Bentinho Massaro: Imagining Our Future

By Bentinho Massaro

If we wish to evolve our world, and the ways of the world, we have to make men imagine. We cannot fully become what we cannot first imagine.
Imagine our planet 25 years from now. Here is a slice of mine:

∞ Free energy at every house hold and in every country.

∞ A positive and harmonious collapse or disappearance of unnecessary governmental structures.

∞ All people in touch with teachings like this one as part of their everyday lives, which brings them in touch with a wisdom that can now become collective and for every member of our civilization as standard as gravity.

∞ Gravity becoming less standard.

∞ The absence of a need for money in order to travel, eat, get/share things, etc.,

∞ Effortless and clean space/time travel, teleportation, and levitation. Both through technology but also the discovery of its possibility through mind/spirit/consciousness.

∞ Healthy societies on all levels.

∞ Beautiful, fun and wise schools where each kid is allowed to be him/herself and develop in ways he/she resonates with, and where teachers are taught teachings like this one on a daily basis until they get it. ( coming soon for this purpose and more)

∞ A beautiful re-union and incredibly benign and beneficial connection with other more advanced civilizations.

∞ A merger of the human race through consciousness: The gradual establishment of group-consciousness/transparency of mind/telepathy among our civilization. Everyone’s experience is available to any other member of the group when it is relevant for them to be aware of it for their own personal journey/experience. This will not feel like an invasion of privacy by that time, since all will have opened their hearts, transformed their minds and their ways of being to a completely guilt-less state of self-awareness, where we become One Being Together and everything will be transparent, while still also maintaining our individuality and our full free will at the same time. This would not be a control-based merger, it would be based on each individual’s free choice to be a part of this group-consciousness and it will be natural. This is why LOVE (recognition of other as ones Self) in all ways is THE lesson of our particular stage of evolution right now.

∞ The absence of the excessive need for meat being mass produced, instead everyone’s body and mind will reflect the change in the collective consciousness by naturally and without force craving less and less meat but also less and less unhealthy, processed foods. Light, vibrant foods will replace the old foods, and all shall be much more harmonious.

∞ Happy neighbors, happy families, happy communities.

∞ Every inventor/being is free to invent according to his or her benign resonance without having to go through layers of approval and controlling layers.

∞ Every corner of our government and its full array of knowledge, will be accessible information for every being in our civilization.

∞ Every being is a free being, both within and without and has the wisdom to be and let be, to love and let love, to enjoy and let joy.

These are just a few changes to mention. Please add your own list of additions in the comment box.

PRACTICE: Start really imagining these alternate realities on a weekly or daily basis. FEEL how it would feel like to live in such a light place on earth, and it will start to inform your actions, your consciousness, your way of being and your overall composure toward life. It will even spark ideas and inventions as to how to contribute to that vision.



9 thoughts on “Bentinho Massaro: Imagining Our Future

  1. Hi.. I like what was said here, and intuitively & I KNOW as we move into our future Reality… we will at some point, realize we do not need food of anything to sustain our beingness in this physical realm. We will just tap into the prana (energy) all around us, & eventually be self-sustaining from within ourself. And communication with cell phones, & tv media, movies, etc will be very different in the next 40 yrs or less.. once telepathy is recognized as possible for everyone, & taught in grade school, & by the parent’s etc… There is no limit to what a Deliberate (conscious) Creator will Manifest. Practicing what we each believe is our Truth, & Life Purpose will show the Way for others to Awaken & “SEE”… the many many changes that are Happening.. And Aging will be seen as created by HOLDING On to OLD Beliefs from the PAST.. We are truly Ageless & age is related to keeping time, & has in Reality, NOTHING to do with how our Body feels, & looks older, unless we AGREE individually to this “OLD” Belief, & way of thinking…. We ALL ALways have Choice (even over genetics, etc) As we awaken to our True Self (Higher Self) and live connected to this Higher Essence, we start to see our “Immortality” Namaste… Cyrus xo

    • That is certainly one way to look at it, sighwilly. I definitely, without hesitation, love love LOVE Bentinho’s messages and respect his points of view.

