Learning from the Voices in my Head


AngelicView: As a student of consciousness, I have always wondered about the true reality of Schizophrenia, and even more about things like Multiple Personalities Disorder. Where do the voices really come from? Who’s voices are they? Where do the other personalities come from? Who’s personalities are they?

While this inspirational TED Talk video does not provide us with any definitive answers, it does give us hints.

One day, Eleanor Longden heard voices in her head.  They would basically “say” (out loud in her head) what she was doing. Not negative or positive – just mirroring what she saw or what she was doing.

Then she told people about the voices and people were scared for her, and worried. She went to a Psychiatrist. As her self-esteem crumbled, the voices became negative and mean.

Eventually, she worked her own way out of her slump and began feeling good about herself again. The voices then became positive and uplifting. She says they even gave her the answers to a test.

Take a look.



Video Description: At 17, Eleanor Longden had a promising future ahead of her; then she was diagnosed with schizophrenia. After a lifelong battle with the voices in her head, today she has a Masters in psychology and a second chance.


2 thoughts on “Learning from the Voices in my Head

  1. Schiziophrenia has many degrees of manifestation, if a person can manage it through cognitive therapy it can certainly reduce dibilitating affects. Most who suffer do so silently and those who don’t often become paranoid . Allowing sufferes to create their own context and regime such as a schedule for the voices to express themselves so it does not interfere in their daily lives is a good method of control

  2. I wonder where all those voices came from too. Sadly, my case isn’t as simple as hearing voices because I am also Bipolar. Honestly, I enjoy a little bit of insanity. It is fun to come up with conspiracy theories, and so easy without an antipsychotic. The thing is when my Schizophrenia and Bipolar work together things get intense.

    Most illnesses in mental health are Umbrella terms. There are actually a wide range of symptoms, and no mental illness is like another person’s. As each brain is different, so are the symptoms of it under distress. Due to this, there are likely a lot of people who could survive while hearing voices that are medicated the same as those who cannot. Similarly, there are people who greatly suffer from voices and cannot function with them.

    Mainstream science has done the mentally ill a great disservice by labeling so many people under the term Schizophrenic who could function just fine without help. There should be more then one common term for such a vast illness. My Grandmother was labeled Schizophrenic and spent her life flushing pills down the toilet. My Grandfather would fight with her about it, but she functioned without medication.

    I, however, locked myself in my room nearly 24/7 for years without my antipsychotic. I wasn’t functioning at all. Perhaps with training I could have climbed out of that hole without medication, but I do not know for sure. I feel like a nicer person on medication, too.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that while Eleanor Longden is right, not everyone would be happy following her example. The mainstream public might start belittling those who suffer greatly without medication, because Eleanor is fine hearing voices, “Why aren’t you?” There is just too little understanding of such a complex problem.

    And science’s understanding of Schizophrenia is hurt because its foundational studies were based on people locked away in Insane Asylums. Perhaps they wouldn’t have been suffering so much if they were somewhere happier.

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