All My Questions on Earth were Answered

Thanks to Bonnie 🙂

Angels11I was scheduled for a cesarean section with my second child.  I arrived at the hospital a little nervous but everything was routine without concerns.  At some point during the surgery I began to feel incredible pain under my ribs and I began to feel a sensation of spinning.  I could hear people talking and laughing, at the time I took it to be the nursing staff.  I was distressed with so much pain In my mind l shouted for help but I couldn’t speak.  I called and called for help and then began to call on  God,  within seconds the pain ended and I quickly realized I was out of my body.  

It took me a few minutes to realize what was going on.  I look at myself in the hospital bed wondering how that could be me while it was l standing beside my body.  I saw the doctor run in from the left side of the room and a nurse to the right. I moved out of the way to seemingly make space for them.  The doctor was discussing me with the nurse and she said to him, you have to go because your next patient is now prepped in theatre.  He screamed at her, “how can I do this surgery when I’ve just lost a patient”..hearing this , I moved further away from them and became preoccupied with the form I had taken.  I was fascinated to see that I was somehow poured into a 90 degree corner.  I could see that I was somehow fluid and I saw that I was some kind of silver like liquid mercury, or a silver thread like being.

After hearing I had died I said very matter of fact, oh, so I died, I always wondered how I would die.  But, I’m not dead.  Don’t they know I’m not dead. 

I seemed to turn away and very quickly was sucked into a small tight tunnel, it was dark and I could see a small pin prick of light at the end.  I moved through the tunnel for what seemed to be a long time. Somehow I knew I was going to have to answer a question when I reached the light but I was also told ” don’t say it”. The words rang through me as I wondered, don’t say what?

As I went through the tunnel I began to soak up knowledge, I understood everything, physics, math, chemistry, life and death, why we are here, where we are going etc.  all of my questions on earth were answered.

I was a super concentrated form of my physical self, with all of my memories and experiences. I worried about my mother, I wanted to let her know I didn’t really die. 

As I slowed down the light wrapped around me and I instinctively knew that l  was back and that l am just a tiny part of this light now reunited.  I was home. I still worried. 

I noticed a presence in front of me, it communicated to me, not by talking but just by thinking and I understood the question.  “Are you ready to come with us?”  I was scared.  I asked for permission to go back, I said I was scared and I had to tell my mum I was okay, or she would be very upset.  If I could do that I would come back to the light.  We had a discussion about some things I had wondered as a child and I still have that knowledge today.  I was shown a short image of my birth and my mother and father.  Then my grandfathers death. 

I was told if I am ever to speak of this then to give the message, it’s not complicated, don’t make it so.  And, we have it all backwards.  We don’t live and then die but we die and then live.

I was made aware of a definite boundary and that if I agreed to cross through the light I could never go back. It was my choice.  I said I’ll go back. 

I heard a loud swooshing in my ears and seemingly fell into my body.  I woke up.

I can’t put into words the knowledge I was given or how much more I was myself than I currently am on the earth. I was given the answers to all things.

There is a great weight on earth , including learning, working and the physical body.  During my experience everything is known and somehow re-instated, I was light, moved fast, all knowing.

Somehow I didn’t need to hear, I just absorbed the communication and likewise that was how l answered just by thinking.  The communication was fast and I didn’t need to take time to interpret what was being said.

The light was incredibly bright almost a brilliant white.  I could see it without having to turn away.  The light could communicate with me and I with it,  I was part of it.

My experience had nothing to do with any religion or God.  I was more aware that this being was the greatest power of all, but not God as such.

Although I didn’t pass through the light l was aware that there was something beyond.  I knew I could go through the light across the boundary. It seemed to be about a foot in front of me.

I only wish I could speak about everything  l learned.  I was absorbing information incredibly fast  about all things.  I was given mathematical equations that made complete sense to me.

All I seemed to be concerned about during my experience was my mother.  Also, that she and others knew that when we die we go on and are not really dead but more alive than here on earth.  I needed to explain this to my parents.

I learned that we die in order to live.  This information was passed to me during my time in the light.

I felt I was part of the light, like one tiny fractionated sliver returning home.

I can remember everything, my journey, my feelings, my being, the whole experience with great clarity.

I now believe in reincarnation and I feel we are given the choice to return to the world as many times as we want to.

I had a  great sense of how amazing the earth truly was. After my experience, I was often found sitting on the grass marveling in the trees , grass and the sky.  It was like I was seeing this for the first time in my life.




12 thoughts on “All My Questions on Earth were Answered

  1. People often become obsessed with the thought of death and fail to recognise the transition into true life. The magnificent thing about living in this world is that it provides a form of knowledge that cannot be gained in the let’s say heavenly state. In the true life that is eternal. Pain, sorrow, the sense of struggle and raising oneself to the heights of love by ones own efforts is completely unknown. It had to be done from a raw base of ignorance. Fear and all those consequences of fear and darkness are true gifts. That is something I am eternally grateful for. Without it a great deal would have been unknown. The creator is one smart cookie and we can all look forward to sharing our being with it on the return and have a good laugh.

  2. Lovely experience! And very well written 🙂 I too had an NDE – unrelated to religion etc.
    Whenever I say that it was the best experience of my life, people tend to look a bit confused hehe! It has taken me forever to find people who actually understood what I was talking about! I still very much miss the communication, and being in the Light. But I try to accept this life as the choice it was. Thank you for sharing you experience, and Light 🙂

    • Hi Heartlighter! I’m glad you enjoyed reading! It’s not my experience, though, just so you know. On this site I have posted many people’s experiences. 🙂

  3. Ah ok, I had missed that part when replying, sorry about that! However, that does make me wonder something; Are there many who have met up with the Council during their NDE that you know of? Anyway, much love 🙂

  4. What a beautiful experience for Bonnie. I’m so glad she returned. 🙂
    Shannon, have you heard many stories of people who had this kind of experience while sleeping, in which a Light Being came and collected them? That’s what happened to me, and a friend recently declared with great certainty that it was an NDE. I was in quite good health then, although under a LOT of stress. Does that ring any bells?
    Thank you for sharing these accounts!

  5. Fascinating!

    Cuthelain – so well said. Without it’s opposite, we wouldn’t be able to identify something, including who we are. Personal growth uses that principle consistently. Always like to read your comments!

    Bonnie – thanks for sharing your story. How interesting that you remembered everything. I love reading the varied stories with their similarities.

    While I’ve experienced love from God a few times recently in conjunction with some advanced spiritual work – love that was so intense and felt so good I cried, I was so overwhelmed – reading about what each of you experience in your NDEs etc, I’m in awe, unsure that I can comprehend what it must feel like. But I sure get why you want to experience it again.

    I have a general question – for those of you who have had NDEs, do you subsequently find yourself choosing to do astral projection in order to perhaps re-experience anything? Or expand on the NDE experience?

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