What A Glorious Future!

AngelicView: This beautiful video shared from Removing the Shackles.

“Every day we hear about our troubled youth. And if you are our future, then what a glorious future South Africa has!”

The children will lead us…..

I dare you to tell me that this child of light DOESN’T Know– KNOW– KNOW– that she is Eternal Essence Embodied.  I Dare you to tell me that this child DOESN’T remember who she is!!

The Adults need to LISTEN.  The Adults need to remember.  The Adults need to return to childhood. To return to that time of no limits, to that time of understanding and KNOWING- BEFORE the adults around them convinced them that their world was imagination and that the grown up world was the real world.

The children know.

Are you Listening?

Is their World Imaginary?…… or is it your “adult” world that doesn’t really exist?

(AngelicView: By the way, she won Africa’s Got Talent. Great job! 🙂 )


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