Video Clips from Citizen Hearing on Disclosure (Part 2)

Former UK Police Office Gary Heseltine now spends his time tracking and compiling the reports of law enforcement officials across the UK in regards to UFOs, extra terrestrial activities and unexplained phenomena. Heseltine says that the caliber of his witnesses should bring more prominence to the stories of the incidents he is tracking.

Dr. Robert Wood says that to help most accurately explain UFO and Extra Terrestrial phenomena, he has tried to dedicate his exploration to authenticating important (and in some cases Classified) documents that hold direct proof of incidents. Here’s Wood’s explanations of at least one major document he has studied

Gary Heseltine Testifies about Police and UFO Incidents in England and around the globe

“The truth was too difficult to report publicly”

Linda Moulton Howe Testifies at the hearing on disclosure regarding animal mutilation instances and how that relates to possible genetic harvest incidents from extra terrestrial sources

Grant Cameron testifies before the committee describing and reading from a Top Secret memo from the Canadian government that is certified and acknowledged and the memo say”The subject is the most highly classified subject in the United States”

Antonio Huneeus, a Chilean-American science journalist stopped to speak about the global nature of unexplained phenomena around the world and how UFOs and Extra Terrestrial encounters have been addressed in other countries around the world like Chile, France and Russia

Rep Darlene Hooley (D-OR) weighed-in on the fourth day of testimony at the Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure. Congresswoman Hooley noted the disturbing nature of one account where supposed extra terrestrials “attacked” an area of the Amazon in Brazil, she also weighed in on the idea of a global governing body like the UN looking into these issues.

Canadian researcher and activist Grant Cameron says the documents he has obtained from the Canadian government are undisputed and that they cut right to the point of truth. “They admit that document is legitimate. It says flying saucers are real…and the US knows”

Antonio Huneeus, a Chilean-American journalist testifies before the committee at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure about the methods the Chilean government has taken to look into, study and verify UFO accounts.

One official sums up, “If a 3rd pilot confirms the same fact, I tend to believe it.”

Brazilian journalist AJ Gevaerd describes Brazil’s efforts to study UFOs in response to an attack in the Amazon from a UFO that effected more than 1,000 people

A.J. Gevaerd testified about a supposed spacecraft crash in Varginha, Brazil in 1996 where the military supposedly captured 2 extra terrestrial creatures.

Canadian researcher Grant Cameron testifies before the committee that the US Government has recovered “tons” of UFO technology and hardware

Grant Cameron testifies about the potential link between ESP and a psychic connection to bridging the gaps in advanced technology to make UFOs work


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