Dolores Cannon: Aliens and Atlantis


One mystery that has puzzled the minds of men for ages is the existence of the ancient civilization of Atlantis, and any connections it may have had to aliens from other worlds.

Through my decades of work as a hypnotherapist and past life regressionist, I have been told that many people living today were also alive at the time of Atlantis.

Aliens visiting our world in ancient times helped to develop Atlantis and other ancient civilizations with the hope that Earth would become advanced enough to join the galactic community.

atlantis5Aliens have been visiting the Earth from the very beginning, seeding life on the planet as part of God’s plan to create and experience life throughout all the universes. The Earth has had many ancient civilizations over the course of millions of years, and continents had risen and disappeared for millennia before Atlantis even existed. Aliens, beings from other worlds and dimensions played a key role in its rise and eventual fall.

What was Atlantis like? From what I have been told in many sessions over the years, it was highly evolved spiritually, more than mankind is today, and its citizens enjoyed bountiful lives. They employed the power of crystals to provide light and heat, and lived in beautiful buildings made of natural materials. Did the Atlanteans learn how to use crystal energy to cut enormous blocks of stones for their pyramids from aliens?

It seems that as Atlantis and its people evolved over thousands of years, their way of life and technology also changed, just as modern societies’ has. Is there a pattern to the growth and decline of ancient civilizations such as Atlantis? Moreover, are we as humans responsible, or are aliens orchestrating life on the planet behind the scenes?

An overriding theme that runs through much of the information I have received is that of karma and personal responsibility. It makes sense that many aliens involved in human development have given gifts to mankind throughout the ages, but they are not allowed to interfere if humans have created their own problems that they must learn and grow from.

Such is the case with Atlantis. I have been told they developed new technology, including flying vehicles, and made direct contact with aliens who visited Earth at that time and continue to do so today. It also appears that the inhabitants of Atlantis were highly developed mentally, but not in the modern sense of what we would call intellectually.

The information I have received revealed that irresponsible experiments in genetics, cloning and energy, and the egocentric applications of these technologies, exceeded the spiritual knowledge of the Atlanteans to the point where their civilization destroyed itself. By adhering to the universal law of non-interference, aliens were forbidden from intervening. The comparisons with modern civilization are stark and startling.

Those who expect aliens to save Earth now and solve all the problems we have created for ourselves would be wise to study the fate of Atlantis.

Dolores Cannon


7 thoughts on “Dolores Cannon: Aliens and Atlantis

  1. There are indications through Archaeology ( the sort of findings that don’t fit into the accepted paradigm that is) that civilisation has been around much longer than the Time of Atlantis although that particular time is firmly fixed within the collective psyche of the modern world.
    When hypnosis is used one taps into the personal and the collective fields of human experience. Distinguishing from them is difficult. With study it can be found that a collective consciousness does exist and within it is the greater mind.
    It would seem a logical premise that the total social psyche develops as a block over an extended period of time. This leads one to think that maybe each social collective has a specific time period to develop. We also can appreciate that in the greater existence time itself is an illusion, a mind form that allows concentration upon a particular configuration of being.
    Atlantis is our expression of our highest achievement and our greatest fall. In the present age we as a collective have once again approached that high state and the ancient memory returns to warn that ‘ Here is the edge where we rise or fall’ if we survive this age a new time of creation can follow that will once more create a golden age.

  2. You may wish to read the book; The Secret Doctrine by Madam H. P. Blavatsky. The paperback version Is much cheaper and will serve. It is the closet in theory to our human existence available not including the Vedas (records of humanities ages left for us). In previous ages humans traveled within through the portal of the third eye to a great extent. It is within that Gateway that even Christ and many others shared with child humanity the truth. In the eastern Dwaupar Yug or Age of Genesis or Bronze age we began to lose this ability very rapidly and the Mind/ego energies have taken over our consciousness to the point of forgetfulness. So, we don’t even remember who or WHAT we are. We are spiritual conscious entities or beings of invincible light.
    During the time of Antilles humans were yes more developed mentally
    (telepathy), spiritually and we were much stronger via Heracles and Samson and we lived on average a thousand years or more. The end of this time period is recorded in the Christina Bible via Genesis.
    Meditation at the Third Eye center has always been the Gate Way of access to our inner worlds and realms of consciousness for humanity. When we forgot this and the process we made things about the only worlds we could and that is the outer planets etc… We are and were the aliens of Antilles and all other times, even now. Human Beings are very Unique and no others like them. All Beings want to incarnate or reincarnate into human form to receive its special blessings of which are not shared at this time.
    Therefore there are no Extra-Terrestrials as you know or think of them. There are in existence thousands of species of inner celestials including gods, goddesses, lower and higher power entities, and humans of higher powers or more developed consciousness. In the east many are aware of all this … we are way behind but a new golden age is rapidly approaching and higher consciousness is exploding and now is the time for this awakening.

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