure. The Earth Adventure provides these, and much more.
If you look at life on earth as a wild vacation for which you paid good money for, or as an awesome adventure into the unknown on a surreal world, your new world view–“I’m on a vacation adventure,” and your new attitude–“I paid for it and I’m going to enjoy it all,” just might be what you need in order to enjoy everything that is life.
Since you’re already on Earth, 
why not enjoy your journey?

One thought on “Death World

  1. hah! LOL I skipped over “The EARTH Adventure” part on the poster so I totally didn’t expect that to go where it did. Nice job.

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