Just in the Nick of Time

↑That’s my daughter when she was about 3 years old. 🙂

AngelicView: I was just reading a very short story that I found particularly interesting, where a woman noticed her child was falling down the stairs and suddenly she was there to catch him. I mean, like, she was transported, inexplicably to the bottom of the staircase and caught her child. Here it is in her own words:

“To my horror I heard the squeaky baby gate….Luke had toddled to the top of the stairs! I ran out of the art room and looked over the balcony as Luke began falling head over heels down the stairs. I remember screaming….then the next thing I remember I am at the bottom of the stairs…I catch Luke out of mid-air at the bottom of the stairs…I have no idea how. I hold him close & sit on the bottom stair and cry, my whole body is drained of energy and it feels like I am moving in thick air, or heavy gravity…I am shaking out of control. I have replayed this thousands of times in my mind, there is no way I could have moved fast enough to run all the way down the hall to the top of the stairs & then get out in front of Luke in time to catch him. I was simply transported, somehow, out in front of him in time to catch him. Is there a name for this, besides miracle?”

Well, I have a little “miracle” to relate of my own. It may not seem like as big of a deal as the lady above, but it could have saved my child’s life.

It was Mother’s Day and I had to work (I worked 2nd shift). My ex-husband had our daughter with him at a Mother’s Day celebration at his mother’s house, and he said I could come if I wanted to. 

Well, our marriage had just ended and he had had his new girlfriend there with him – there was no way on God’s Green Earth I was stepping foot over there. No way. 

But about ten minutes before I needed to leave for work, I had a strong feeling that I needed to see my daughter – like I just missed her so much and I needed to go and see her before work. 

I arrived to my ex-mother-in-law’s house and everybody was quite shocked to see me, and my ex-husband told me that our three-year-old was in the backyard. It was a really small backyard and I’m sure no one thought she had been in any danger wandering around there.

I went back there and found her swinging on a metal archway that overlooked the garden and just as I walked closer to her, that archway fell! She fell to the ground on her back and the top of the archway (which was heavy) was falling – heading directly for her throat! I caught it just inches from landing on her throat.

I know. I mean – I know. That there are Angels among us. ❤


3 thoughts on “Just in the Nick of Time

  1. We are the angels , there are times when we can step in and act, to prevent an accident. At times it may seem that most things are fated but accidents do happen. Maybe this one was to awaken you to other possibilities? Nice story.

    • Thank you! Yes, I wasn’t “awake” yet as to the multi-dimensional nature of our true being. At the time, my mind thought it was a coincidence – but even then, my heart felt that it was more.

      • It is often easy to dismiss as a coincidence but then either it happens often or others report the same and we begin to examine our belief structure. I do think we are always connected. It is stronger with our kin but it is also with the whole of creation. The day may come when we realise this aspect, these stories are a crack in the door before it opens to a greater reality.

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