Beneath the Mask of Self-Doubt

AngelicView: I have transcribed a portion of the video (posted below) that I think is important.

Bentinho Massaro: Beneath the Mask of Self-Doubt

Who are you underneath your mask? Unmasking yourself is the only way to heal. “Healing” isn’t required. All that required is for you to be your authentic, natural self. That’s all that healing is. Anything that seems like the opposite of healing is simply the result of not being your self. Stop masking yourself.

You chose to be who you are from a very very very very intelligent place. Your higher self alone is more intelligent than all human beings combined on this planet. One higher self encompasses vastly more intelligence, vastly more wisdom, more love more awareness of parallel experiences at the same time than the entire species of conscious thinkers.

That’s how wise you, by yourself, are. That’s how great your authority is. That if six billion people oppose your ideas that come from your authentic self, you still know better than them. No matter how many reasons they come up with. No matter how many PhD’s they’ve got. You’ll respectfully wipe your ass with these papers and hand it back to them.

So what are you doing? What are you doing here? Who are you? Literally, who are you? Who did you desire and who do you still desire to BE here?

Look at anything that inspires you. Anything that inspires you unmasks you. It reminds you of who you are.

Who would you be if you were not afraid of death? Or of persecution?

One higher self is more wise than all human beings combined. Because it sees more than all human beings combined. So you, yourself, are wiser than all human beings combined. Unmask yourself.


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