Waiting on the World to Change

By AngelicView

I don’t often speak much about what’s going on in the world. There are about as many opinions out there as there are people. But I think it’s important for me just to get it out there how I view the world we live in today. I felt compelled to broach this subject – just this once, at least.

“When you trust your television… what you get is what you got. ‘Cause when they own the information (oh) they can bend it all they want.” ~John Mayer

When I was in school I had a class they called “Social Studies”. In Social Studies we were taught about the world. One thing we were taught was that in other countries (not the U.S., of course) their news was “propaganda”. It was changed in whatever way was needed to portray whatever purpose their government was trying to push. How unfortunate, I thought, that these people don’t get to know what the real news is.

Then, about ten years ago or so, I took notice that our news put a “spin” on things. In my view then, they would take “real” news situations and add their opinions – which they proclaim as fact, to push an agenda or to sway public opinion.

These days I find myself wondering if anything we see on the news is real at all. Propaganda is what we are being fed, in my opinion, if not complete out and out lies.

Events these days are becoming fast and furious. One event right after another. That has given the citizens who pick apart those events a chance to compare one against another. And when they are doing that, they are seeing a definite pattern. They are convinced that the news is feeding us complete bullshit in order to force upon us (insert agendas here). 

For example, in this video below (two videos down) there is a woman who was present during the two bombs going off at the Boston Marathon and the media interviewed her. The media also interviewed the same woman, who was present during the shoot-out with the alleged bomber’s younger brother. Therefore, it is claimed that she is one of the many “actors” we see in our illusion of the “news”. Do I know if this is true? No. But it has been a pattern because this same thing has been noticed over and over again with all the recent mass casualty horrific events of late. For example, the same thing has been noticed with the Sandy Hook shootings and the Aurora Theater shootings – and other events, too. And so that makes it highly “fishy” to me. And it’s just one of the many patterns that have been observed. People are questioning everything.

In this video directly below, the Boston Commissioner “slips up” and accidentally calls the bombers “actors”. Watch how he quickly changes his wording. Check it out:

The second part of the video, below, is Judge Napolitano speaking to us about False Flag events. They are perpetrated in order to create a problem-reaction-solution scenario with the public. (Problem-reaction-solution is when the government ((or whoever)) creates the problem to get a reaction from the public so that they can come in with their “solution”). 

“Now if we had the power to bring our neighbors home from war, they would have never missed a Christmas, no more ribbons on their door.” ~John Mayer

I have seen quite enough evidence to convince me that the events of 9/11 were in reality, not as portrayed by the media. Do I know for sure exactly who was behind these attacks? No. I don’t know for sure (although I suspect). However, it’s not who they said it was, and it was not (in my opinion) for the reasons they said it was. Below, I’ll share a video showing the proof. By the way, I can pick from probably hundreds of videos that show the proof. This one, in particular, contains statements straight from some of the victim’s family members who also know we have been lied to.

So, what to do about all of this?

“Me and all my friends, we’re all misunderstood. They say we stand for nothing and there’s no way we ever could. Now we see everything that’s going wrong with the world and those who lead it. We just feel  like we don’t have the means to rise above and beat it.

“So we keep waiting (waiting) waiting on the world to change… It’s not that we don’t care. We just know that the fight ain’t fair. So we keep on waiting (waiting) waiting on the world to change.” ~John Mayer

Right now I think it’s important to a) spread awareness, and b) remain calm and centered. Let’s talk about those things separately.

I know for those people who have known about these things for years, it’s hard to be patient. It’s hard to see people gobble up what they see on the TV and buy into it hook, line, and sinker. But people are getting it. Slowly but surely. It takes more than a handful of people standing on a street corner waving around placards telling the truth (although, that’s how it starts – we’re way past that now). It’s going to take a vast majority of people knowing it and standing up for what they believe. We’re getting there.

What it’s going to take (and it is coming) is not only the general public to want change, but also those in positions of power including politicians, police forces, and military.

Awareness of the vast majority of people is what it’s going to take to rise above and beat it. When the people decide that they are no longer going to play that game, then the game will be over. We must reach a “tipping point”, and so we wait.

