“Namasté” is pronounced nah-məs-tayAngelDuo

“I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides.  I honor the place in you of love, of light, of truth, of peace.  I bow to your divine spirit, to your inherent buddhahood, to the great ball of sunshine that radiates from your heart.”

The Sanskrit word “Namasté” means “I bow to the Divine in You”Love

“Namasté” is the Divine Spark in one recognizing the Divine Spark in another.

The Life in Me sees and honors the Life in You.

Namasté recognizes the duality that has ever existed in this world,

and suggests an effort on our part to bring these two Forces together

ultimately leading to a higher Unity and a non-dual state of Oneness.

In other words, it recognizes the Equality of All, 

and pays honor to the Sacredness of All.


I Honor the place in You where Spirit lives.

The Spirit in Me meets the same Spirit in You.

I greet that place where You and I – We are One.

I Honor the Place in You which is Love.

I Salute the place in You which is of Truth.

I receive the place in You which is of Light.

I recognize the place in You which is of Peace.

Within each of Us is a place where Peace dwells.

I recognize that We are All Equal.

I acknowledge that everyone is Valuable in their own Way and capable of expanding My Horizons.

When You are in that place in You, and I am in that place in Me, then We are One.

We are able to recognize the Goodness of Others.

We can perceive the unique Thread that Connect us All with the Universe and all It’s Beings,

as well as to the Source of that interconnection.

When we assume that Everyone we meet is Special and Unique in It’s essence,

we will always show to All the same generous level of Kindness, Compassion, and Understanding. 

May All Beings find and hold Happiness!

May they All be Free from suffering and sickness!

May we All look in the mirror and See All Others reflecting back.





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