Angelic Intervention II

What are Angels?AngelDuo1

•  Angels are androgynous high spiritual beings. Intermediaries or messengers between God and humans.

•  Angels exist on a much higher frequency than humans, which is normally beyond our range of hearing or sight. In the same way that we are unable to see x-rays or hear the high tones of a dog whistle.

•  They are on a different evolutionary hierarchy than humans and in the majority of cases they have not incarnated as humans (i.e. have not gone through the physical birth process). There are some exceptions; Mother Mary (Queen of the Angels) and the prophets Enoch (Archangel Metatron) and Elijah (Archangel Sandalphon).

•  They may appear to a human in a variety of forms, usually so they do not frighten. Often they may appear in human form without wings. For example there are many stories of help arriving from nowhere when someone is stranded at night or someone is injured. Then they disappear afterwards without a trace.

•  People may sense them – see colours, smell pleasant odours, feel a draft of air or gentle touch or just have a sense there is something there. Some people are fortunate enough to see them, particularly in meditation.

•  Unlike humans they do not have free will. Their will is the Divine will. Therefore they are unable to assist us unless we request their help (AngelicView: Even our higher-self can ask for their help. It doesn’t just have to be our lower mini-me self that asks), but they are sometimes able to influence our thoughts and actions and can intervene in rare circumstances, for example in an accident, when it is not our time to pass over.

Source of above information: Susan Ann Palmer


Clive was severely ill in hospital. The doctors were not sure about his chances of survival. Clive told me “One night I woke up in my hospital bed to see a huge angel, standing at the foot of my bed, with brilliant white light all around it, and I heard heavenly music. I thought I was seeing things, so I closed my eyes, but when I opened them the angel was still there.

Then it spoke to me. He said “Do not fear. You will make a full recovery.” At that moment I felt a surge of healing energy pouring through me. It lasted for about 30 seconds, then the angel disappeared. The doctors came round in the morning and found that I had made a remarkable and ‘unexplained’ recovery overnight.”

Do we all have angels? Can we all talk with them?

The answer is Yes. We each have Guardian Angels, who are here to protect us. If you’ve ever thought ‘Phew. That was a near miss or lucky escape” then that was probably your Guardian Angel protecting you. We also have other, guiding angels who are sent to help us. Any of these can talk with us and help guide our lives for the better. Frequently, the Archangels also play a big part in working with us too. They are all here to help us. People also often have spirit guides, other guides, and human guides to help them too. There is an abundance of help we can call on.

What do the angels look like? Can you see them?

Everyone I work with sees what the angels look like in their mind’s eye, rather than in physical form. (It is a rare gift for people to be able to see angels in physical form). Like humans, angels vary in their appearance. Some are male, some female, some androgynous (no clear gender). Mostly they have wings, but sometimes not. Often they have flowing robes and a spiritual light and glow around them.

Source of above story and information: Guided by Angels

Cemented Proof

by Naulene 

When the clouds became dark, and nature decided enough was enough, I was safely in my room staring through the window at what I thought would be the best entertainment ever. At age eighteen I had yet to see with my own eyes the glory that was a hurricane, and I thrived for the day when one day I too could be among the ranks of my family as having lived through one. Naivety should be a crime.

My eyes were glued to the constant darkening of the world around me, the crying of the wind as it striped through defenseless organisms. Outside was a picture of pure chaos, of a painting that an artist threw out with rage and sorrow in his heart.

The wind took whatever it could lift and flung it around like a rag doll being chewed up by a pup. The rain soaked whatever it could find, drenching everything into nothing but muddy slop. Still I looked on. My young heart eager to see what was next, it beating in anticipation at the adventures yet to come. 

I pressed my nose closer against the cold window pane. I can still remember the moisture as it stuck to my nose. I inhaled deeply, mesmerized at the cruel beauty that was before me. Then three seconds later my arm felt like something warm was yanking it backwards.

