“Let the Chain of Abuse End with Me”

AngelicView: That’s what she said to herself, after her experience. This woman, who had been abused as a child, found herself with increasing amounts of anger and frustration and realized that she was turning into her parents. She decided she was going to commit suicide in order to save her own children from the pain that she had to endure. As she was planning her mode of exit, she suddenly had an SOBE (Spontaneous Out of Body Experience) where she was taken “home”. 

During her experience, she realized that (yes) she had planned this life, including all the up’s and down’s. Her intention in this planning was to overcome the hurt and end the cycle of abuse. 

Angel64On the night this happened I was sitting outside alone deciding my life ending alternatives and instantaneously went out of my body and into an unearthly place so beautiful (no words to describe the beauty) with a river of music. Each note and tone had a color associated with it. I was filled with boundless joy and a happiness I had never known. As I touched this flowing river I became part of it.

There ARE colors we don’t get to experience on earth and music we have yet to hear.

There was no time measurement. it could have been a second, a minute, or an hour or days that I was there.

After playing in the river for whatever time I did, a strong white light came onto me and I was transported to “heaven” or what I DO KNOW is HOME. There was a cloaked spirit leading me through the most wondrous (again, no eartly words to describe) crystal palace with angels I did not see but heard, singing and I knew it was the music of the spheres.

This knowledge came to me along with the knowledge that we make all of our decisions ALL of the time, free will .

I had chosen my childhood horrors and needed to heal and change for my children, not leave them.

As this and so much more knowledge was imploding me, it was the same as a veil being lifted, my memories of this place and this knowledge was coming back.

At the same time soooo much love came flooding into me and around me, I was part of everything that was happening, I was loved and the love and kept hearing the words although not with my ears that “Love is the Answer”.

And then I was back in my body, full of love.

When I did go to sleep that night and for 3 nights after, each time I fell into sleep, I shot through a tunnel of light to a room where I was with the same cloaked spirit. This was a “healing” room, which I just knew, but not told. Each time I came here I was laid on a table and the other spirits (also cloaked) put me into a deep healing sleep. Each time I woke, I was back in my body on earth. 

After this experience, I just wanted to go back to my real home and feel that love again. I had a lot of work to do to repair my family, but my first priority was myself. I went into therapy and with a lot of work and determination was able to repair the damage my anger had done to my life and my children’s lives.  I quit speaking to my parents after confronting them with the truth of their choices, for 18 years. 

My mother had a massive heart attack and had fallen face first onto a parking lot bumper which in turn brought on dementia.

 My Forgiveness was for me. I fought with unconditional love for my parents, but knew my earth time was running short after my mothers catastrophe.

I have been reunited with my parents and 5 of my 7 siblings for the last 3 years. A forgiving choice of unconditional love. Love Is The Answer. 

I had chosen the life I had lived.

AngelicView: She says that she gained unbelievable knowledge while she was there, and she is now attempting to write it all down. One thing she does share with us is this: “Part of the knowledge unveiled was that we are not limited to this or any other life we have or will have. We do not ever die, our spirit is not destructible.”


3 thoughts on ““Let the Chain of Abuse End with Me”

  1. AngelicView, I know this is not the reason you posted what you did but in thinking about suicides, and especially because they are notably on the increase, it makes me wonder why this woman was stopped and rejuvenated and so many others are not.

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