C2C: OBE’s and Astral Projection

Skip to 1 hour and 17 minutes.GalacticHuman

Date: 05-09-13

Host: George Noory

Guests: Robert Peterson, Brian Peskin, Catherine Austin Fitts

In the latter half, an expert in out-of-body exploration and the paranormal, Bob Peterson, discussed a number of topics including OBEs, astral travel, lucid dreams, and sleep paralysis. Peterson said he’s been having OBEs (out-of-body experiences) for over 33 years, and that most OBE authors/researchers agree that we leave our bodies during nightly sleep, and this recharges us with some kind of cosmic energy. However, people aren’t aware of this because they’re unconscious. “The trick is to become conscious and aware of what these experiences are,” he said, adding that there are a variety of techniques to induce an OBE. One of his methods, is when approaching the edge of sleep, to visualize a cube spinning, and start to manipulate it, pulling it closer and further away. You visualize the cube coming closer and closer, and eventually let it pull you out of the body, he detailed. More techniques are posted here.

“Many people have reported that their out-of-body experiences have had a level of consciousness and awareness and even perception that far surpasses physical reality,” as well as that of lucid dreams, he commented. Peterson has theorized there are four different OBE states: unconscious + hallucinating = ordinary dream, unconscious + objective reality = shared dreams (ala author Robert Moss), conscious + hallucinating = lucid dreams, conscious + objective reality = OBE. You can transition from a lucid dream into an OBE by dispelling the illusion of the dream, he continued. For more, check out Jurgen Ziewe’s detailed OBE adventures in his book Multidimensional Man, as well as Peterson’s blog, OBE Outlook.


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