      It seems that even the very best psychic has a hard time predicting world events – and especially time frames for when things may happen. Even Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus – who are both so famous for their accuracy, may have been off in some of their time-frames. I believe “time” is measured in a series of events, rather than in years.

      What we should take away from this, in my opinion, is holding that vision for the kind of world we’d like to live in. I know I have my version of this vision. And rather than taking for a fact what one guru or another says, we should be our own guru – because we really are the creator-beings that make these decisions on what our world will be like.

      • Exactly… I agree, & respect Bentinho’s msg 🙂 And I believe we teach best my being the Example.. The old saying, “Action speaks louder than Words”, or “Walk the Walk, not just Talk the Talk” , and from the Bible, By their Fruits, (works) ye Shall know Them”. Yes I agree.. We are our own Guru, as we awaken to “see” this Truth. Jesus’ quote, “The works, I do, Ye shall do, and even Greater works shall Ye do” Its ALL always a Choice.. I am 74 yrs young, & can pass easily for mid 40’s in a number.. My energy is, as I was at 25.. its also a Choice.. Everything is a Choice once Awakened to Seeing this Truth. I love Richard Bach’s quote from Illusions, “Argue for you Limitations, and their Yours” Yes, I am my own Guru, just like everyone else is, whether they know it or not. It’s just when aware to seeing this as a Reality, its easier to live consciously & be responsible for our own creations . Most mass-consciousness is operating from an automaton level of responding. As more & more are becoming awakened from robotic programming, a different “REALITY” will be manifested….. And as Perception changes, Reality must Change also.. (Law of Attraction) I love being here now, at this point in time. We can communicate so freely with so many people from all over the world. Twenty yrs (or 10 yrs) ago this was not technology-wise ready yet… And I am enjoying the day to day journey as we continue to expand along our Journey…. I’m also thankful for all the people, creatures, plants, galaxies, etc.. everywhere, we are all one energy, individually expressing, & evolving in consciousness… Namaste

          • Its a recent pic of me… you can look me up on facebook. (sigh willy) I have 3 children, 3 grandchildren, 3 1/2 great grandchildren (one on the way) lol People on facebook can vouch it is I.. I’ll be posting up some new pics on facebook soon… We are unlimited.. its just waking up to that realization.. What one can do, we all can do… 🙂 peace, joy & lots of Love

  2. The Union with Nature like never before. Instead of building a house, we grow one from a plant. We live inside the house that recycles our waste, and water for part of its growing. We discover ways to harvest pure sunlight, so that we can grow part of our food inside the house. The house isn’t just one family, but like an apartment where you interact with your neighbors. We don’t find bugs disgusting anymore (instead we see them all like butterflies), and let them, like all of nature come in the porous walls of the plant house. These bugs do not hurt the house itself, but live in it too. In the house walls are little passageways for little animals to find shelter.

    Even with this pleasant invasion of nature into our living, all the best of modern technology survives. Yet. electricity is collected differently. We grow plants that can change sunlight into electricity for our technology. Once done with a device, it doesn’t end up in the trash, but decomposes in a special chamber that holds seals away any bad smell. The house uses the nutrition from our old devices, and used food to grow bigger. Also bugs are allowed into the chamber to help with the decomposition.

    GTG. I was told to use my imagination. Maybe I will add more later.

  3. Because hearing voices over the phone and in person is awesome, we still talk despite the possibility of telepathy. Because food is awesome, we still eat. Perhaps we will need to eat less, or we will find more better ways of growing food, but we will still eat.

    I think I am going to a different parallel Universe then Sighwilly. It is important that the Earth still be a learning playground, and not completely like the Spirit world. I do realize that it is important to correct the imbalance. To learn how to be less wasteful. Yet, we came here to be human.

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