I think it’s important to remain calm and centered in these times. For one thing, it’s not worth the raise in your blood pressure and resulting heart attack, in my opinion. And no, I don’t believe voting for someone different is going to change shit at this point. Sorry. When you see these things exposed for what they are, perhaps instead of getting mad, you might feel glad that this is what we’re waiting for in order for the world to change.

My advice, if you want it, is just to watch and breathe, and calmly but surely spread your truth… and breathe.

“It’s hard to beat the system when we’re standing at a distance. So we keep on waiting (waiting) waiting on the world to change.” John Mayer

Figure out what your passion is. Mine is spirituality through the studies of things like NDE’s, hypnosis, and all things “forbidden archaeology”.  What’s your passion? Art? Children? Politics? Crystals? Massage? Go within and go with your Joy. Do what you love doing and spread your love/light/energy.

We know we are eternal beings. We are beautiful spirits living in a human body for a time. No one – and I mean NO ONE can take that away from us. Ever. No matter what they do to us – they can’t take that away.

Besides that, we each have a Celestial Team of beautiful beings of one sort or another helping us all along. They won’t ever let us down. We are safe, no matter what the te-lie-vision tells us. We are always safe within ourselves. And so we wait. And one day we’re going to lock arms and walk out of hell together.

“One day our generation is going to rule the population. And so we keep on waiting (waiting) waiting on the world to change.” John Mayer

No Such Thing

“Welcome to the real world”, she said to me
Take a seat
Take your life
Plot it out in black and white
Well I never lived the dreams of the prom kings
And the drama queens
I’d like to think the best of me
Is still hiding
Up my sleeve

They love to tell you
Stay inside the lines
That something’s better
On the other side

I wanna run through the halls of my high school
I wanna scream at the
Top of my lungs
I just found out there’s no such thing as the real world
just a lie you’ve got to rise above

So the good boys and girls take the so called right track
Faded white hats
Grabbing credits
Maybe transfers
They read all the books but they can’t find the answers
And all of our parents
They’re getting older
I wonder if they’ve wished for anything better
While in their memories
Tiny tragedies

They love to tell you
Stay inside the lines
But something’s better
On the other side

I wanna run through the halls of my high school
I wanna scream at the
Top of my lungs
I just found out there’s no such thing as the real world
Just a lie you got to rise above

I am invincible (x3)
As long as I’m alive

I wanna run through the halls of my high school
I wanna scream at the
Top of my lungs
I just found out there’s no such thing as the real world
Just a lie you’ve got to rise above

I just can’t wait til my 10 year reunion
I’m gonna bust down the double doors
And when I stand on these tables before you
You will know what all this time was for.”


14 thoughts on “Waiting on the World to Change

  1. Possibly one of the best articles I have ever read. There is an aspect of human nature that is common to all humans that is a natural reluctance to lie. Strange as it may seem in this age. It can be seen in psychology and in the stress within the human organism. Our controllers ( politicians and the like) are not immune to this. Deep within their psyche they are tied just as we are to the collective mind. That mind is disparate to live in TRUTH by default.
    The incompetent manner in which these attempts are produced indicates some need to reveal their real nature to the rest of the world. Change may come because the holes in the dam ae been produced by our efforts and at some point a flood of truth will ensue.

    • Thank you! Absolutely Frank! I think I just felt compelled today to speak forth my truth. I just couldn’t hold it back any longer. We need to be patient until a tipping point is reached, and then we will rise above this mess.

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  3. Thanks Shannon, very thorough. We are the change, when we stop watching TV, acknowledge bad government and awaken to what the world is today, there will be change.

      • This has not been made obvious by accident. Each FF gets more and more obvious. It’s a very devious plan. Create a show that will get sympathy and donations from the sheep. Create anger and foment rebellion in those with critical thinking skills.

        It also creates a division among the people. Sheep think we are cruel, crazy and have no compassion. We think they are idiots who believe anything they are told/shown by the MSM. Brilliant really.

        All this simmers into a fine stew of rebellion. They like that, ruling with an iron fist is their dream.

  4. Wonderful! I also believe that we need to do what is in our hearts, keep telling our ‘truth’ and breath!

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