Bentinho Massaro: We are Eternal Beings

AngelicView: Let me start out by saying that I Love this guy. Unfortunately, he’s married. And probably way too young for me 😉

But… he has impressed me beyond words in his knowledge and understanding of ourselves and our world. I have not heard another speaker that has floored me and blown my mind as many times as this young man. 

I am currently working my way through his many videos on You Tube. I enjoy my “moments of truth” for about an hour each night before I go to bed. And it feels great! Someone gets it. Someone understands. 

There are certain ideas of his that I want to get out to you all – but I hate to post hours and hours of videos. In this case, there’s a short segment of this video that I wanted to share with you. And so I have transcribed it for you. I will post the video at the bottom so that you can watch the whole thing if you’d like – but if not, then just read my notes 😉

Bentinho: We’re eternal Beings. Death is not scary  Not really. Death does not exist. The Universe can’t even conceive that. It doesn’t know what it is. Only when we put ourselves willingly into a situation which we call “human life”, where we do not perceive the existence of non-linearity – the ever-present existence – and then, only when we willingly veil ourselves to the point where we agree to not remember that we did that can we have an experience of linearity, can we have an experience of death. That’s how we create the idea of death.

How can you work with the idea of death and expand your love/light/energy through the experience of “death” unless you make it feel real? It has to feel real. So we created this limitation. That doesn’t make it real, though. And it’s your birth-right to know that.

You came here to remember, even though you chose to forget. You forgot so that you can remember in your own way – through your own unique situation and point of view and your own set of challenges. Challenges help you expand. They are exciting, they are fun, they are blissful. They can be sad sometimes. Given our definitions, they can be tragic sometimes. But even that is still a challenge.

And overall in the larger picture, you will start to see that although you may not like everything, you absolutely Love Everything already. So it all becomes okay. That doesn’t imply “no action”. That doesn’t imply “no change”. But it does imply that everything is okay. Those two things (taking action and knowing everything is okay) do not cancel each other out. You can take action even knowing that everything’s okay, and knowing that you’re completely okay.

Our primary importance is the expansion of consciousness. And you’re all doing that perfectly. Sometimes through challenge and sometimes through trauma and tragedy – and while experiencing complete forgetfulness of your eternal nature so that you can create an experience that otherwise no where else in the entire universe would be possible to experience as “real”. It would just be an idea that you can’t connect to. And if you are so filled with the knowledge and the awareness of eternal life – multidimensionally, simultaneously “all-now”, “all-timeless”, how could you ever create the idea of that? How could you ever feel into it? You couldn’t. It needs to seem so real. It’s still a dream.

But you create the dream where it seems so real. But it’s not. And it’s purposeful to do this – to create this dream in the way that we have created it. It’s purposeful for “waking up”, like we all are now. But it also expands itself in other purposeful ways. It explores itself through politics, through hunger, through unfairness, through inequality.

Those are not inherently bad ideas. You can not have an experience that you have not signed up to experience. You can’t have an experience that you absolutely don’t want to happen. If an experience comes into your awareness, it’s because you wanted that experience. It’s the way to expand into your higher-awareness. You can ask yourself, “why did I want to have this experience? What will it teach me? Why would I create this experience for myself?” Whether it’s a very personal experience or something more projected “out there” – like world hunger, for example.  (34 minutes to 40 minutes of video)

Video Description: In response to the first participant Bentinho gives his perspective: Whenever you feel joy you are expanding – literally you are expanding the universe, expanding consciousness. So the purpose is joy regardless of what happens. We agree to put ourselves in particular circumstances so that we can find the love, the joy because from the smallest point, the most limited, difficult places creates the most expansion.

Then Bentinho dialogues with a man who is coming to terms with the death of two people close to him within a six month period. The participant finds it difficult to let go of the images of the death of his friend because of the nature of how he died, which he finds painful and cause him suffering.

The discussion explores choice – how we not only choose how to perceive death but death itself and how this impacts on those of us who choose to ‘be here’. The dialogue concludes with the participant seeing that it is from these experiences he can give himself permission to live life fully and passionately now.

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