Unbalanced and stumbling, my bottom landed rather roughly against the carpet floor. Annoyed, I looked around ready to curse off whoever it was responsible for my rough tumble. Three things happened within that second, three things that I would always remember, three things I will never forget. First, there was no one there, second, the roof of my house was doing a happy dance as it banged freely against the supporting walls and third where I had stood before now had a huge cement block standing guard.

Angel or not? I didn’t imagine something pulling me backwards, and definitely didn’t fall on my own. I guess the only thing I can say is, thanks to my guardian angel, death by cement block wasn’t happening that day.


AngelicView: Here is my Angel story: I was working in my current job as a Neonatal Nurse and the Hospital. It was towards the end of the day and I was tired and my feet were killing me. I had just sat down at the desk at the back of the Nursery when I got a sudden feeling that I needed to check on the babies at the front of the nursery. So I got back up on my aching feet and walked around the front of the nursery and found a baby was choking on his spit. The baby was blue and if I had not followed that urge to get up and check the babies in the front of the nursery, that baby would have died.

It doesn’t have to be an emergency or critical situation to have an angel visitation. I had returned from a trip and was picking up my car at the park and fly location. My car had been brought around and the snow scraped from the windshield, but all the workers went off to do other things and I was left to manage my own luggage. It was heavy and I have a back problem. As I stood there contemplating how I was going to heave my suitcase into my SUV, I thought “I wish I could find someone to help me.” Seemingly out of nowhere a middle aged man, a Native American, appeared and asked if I needed help. I had not seen him before with the other workers. I was so thankful for his help! He put my bags into my car and I closed the door, turning to give him a tip. But he was gone. There was no sign of him. I looked and looked, but he wasn’t there. I know he was angel. Thank you again, dear Angel, for your help.  ~Sally

I have never seen an angel but I often feel “touches” on the back of my neck or somewhere on my head…at least it feels like someone or something touches me. ~Wilson

I was delivering the newspaper on a paper route (many moons ago) I stopped at this one house where this dog was just annoying as heck. I was a stupid kid and taunted the dog. I was so involved with the taunting that I forgot to leave a newspaper. They later called and needed it. When I returning they were outside and the dog was with them free of it’s confines. It took one look at me and I knew I was mud and could not outrun a doberman. I screamed so hard my throat singed. The dog was coming at me at full speed and I just stopped and froze, mentally I feel I just left my body and entered another plane. I felt so much love and peace around me as I felt a gentle breeze lift my hair and not a tree stirred. After I screamed the dog just walked up to me gently, sniffed at my shoes and sauntered back to its’ owners. I have never taunted a dog again, and I know an angel came to protect me. ~Amy

Back in college, I was driving my Triumph to my girlfriends house. I began to fall asleep at the wheel. The steering wheel was suddenly jerked to the right and woke me up. I would have hit a very expensive car coming the other way.~Richard

I have a couple angel experiences to share. I believe these were interventions from my guardian angel. My ex-husband & I were traveling down a country road at night. No streetlights on the road. We turned onto a side road & immediately I heard a voice very clearly say “don’t go down there”. It was very audible but I couldn’t define it as male/female. The message was repeated to me several times. I told my ex to immediately stop the car & turn around. He thought I was crazy. I was so scared & started to cry, so he turned the car around still thinking I was nuts! The next day we read in the newspaper that the road we were going to turn onto was on a steep incline to a one lane bridge which we didn’t know. There was a head-on collision on that bridge at the same time we were on that road. Both parties in the vehicles were killed! The other incident happened right around the corner from my home. I was stopped at a red light at a major intersection, I was the first one in that lane. I had a perfectly good running car. When the light turned green my car stalled which my car never did & as it did, a car came flying through the red light in the opposite direction. If it would have hit me I probably wouldn’t be telling you this story. It would have T-boned my car at a high rate of speed. I believe my guardian angel stalled my car to protect me. ~Sherry

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